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Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Very Hostile Thanksgiving

by Gatekeeper

I thought I would put together a little piece and share what we, at Puckin Hostile, are thankful for, so here goes:

I'll take the top of the first inning:
  • I'm thankful for the San Jose Sharks and their annual reverse sweep choke job, so we can all wonder in amazement, each spring, how Doug Wilson maintains employment. (hint - dirty pictures of someone important)
  • I'm thankful for Brandon Saad, bringing the Blackhawks Corey Tropp,

    as well as a couple of other slugs named Artem Anisimov and Marko Dano,

    Following a simply genius and precisely calculated move by the Blackhawks brass, in the 2011 draft, letting Saad fall ass backwards into their lap,

    After they passed on Saad not one; not two; but THREE times in 42 picks.
  • I'm thankful for Don Sweeney, who is single-handedly and swiftly dismantling the once mighty WICKED GOOD BAWSTUHN FAHKIN BROONS, so we don't have to listen to that fan base yapping about winning DA STAAANLEY FAHKIN COP for another few years.
  • I'm thankful for Stadium Series games, because we can can count on these games to incite the immense asshurt each year from the fanbases of all the embarrassingly shitty teams that don't and, quite frankly, shouldn't get selected.
  • I'm thankful for #3CUPZ, so the drooling meatballs have their idiotic and painfully ignorant battle cry.
  • I'm thankful for Corey Crawstink. I'm thankful that the Blackhawks could never win two Stanley Cups with that shitty loser. I'm thankful that his glove is the worst in the league. I'm thankful he didn't turn down the $6 million a year he was offered, like he was supposed to. I'm thankful for the multiple William Jennings trophies that the legendary Ray Emery, Scott Darling and Antti Raanta won for him.
  • In all seriousness, I'm thankful for this Puckin Hostile team we have. It's really nice to have a crew to enjoy all this seething sarcasm with.

From our McRib spokesperson and likely candidate for dangerously high cholesterol Pat Stankus:
  • I'm thankful for the fatness of Ken Hitchcock. As long as Hitchcock is around, the Fatrick jokes will continue to be lame and nothing but a lie when compared to that fat ass in St. Louis.
  • I'm thankful for David Backes skating with his head down. If it weren't for Backes' shitty hockey skills, WAKEY, WAKEY would be around.
  • I'm thankful for Joel Quenneville's ego. If it weren't for Q being a know it all and throwing out his bat shit fucking crazy lines, I'd, or all of us would have nothing to bitch about.
  • I'm thankful for Mike Keenan and John Tortorella being fantastic hockey coaches. God forbid we have coaches that speak the truth. Speaking of that Ryan Johansen is still fat and out of shape. (editors note - Your dream is not still alive)
  • I'm thankful for Artem Anisimov. Thanks for being a great translator of English to Artemi Panarin.
  • I'm thankful for the Arizona Coyotes. Thanks for being the first NHL team to incorporate the future city they'll be relocated to in their jerseys. I mean we all want #MOARBLACK and so does Las Vegas.
  • I'm thankful for Ville Pokka. Thanks for making me look like the manliest man possible. (editors note - which is a hard feat)
  • I'm thankful for Daniel Carcillo retiring.

From our resident intarwebz troll and Photoshop guy Derek Harms:
  • I'm thankful for The St. Louis Blues, for continuing to follow the same formula that has brought them so much success.
  • I'm thankful for Chik-Fil-A and McRibs, for fueling Pat's poorly timed Konstantinov and Lokomotiv jokes
  • I'm thankful for the amazing Dallas Stars goalie tandem, that will eventually lead them valiantly to a first round playoff exit
  • I'm thankful for the Blackhawks and Joel Quenneville, for constantly playing young skilled players over the aging Vets they mysteriously sign just to reach the cap floor
  • I'm thankful for the NHL implementing a cocaine policy so we don't have to play the Los Angeles Kings in anymore Western Conference Final


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Blackhawks at Canucks
6-3 Loss Recap

“Vanquished by Vancouver”

by guest recapper @AtomicFroster

After two lacklustre performances in rounds 1 and 2 of the circus trip, albeit getting three out of a possible 4 points, Coach Q opens game 3 by once again shuffling the lines in a BoggleTM style free for all. Anticipation was palpable in Vancouver with Daniel Sedin sitting on the cusp of 900 career points.

Pre-game festivities took slightly longer than usual as Vancouver anthem singer, Mark Donnelly, sang the usual duo of anthems and in addition the Canadian National Anthem en francais in tribute to the recent events in Paris.

