Thursday, October 28, 2010

We're as Doomed as Doomed Can Be, You Know!

Well, Coach Moustachio announced after practice today that Boss 81 will miss a "couple of weeks, but "does not require surgery". so, we can now queue up the Doom and Gloom throughout the interweb.

What does this mean? Granted, Hossa was is number 4 goal scorer in the league at the time of the injury, with 7. So, no one will replace him, and this will be a "Boss-by-Committee". They have no choice but to promote one of the kids to bring a little offense, so maybe Morin (who is currently hurt), Pirri, Brophey, or Makarov takes the I-90 express from Rockford. This will be a prime chance for Skille and Stalberg to make themselves seen as well, even though they couldn't really do more than they have with the time they have been given. Finally, Toews and Kane absolutely need to get out of their funk, and Dave Bolland needs to decide that he wants to play this wonderful game called hockey.

EDIT - I added the video. Also, Pick-to-Click Vik was skating with Captain Serious and Shooter this morning, while Kaner was skating in the Abyss that is Kopecky and Brouwer. Good luck with all that.


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