Friday, October 1, 2010

Cut me, Mick!

The team announced today that they've trimmed the roster down to 26, with the latest group of indianhead wearing hoodlums bound for Rockford, IL. They sent Kyle Beach, Igor Makarov, Brandon Pirri (deja vu all over again), Ben Smith and Brian Connelly west bound. The surprise, if you want to call it that, was Makarov. I went out on a limb and said he'd make the team over Morin, and I can admit when I'm wrong (which is rare). Actually, I think I put the kiss of death on him, because after I proclaimed this revelation, he went into a mad slump. Last year, I proclaimed Brent Seabrook as my favorite Hawk, and he also tumbled into a mad slump. At this point, I should probably keep my proclamations to myself, but you all know how hard that is. ANYWAY, Morin is just playing too well to cut, yet. I think he played himself into the final cuts, rather than Makarov playing himself out of them. The Hawks have to get the roster down to 23 before opening night, with Toivonen and Cullimore shockingly still around, and Skille injured. Conventional wisdom would tell me that Toivo-Cop, and Culli-snore get the axe next and if injuries keep Jack Skille-ngton on the shelf for a bit, Morin and Leddy make the team opening night. Not too shabby for the two 19 year olds acquired in trades by Bowman, for our overpriced role players. I've read rumors that say Toivo was placed on waivers, which sets forth the process of him going to the Hogs, right behind Richards. This would also mean that Jake Dowell makes the big boy team. Congrats, boys!

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