First Period:
The puck drops with the first line of Toews, Shaw and Garbutt to start, followed by the third featuring Kruger and Hossa. The teams trade chances until things are interrupted by a fight between Rockford Captain Brandon Mashinter and Brandon Prust. Although Mashinter has an obvious size advantage, the fight ends with no cleanly landed punches and the two falling on each other. Fight seemed unprovoked other than both Prust and Mashinter trying to prove their worth to their respective coaches. Bartowski is sent to the box for tripping Toews 5.5min into the period. Toews makes them pay by taking matters into his own hands and scoring a short-side goal over the shoulder of Ryan Miller. This goal should not have happened for the fact that Tanev pinches up ice to Hossa and leaves #19 free to seize the opportunity and strike first. Niklas Hjalmarsson cross checks Jannik Hansen in front of Cory Crawford pushing him to the ice and making him the recipient of a slapshot to the head putting the Canucks on the Powerplay. 50 seconds later, Toews takes a penalty for tripping Burrows. With two of our three best penalty killers in the box the Canucks make the Hawks pay with Henrik Sedin wristing one past Crawford, with the assist to his twin who recognizes the 900 point career milestone. The Canucks score again 6 minutes later with Kero making a lazy play at the side of the net allowing Henrik’s set up of Hansen upfront. Luckily a minute later Garbutt evens the score with the helper coming from Toews. Kane gets a clean break away with 3min remaining but his attempt is foiled by Ryan Miller’s left pad. All is even at 2.

Second Period:
The second period starts with the Blackhawks controlling the majority of the gameplay and scoring chances. Any momentum gained is quickly halted by a Ryan Garbutt hooking minor 7 minutes in. The Canucks capitalize with a Daniel Sedin goal assisted by brother Henrik. From this point on, the Canucks were the better team for the remainder of the period. The Blackhawks get a powerplay curtesy of a Luca Sbisa hi-stick on Anisimov but the Hawks only register an abysmal one shot on net. Period ends with the Canucks up one, 3-2.

Third Period:
Both teams trade some minor scoring chances until the first notable play of the period is an Andrew Shaw hit on Canucks Dorsett 6min into the final period. It seemed like the gloves would be dropped for the second fight of the night but the refs forced gameplay to continue. Seabrook gives Burrows a breakaway and Crawford stands tall and shuts the door. Shaw stifles another odd-man rush with a great back-check. Blackhawks even up the score thanks to a fantastic play by Patrick Kane at the blue-line, shaking the defender and setting up an Anisimov wrist shot. The tie game was short-lived as the home team scored three successive goals to dash the Hawks hopes at putting the circus trip over 500. Final score 6-3 Vancouver. Blackhawks register 29 SOG; Canucks, 20.

The Good
  • Coach Q’s BoggleTM approach seemed to work providing the best Blackhawk game this trip
  • Jonathan Toews powerplay goal was highlight-reel worthy
  • Patrick Kane’s point streak continues (16 games)
  • Ryan Garbutt scores first goal as a Blackhawk (that’s a good thing, right?!).

The Bad
  • 5 goals on 19 shots for Crawford, marking one of his worst performances this year
  • Allowing the Canucks sisters to net 9 points collectively
  • Did we mention 5 goals on 19 shots?!

The Ugly
  • Mashinter’s fight against smaller Prust left us wondering if he’s capable of NHL level brawls
  • Captain Serious needs to get serious about staying out of the box
  • 3 unanswered goals, late in the third, is never going to win you a hockey game.

The Lineblender
Shaw - Toews - Garbutt
Panarin - Anisimov - Kane
Desjardins - Kruger - Hossa
Mashinter - Kero - Dano

Keith - Hjalmarsson
van Riemsdyk - Seabrook
Rozsival - Daley


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Blackhawks at Oilers
4-3 Overtime Recap

"Confidence Vs. Consequence"

by Gatekeeper

After yet another successful Shoutcast, Tuesday night, it was time for the Blackhawks to make some big news. Nothing much happened during the day but we were expecting it. In other news, the Hawks had a circus trip to begin, in Edmonton. The one brutal part of the circus trip is the late games, and this one was no exception. That said, there was a game to watch and recap.

The first period was painfully boring and sloppy for both teams. The Blackhawks couldn't get anything going, and couldn't even manage to get to 5 shots on net. They yielded 11 shots to the Oilers but all was just fine, because there were no goals tallied. I would chalk this one up to the chaos of being on the road, I suppose.

The second period was slightly better, at least as far as action goes. The Blackhawks went up 2-0 and it looked like they may run away with the game, before giving a goal up towards the end of the period. They also made up for their brutal first period by out shooting the Oilers 12-9. A one goal lead after two period is, pretty much, exactly what we should reasonably expect in a late night November road game.

The Blackhawks third period left a lot to be desired, with the Oilers scoring twice, to counter the Blackhawks one goal, ending regulation 3-3. The Oilers had more overall pressure and the shot advantage 16-10. The Hawks play was enough to eventually get the game to overtime, and guarantee them at least one point. Yay right? Meh. With a little help from their goalie, the Blackhawks stole the game in OT and left Edmonton with the extra point.

The Good
  • It took the Blackhawks almost half the game to break the scoreless tie. Right after the Oilers' Griffin Reinhart took a penalty for smoking Shaw from behind, the Blackhawks showed off a new powerplay configuration that worked pretty well. It was a 1-3-1 diamond setup with Duncan Keith in the center of the diamond. Patrick Kane found the blade of Keith, who redirected the puck past Nilsson for a 1-0 Blackhawks lead.
  • With about 5 minutes remaining in the second period Artemi Panarin scored on his former KHL foe, Anders Nilsson. The #AK72 line forechecked the Oilers into thick gooey puddle of submission. Panarin force the puck back to Kane, who hit Anisimov at the top of the circle with quick pass. He got the puck back dwon low to Panarin who was in behind everyone, and the kid beat Nilsson easily for a 2-0 Blackhawks lead.
  • Just past the halfway point of the third period, the makeshift line of Kero, Shaw, and Kruger put the Blackhawks up 3-2. The play began with Duncan Keith keeping the puck in the Oilers zone, which led to Kruger feeding Kero from a prone position. Kero found the tape of Shaw, who fanned on his initial shot, but the second chance beat a surprised Nilsson.
  • Corey Crawford's glove save in overtime was ridiculous, and the next rush up the ice won the game. Brent Seabrook found Marian Hossa coming off the bench behind the Oilers defense from deep in his own end for a Hoss breakaway. Hossa pulled the half clapper and beat a helpless Anders Nilsson. Game, set, match.
  • Speaking of Crawford, he saved 34 of 37 and the Blackhawks don't get that extra point without him.
  • Getting out shot 37/27 on the road and winning. You can't complain about that one bit. That's pure theft.
  • I keep waiting for Panarin to slump, and he he keeps doing things like putting up 3 point games. Doesn't mean I regret underestimating him for one second. Err on the side of caution every time.
  • The mentioned how terrible Artem Anisimov has been at faceoffs all year. All he did was go out and win 13 of 18.

The Bad
  • Reports surfaced, during the day, that Trevor Daley was on the block, which delighted many. Reports also claimed that teams like Ottawa and Lumbus were looking for that type of defenseman. Take that $3 million off the Blackhawks books, please.
  • It needs to be pointed out because it is hilarious but the Oilers now former captain has been pulling his best Adrian Aucoin impression with a streak of healthy scratches. Almost as bad as Bickell in the AHL. Almost.
  • Marko Dano now definitely knows what the Quenneville doghouse smells like.
  • In the second period Teuvo Teravainen left for the locker room and never returned. Perfect way to start an extended road trip. Just when they gave him a competent center with some experience.
  • Young Darnell Nurse put on a bit of a show to set up Benoit Pouliot for the game tying goal, with 5 minutes gone in the third period. He was able to stickhandle around Marian Hossa, which is no easy feat. He also drew 2 other defenders, including Trevor Daley. Once he got an open lane, he was able to send a nice backhand pass to the blade of Pouliot, who redirected the pass through Crawford.
  • With just under 3 minutes remaining in the third period Trevor van Riemsdyk had a rough shift, getting worked hard off the puck which was immediately snapped over Crawford's shoulder from a tight angle by Leon Draisaitl.
  • We're going to continue this Shaw / Garbutt #HITZ charade on the road too, eh? They were credited with 3 each. Stupid stat, period. Meatball spokesman Pat Boyle didn't talk important numbers in the intermission, but he was sure quick to bang out the #HITZ stats.
  • Brandon Manshitter played 6:59 and I can't tell you one thing he did on the ice.

The Ugly
  • I've come to fucking loathe Steve Konroyd. He say some of the most boring and stupid thing. He proclaimed Anders Nilson a "shot blocker". Well NO FUCKING SHIT, Steve. Isn't every goalie a shot blocker? Prior to that, immediately after Ryan Garbutt mentioned that he grew up in Edmonton, Steve says, "You grew up in Edmonton, until you were 12, I think". I expected Garbutt to say, "Yeah, that's what I just said, Stevie two times". The WORST.
  • With just over 3 minutes remaining in the second period the Blackhawks were caught in a terrible long change in which 3 Blackhawks stepped off the ice all at once, and left Brent Seabrook out on and island and Jordan Eberle in on a breakaway. You can't fault Crawford when a sniper like Eberle has that much time to size you up. Just a brutal play from top to bottom.
  • What the fuck is wrong with Eberle's baby grill?

The Lineblender
Dano - Toews - Hossa
Panarin - Anisimov - Kane
Shaw - Kruger - Teravainen
Mashinter - Kero - Garbutt

Keith - Hjalmarsson
van Riemsdyk - Seabrook
Rozsival - Daley


Puckin Hostile Shoutcast - Episode 43

In this Puckin Hostile Shoutcast number 43, the Viktor Svedberg episode, the Puckin Hostile clowns go "hostful" style

The group discuss the following:

-Fatrick's family trip to Rockford, where he disappointingly skipped the Olive Garden
-Debates on goalie equipment size over enlarging the nets
-A split vs Blues, two losses to the Devils, and big wins vs both the Oilers and Flames
-Martin Havlat hates the Blues like, just about, everyone else.
-Justin Abdel-Bickell extension
-G8's fanboying of the Flames
-Returns of Keith and Rozsival
-Enforcer Jonathan Toews, and the meatballs who love him.
-Some Blackhawks roster moves.
-Hockey Hall of Fame talk.
-More talk about the debacle that is replay
-Twittarz loudmouths
-Falling down the #HarmsHole
-Puckin Hostile Holiday gathering / Roadwatch
-And as always, several inappropriate references and jokes in bad taste.

More importantly, Make sure to support our friend, and fellow goaler herself, Ali Lawrence at www.puckandgrind.com

You can find the episode on iTunes by following this link: iTunes

Puckin Hostile Shoutcast - Episode 43 MP3 Download

You can listen below on the Talkshoe player:

Get the Shoutcast on Soundcloud here:

Also, Please check out and share the Puckin Hostile Stanley Cup Highlight video:

Music by "The Bloodline"

For all your custom jersey needs visit Black and Tan Sports at:


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Blackhawks vs. Flames
4-1 Win Recap

by Gatekeeper

Nothing like a back to back weekend night games for the Blackhawks, in early November. Weather in Chicago was absolutely gorgeous, even more so for a Sunday night in November. The Blackhawks were coming off an immensely emotional win the previous night in St. Louis against the rival Blues. Both Duncan Keith and Michal Rozsival made their returns to the lineup in St. Louis as well. Something that only those close to me really knows is that I was a huge Calgary Flames fan in the 80s and early 90s. I'll always have a bit of a soft spot for them, but that is a distant second to the Blackhawk nation. This was going to be an entertaining one because, despite their record, the Flames have a lot of talent and a very good defensive corp.

The Blackhawks certainly didn't shot the effects of playing a road game just 24 hours earlier. The controlled a majority of the play in the first period with 10 shots on net, to the Flames 3 shots. Clearly the Hawks had all of the premium scoring chances bu, as often happens with this team, neither team was able to open the scoring.

The second period was fairly boring for about 15 minutes but, luckily for the Blackhawks, there were another 5 minutes that needed to be played. There were 4 goals scored in 4:51, three of which were from the Blackhawks. Not only did they score three goals, but they were three unanswered goals, after going down 1-0. The Hawks also led in shots once again, but by a much more slim margin 15-12.

The third period was more eventful than the first, but not much. There were a couple of scoring chances both ways, but the only goal was an empty netter. The Hawks out shot the Flames for another period, 16-10 and closed out their last home game in a few week, with a 4-1 win. On to the circus trip....

The Good
  • I know there is no way they could have paid for him, but I miss me some Michael Frolik.
  • As has happened pretty often this season, Patrick Kane brought the Blackhawks back into the game with a backhander from a tight angle.
  • A minute and three seconds after the Kane goal, Marian Hossa followed up with a 45 foot one timer that handcuffed Ramo. For some reason Ramo tried to reach completely across his body instead of just using his blocker, and it cost him.
  • Artemi Panarin didn't want to be left out of the excitement, so he completed the hat trick of goals in 1:55, putting the Blackhawks up 3-1. Patrick Kane threaded the needled from behind the net to a wide open Panarin who snapped a shot over Ramo's left shoulder.
  • I really like Kruger playing a third line role like he did in this one. It's time, especially with his pending free agency next season.
  • The Hawks were good at the faceoff dots once again, winning 56%. Anisimov was the low man, winning only 5 of 14.
  • #LemontNativeScottDarling rebounded from a few very average starts to have a really solid 25 save win, even though Eddie wanted to switch it up to #ChicagoNativeScottDarling.
  • I will give Michal Rozsival some credit. You know exactly what you're going to get. Solid positional defense. Other than that, you're on your own. He IS slow as all shit, and it showed right before the Jones goal. He just can't win a race to the puck, unless that race is with John Scott.

The Bad
  • Even thought the Blackhawks were severely out shooting the Flames, it was the Flames that opened the scoring. Just a couple of minutes into the second period, David Jones was able to poke a Joe Colborne rebound around the left leg of Scott Darling on just their 6th shot of the game.
  • According to the drunken official scorer, Ryan Garbutt had 8 "hitz" and Andrew Shaw had 7 "hitz". In what fucking parallel dimension did these stats come from? I'd like to know because I'd hold the NHL record in shutouts in this fantasy land.

The Ugly
  • Brent Seabrook took a redirected Michael Frolik shot above the right eye at the end of the second period which required him to go to the locker room early for some cosmetic work. My quess would be about a dozen stitches. (Picture via @SarahLauch)
  • Just over a minute into the third period, the usually solid as a block of ice Niklas Hjalmarsson tried one of the most stupid plays I've seen in a long long time. He was in his own corner and tried a blind backhand pass which was right to the stick of streaking Flames forward, Matt Stajan. Lucky for Hjalmarssson, Darling bailed him out with a huge save.
  • The one criticism I have of Artemi Panarin is that he doesn't always shoot enough. It was most evident at the end, when he fucked around too long and blew a chance at an open net goal. Just bury it and be done. Fuck!
  • Greg Boysen from Let's Go Hawks.net had to point out that meatball hero Brandon Bollig actually played in this game. I am as surprised as you all are. USE-LESS.
  • Speaking of utterly useless, Brandon Manshitter played a team low 8:05 and I can't remember a single shift he was out there.
  • Remember all those meatball idiots claiming the end of the world, and the Blackhawks not making the playoffs? Yeah, that was a thing.

The Lineblender
Dano - Toews - Hossa
Panarin - Anisimov - Kane
Shaw - Kruger - Teravainen
Garbutt - Kero - Mashinter

Keith - Hjalmarsson
van Riemsdyk - Seabrook
Rozsival - Daley


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Blackhawks vs. Devils
3-2 Loss Recap

"Devil's Rejects"

by Gatekeeper

After what seems like a week off, the Blackhawks were back at the United Center, Thursday night, to try and carry out some revenge on the pesky New Jersey Devils. Just 6 days previous, the Hawks were curb stomped but the unassuming Devils 4-2. With plenty of rest, it was a perfect time for the Blackhawks to come out with some jump int their step. The Devils were coming off a 2-0 loss to the Blues on Tuesday night.

The home team looked much better in this first period than they did the entire game in New Jersey. An early 2 man powerplay certainly helped their cause, but the other 18 minutes were pretty positive, as well. It seemed like the Hawks ran away with the pressure and shots, early on, but the shots only totaled 9-7 in their favor when the intermission horn sounded. Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there.

The second period was, quite simply, painfully boring as all hell. The Devils tied the score under a minute into the period, and then we were all treated to about 15 minutes of completely boring garbage hockey. That is, until the Devils grabbed a 2-1 lead on a pretty atrocious matchup snafu. Looking at the box score of that period is worthy of tears. The Blackhawks out shot the Devils 10-6 and the Devils had 2 goals. WOOF.

The third period wasn't any better for the Blackhawks fortunes. The Blackhawks fought enough to tie the game late, took a lazy penalty, and then gave up a late powerplay goal. Shots were 9-9 but, in the end, the Blackhawks could not generate enough offense to pull this one out. I think we are all glad that they don't have to see the Devils again.

The Good
  • Marko Dano was noticeable a few times, at least early in the game.
  • With just under 7 minutes remaining in the third period a Patrick Kane solo rush, turned into an Artemi Panarin goal. Kane carried the mail into the Devils zone all alone, waiting for the Hawks to catch up to the play. Once they did change Kane hit Erik Gustafsson who made a nice move and attempted a shot. The shot was blocked, but went right to the stick of Panarin who sniped Schneider.
  • Seriously, there is nothing more.

The Bad
  • The Devils took a 5-on-3 disadvantage with some sloppy play, 5 minutes into the first period. The Blackhawks looked terrible for the first 1:40 of the powerplay but, eventually, the two man advantage was just too much and they fell "bass ackwards" into the lead. You can't have Hossa, Seabrook, Kane, Toews and Teravainen out on the ice at the same time, on a 2 man advantage, and hope they won't score. That's exactly what happened. Just too much talent with that line.
  • At the end of the second period, Andy Greene got away with a pretty egregious slew foot on Andrew Shaw. Shaw was not happy, and he had good reason. No one on the broadcast even mentioned it.
  • As I said before, I think Viktor Svedberg's time might be up, very soon. The only guy he's been really noticeably "better" than, is David Rundblad. Gustafsson is a much better all around player and has much more composure.
  • The Blackhawks were 1-5 on the powerplay, only scoring on their 5-on-3. This cannot continue.
  • The Hawks were even clowned at the dots, losing 26 of 46.

The Ugly
  • Not even a minute into the second period and Adam Henrique sniped Corey Crawford with a long, innocent looking wrist shot, from about 45 feet out.
  • With about three minutes left in the second period. The Manshitter started off the play by turning the puck over, and it was "off to the races" by the Devils. Sergei Kalinin put a knuckle puck on net and Crawford fought it off. Unfortunately, the rebound ended up on the stick of Kyle Palmieri, who had escaped the clutches of Viktor Svedberg. I forgot to mention that the only thing he had in front of him was a wide open net?
  • Brandon Mashinter is pretty fucking terrible. What he's doing on this team is beyond comprehension. He's a slightly better skating John Scott, that doesn't fight. He stood around on the ice for 5:37, and was out on the ice for the second NJ goal.
  • Slinging some smoking hot takes right here on the twitterz:

    Little fucking coward was harassing Tracey Myers, and the second I call him out...blocked. Real set of balls on ya, there, slick.
The Lineblender
Shaw - Toews - Hossa
Panarin - Anisimov - Kane
Dano - Kero - Teravainen
Desjardins - Kruger - Mashinter

Seabrook - Svedberg
van Reimsdyk - Hjalmarsson
Gustafsson - Daley


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Pump Up The Volume"
Blackhawks Featured Podcasts

by Gatekeeper

With the Blackhawks season in full swing, I thought I would take a moment to provide some links for you folks that enjoy podcasts. These are some Blackhawks featured podcasts that I listen to and you should certainly take a moment to check out. This is knowing full well the time and effort it takes to put a podcast together. Please support them.

Please enjoy and share:

Puckin Hostile Shoutcast
I can't go without plugging our own material. Pat Stankus, and I have record this bi-weekly podcast since spring of 2014, adding in Derek Harms to the mix, in early 2015. Plenty of guests, vulgarity, special segments, and inappropriate references.

Find on iTunes: Puckin Hostile Blackhawks Shoutcast
Direct Downloads hosted on Talkshoe
Latest Episode on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/puckinhostile
Shoutcast intros on the Puckin Hostile YouTube channel intros playlist

The Committed Indian "Live from the Five Hole" Podcast
The original unofficial Blackhawks podcast, from the guys that bring you the unofficial Blackhawks fans program. Episodes are few and far between, but well worth the listen.

It's not always easy to find, so you'll have to search on www.TheCommittedIndian.com

HockeeNight.com Puckcast
Probably the biggest inspiration behind our Shoutcast. Plenty of dong jokes, and mid 90s Rangers references with some Hockey sprinkled in on this weekly podcast, hosted by former Shoutcast guests Forklift and CT.

Find on iTunes: Hockeenight Puckcast
Available for direct downloads on TalkShoe

Cheer The Anthem "CheerThePodcast" Podcast
This semi regular podcast hosted by Adam, Thom, Jim and Jeff is a roundtable style. Very entertaining.

Find on iTunes: Cheer The Anthem
Available for direct download at: http://cheertheanthem.com/cheer-the-podcast/

Scott Powers and Brian Hedger Podcast
Another semi-regular podcast hosted by ESPN's Scott Powers and NHL.com writer Brian Hedger.

Can be found on the ESPN Podcast page

"The Big Nevawski" featuring Jay Zawaski and James Neveau
Newer Podcast co-hosted by another former Shoutcast guest, the SCORE 670's Jay Zawaski and NBC's Madhouse Enforcer, James Neveau

Find on iTunes at: 670 The Score Interviews Page
The Big Nevawski Podcast Facebook Page
Available for direct download on the Score 670 Big Nevawski page

"Blackhawks Crazy" with Scott King and Mike Jacobsen
Also a newer podcast co-hosted Scott King from the Red Eye, and the silky pipes of Mike Jacobsen from WGN

Blackhawks Crazy Facebook Page
Find on iTunes at: WGN 720 Blackhawks Central

"The Point Shot Podcast" with Garrett and Sean
Another Chicago based weekly podcast featuring Sean Fitzgerald from Blackhawk Up, and Garrett.

Find on iTunes at: The Point Shot Podcast

Friday, November 6, 2015

Blackhawks at New Jersey
4-2 Loss Recap

"Whirl of Pain"

by Gatekeeper

The Blackhawks were in New Jersey Friday night, to face the Devils, in the first of a rare "two time in one week" tilt versus an eastern conference opponent scenario. This was very similar to the Isles series in the opening week, the Blackhawks face the Devils twice in six days, then don't see them again this season. Not only that, but the game started at 6PM locally which had them in the first intermission before they are used to even starting. It showed.

The first period was a rollover from the colossal Blues disappointment two days prior, as they coughed up a three goal deficit before most people were even home from work. The Blackhawks had pressure, but every turnover or bounce seemed to end up in the Hawks net. Shots were only 13-8 in favor of the home team, which is not alarming, in and of itself, but the score was.

The Blackhawks came out in the second period with a different goalie, but their play and luck really didn't change at all. The Hawks gave up a fourth goal, and nearly surrendered a fifth later. As shocking as it was, the Blackhawks actually finished the period breaking the shutout. The shots were 8-7 in favor of the Devils but to the naked eye, it was much worse than that.

The third period was pretty much just a formality, as far as the game and score went. So much so, that Quenneville just threw up the white flag and pulled his goalie with just under seven minutes remaining. Even then, it took the Blackhawks five full minutes to capitalize. When the game finally mercifully ended, the Blackhawks had out shot the Devils 14-5 in the final 20 minutes, but not many were actual dangerous scoring chances.

Lets hope that the dejected Connor McSavior-less Oilers are just what the Blackhawks need, on Sunday.

The Good
  • With about a minute left in the second period, the Blackhawks actually finally found something positive. Patrick Kane threw a long forty foot "seeing eye" shot towards the New Jersey net and, thanks to an Andrew Shaw screen, it ended up floating past Cory Schneider.
  • After the Blackhawks had their goalie pulled for FIVE full minutes without much sustained pressure whatsoever, rookie Tanner Kero used an absurd amount of time and space in front of Cory Schneider to get his first NHL goal. Awesome for Kero, but excuse me if I'm not the least bit fucking impressed with the team's effort.
  • Hey, Bryan Bickell scored in his first Icehogs game. Well worth the $4 million, if you ask them.
  • The best part of this game and night, is that is was over before 9PM.

The Bad
  • Hindsight is always 20/20 but a missed Ryan Garbutt breakaway, early in the first period, could have changed the momentum some. Instead, the Devils ran away with the game.
  • Quenneville didn't even take a full period to fire up that line blender. Ryan Garbutt was sent to the 4th line, and Andrew Shaw to the first. The lines were up for fucking grabs after the first intermission.
  • I'm not sure what exactly sparked this, but after the second Devils goal, Jonathan Toews took issue with Adam Henrique, and the two came to blows. Blah, blah, blah...fart....leadership. Guess what happened with Toews in the box? Lost defensive zone penalty, and a goal. Not fan of this stunt. Not the time to remove yourself from the ice for 5 minutes.
  • To add to a terrible first period, Corey Crawford found himself riding the pine for the remainder of the game.
  • Seven minutes into the second period, and following a thoroughly shitty Blackhawks powerplay, the Devils took a four goal lead thanks to Mike Cammallari. There wasn't much more to say at that point.
  • Piling on to an already terrible night, Artem Anisimov went out of the game in the second period with a lower body injury.
  • Minus 4 for Niklas Hjalmarsson. OOF
  • It might be time for Andrew Desjardins to take a seat. He is getting sloppy and played a team low 10:40.

The Ugly
  • A huge Hjalmarsson turnover early in the first period with almost 4 minutes gone in the first, ended up with Lee Stempniak in all alone on Crawford, and slipping the puck into the net. Hjalmarsson got stuck on the half boards after he had plenty of time to clear the zone. Teuvo Teravainen did Hjalmarsson no favors, when Teravainen lobbed a live grenade back at him, and forced Hjalmarsson to react quickly with Stempniak closing quickly.
  • A late lost first period faceoff by Andrew Shaw, deep in the Blackhawks zone, was quickly thrown on net and beat Crawford. A set faceoff play with Kyle Palmieri curling around the circle to pick up the puck worked perfectly.
  • Just 26 seconds after the Palmieri goal, and with Jonathan Toews in the box serving a fighting penalty, Travis Zajac picked up his own blocked shot and be an already committed Crawford for a 3-0 first period lead.
  • The Blackhawks nearly gave up the 5th goal of the game, halfway through the second period, when Kyle Palmieri followed up a Sergei Kalinin rebound, after Kalinin beat Trevor Daley. The rush left Scott Darling prone and helpless but, luckily, there was a goalie interference call made.
  • Because when I think of coaching geniuses, I think of Patrick Roy. Joel Quenneville pulled a Roy by yanking his goalie with almost seven minutes left in the third period. I mean I understand the Blackhawks are so fucking good with the man advantage. Right? Fucking STUPID.

The Lineblender
Panarin - Toews - Garbutt
Teravainen - Anisimov - Kane
Dano - Kero - Tikhonov
Desjardins - Kruger - Shaw

Seabrook - Svedberg
van Reimsdyk - Hjalmarsson
Gustafsson - Daley


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Erie County District Attorney's
Three Part 30 Minute Interview
Regarding The Kane Investigation

Just wanted to post this in one spot, so you wouldn't have to click separate links. Stick tap to @ChiBDM for posting them up.

Part 1
Part 2 Part 3

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Blackhawks vs Blues
6-5 OT Loss Recap


by Gatekeeper

Before I get to the shenanigans, I want to point out how touching it was to have the Blackhawks each bring out a young cancer patient. If you have anything shitty to say about that, you're a scumbag.

After yet another successful Shoutcast, Tuesday night, it was back to hockey. Who better to jump back into action with than the St. Louis Blues? They were delayed coming in when we all woke up in the morning to some incredibly dense fog, in Chicago. Personally, I think it was the cloud of stench coming off the Blues players and their recently fined dopey meatball, Ryan Reaves. It wouldn't be a Blues game without an inappropriate David Backes reference, so here we go:

As far as the Blackhawks are concerned, this game couldn't have started out much better. While they gave up two goals, their offensive problems were on display for everyone to see...by scoring FIVE goals. They chased the Blues starting goalie, Brian Elliott, from the game TWICE, and even scored on a penalty shot. If we wanted to get picky, we could complain about the two Blues goals, but it was much more fun imagining the mental meltdown going on in the peanut brains of Blues fans. The Hawks out shot the Blues 18-8, out scored them 5-2, won 18 of 20 faceoffs, and just flat out dominated the #BLOLues. Why did this period have to end?

Of course everything fell apart in the second period for our heroes. The Blackhawks gave up 3 goals on 12 shots, completely blowing their big lead and losing all momentum. Sprinkle in a bad penalty, lazy defense and just general complacency. That best describes the Blackhawks performance in the second period. Nothing good to speak of, and just a tale of two completely teams.

The Blackhawks regained some of their lost momentum in the third period, but it was nothing like the first 20 minutes. In the end, that's what cost them the extra point. The shot differential was 14-7 in favor of the Blackhawks but there were no goals, which eventually led these two teams to the always exciting 3vs3 overtime. The Blackhawks had several chances in the overtime but could not finish, and eventually the Blues did finish.

The Good
  • Just two minutes and ten seconds into the game, a Ryan Hartman forecheck on Carl Gunnarsson led to a puck spitting out into the slot for Marko Dano. #FreeDano pumped the shot through Elliott for a quick Blackhawks lead, and his first Blackhawks goal.
  • Not to be out done, a minute and thirty five seconds after the Alex Steen goal, Andrew Shaw decided it was a fine time to score his first goal of the year. For the "drama" multiplier, he did it on a penalty shot. Andrew Squared, Shaw and Desjardins, came in on an unusual 2-on-0 but Colton Parayko was able to catch up and get enough of a piece of Shaw to throw him off, but it was also enough to earn an infraction. Less egregious than the non call on Shaw the other night, but I digress. Shaw was all business on the penalty shot, beating Elliott low to the stick side. 2-1 Blackhawks.
  • Teuvo Teravainen decided to jump in on the Blackhawks action while the iron was hot. He was standing in all alone behind the Blues defense, for some odd reason, and was able to pick up a Trevor Daley rebound. Teravainen had a pretty easy time tucking the puck in around Elliott's leg, which earned Elliott a shift on the bench.
  • Two minutes after the Fabbri goal, Patrick Kane set up Brent Seabrook for what looked like a pretty innocent long point shot. Somehow, the long howitzer from Seabrook cleanly beat Elliott for a 4-2 Blackhawks lead.
  • Less than a minute after the Seabrook goal, Captain Caveman pulled some of his usual caveman crap. Toews had a step on Backes and was able to get a clean shot off. Backes then cross checked Toews in the back, and into his own goalie. Elliott had to leave the game injured, in what some speculated as a concussion. Jake Allen came back in the game, and ended up finishing. Patrick Kane used an Andrew Shaw screen, among others, to beat Allen on the first shot he faced, giving the Blackhawks a 5-2 lead. Gotta love that leadership. Take a penalty, injure your goalie, and eventually give up a powerplay goal while you're sitting in the box. Fuck David Backes. Enjoy your President's Trophy banners, loser.

The Bad
  • Late in the first period, young Robby Fabbri rushed up ice, curled in behind a streaking Blues forward and Andrew Desjardins, using both players as a screen. Once both players passed in front of Crawford, Fabbri sniped a shot to Crawford's stick side.
  • Just over three minutes into the second period, a lost faceoff deep in the Blackhawks zone led to a long Colton Parayko rebound being poked in by Alex Steen. Trevor van Riemsdyk was covering Steen and made a weak attempt. You have to tie up Steen's stick on that play. That is your sole job in that scenario. That is not a time to be half-assing it.
  • After the Blackhawks played their fancy overtime passing drill, the Blues hung in long enough to get their best goal scorer, Vlad Tarasenko, with a wide open look. He'd been invisible all game, but when it counted most, he delivered.
  • Artem Anisimov was brutal at the dots, winning only 7 of 21.
  • Elliott wasn't the only Blues player to go out injured. Ball bag, Steve "The Pirate" Ott went out after a get together with Brent Seabrook, and didn't return.
  • Only Marko Dano and Ryan Hartman played less shifts than Trevor Daley. Sign of the doghouse in the near future.

The Ugly
  • Less than a minute after the Dano goal, Blues stud D-Man Colton Parayko took a long shot that hit Alexander Steen in the leg and floated over Crawford like a fluttering injured bird. Ugly.
  • After the Teravainen goal, Paul Bearer Hitchcock pulled Brian Elliott and put Jake Allen in for a total of 41 seconds and no saves, before putting Elliott back in the game.
  • Late in the second period, a Teuvo Teravainen interference penalty turned into a Jay Bouwmeester powerplay goal, cutting the Blackhawks lead to just one goal. Definitely not the Blackhawks best effort in that second period.
  • The Blackhawks weren't finished with their collapse just yet, though. Captain Caveman gathered a weird carom off the UC boards, along the goal line and snapped a tight angle shot past a helpless Crawford, to successfully complete blowing their 3 goal lead.
  • The Toews, Garbutt, Panarin line were each -2, and Panarin was on the ice for the OT goal, so he ended up -3. They didn't look that bad, but overall they weren't all that great, either.

The Lineblender
Panarin - Toews - Garbutt
Teravainen - Anisimov - Kane
Dano - Kero - Hartman
Desjardins - Kruger - Shaw

Seabrook - Svedberg
van Reimsdyk - Hjalmarsson
Gustafsson - Daley


Puckin Hostile Shoutcast - Episode 42

In this Puckin Hostile Shoutcast Meatball-a-palooza number 42, the Joakim Nordstrom episode, the Puckin Hostile clowns are joined by couple of returning guests:
-The scourge of that disgusting garbage fire known as St. Louis, Bill Beck
-Rescued from the glue factory and certain retirement, this handsome devil and black eye of the Stankus family Uncle Rozsival.

The group discuss the following:

-Derek getting clowned but the CBJ twitter account
-Very briefly, The latest on the Kane investigation
-Injuries to Keith and Hossa
-Richards fired in LOLumbus and replaced by John Tortorella
-Canadiens unlikely hot start
-Games vs Panthers, Lightning, Ducks, at Winnipeg, at Minnesota and Kings
-Several Blackhawks roster moves, including Bryan Bickell being sent to Rockford
-Intending to blow
-Several inappropriate references

More importantly, Make sure to support our friend, and fellow goaler herself, Ali Lawrence at www.puckandgrind.com

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