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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Puckin Hostile Shoutcast
Episode 62

In this 62nd Puckin Hostile Shoutcast, the Carl Hagelin episode, the Gatekeeper, Pat, Derek, and Bryan are finally all back together for a mid summer episode, with slim pickins for news.

The group discuss the following:
-Gate has interactions with Davis Backes look-a-like and crime reporter Billy Jensen (https://twitter.com/Billyjensen), as well as the EA Sports NHL account.
-Toronto and Anaheim finalize their deal to swap goalies.
-The NY Rangers and Ottawa Senators swap players.
-Short list of players sign deals, including: Kyle Palmieri, Mathieu Perreault, Mark Scheifele, Nathan MacKinnon, Jacob Markstrom, Phillip Danault, Matthew Tkachuk, Victor Rask, Shane Doan, Jamie Benn, and Alex Killorn.
-And of course, as always, an abundance of inappropriate references and jokes in incredibly bad taste.
-Blackhawks hire Derek King as Rockford assistant coach
-Prospect camp notes
-Kyle Cumiskey and Viktor Tikhonov head back over seas.
-Some listener questions.
-We reach the #HarmsHole.
-More ragging on The Hockey Press.
-And of course, as always, an abundance of inappropriate references and jokes in incredibly bad taste.

You can find the episode on iTunes by following this link (you may need to update your subscription): iTunes

Get the Shoutcast directly though Soundcloud here:

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Blackhawks Prospect Camp Wraps Up

Today, I may or may not have made the right decision to trek to Johnny's West, and watch the final scrimmage of prospect camp. The crowd was much healthier than the previous five days, which also brought out some not so bright humans. The attraction, I suppose, was that the Blackhawks "A list" prospects would be playing their only scrimmage of the week. Combined this with the interesting individuals that are older than 13, without children, that are planning their weekend around the "vanilla yuckity yuck" fest this weekend, aka the Blackhawks Fan Convention, and you have yourself an interesting social experiment.

This shouldn't be about the attractions in the stands, though, so lets get into the actual hockey that was played.

The two teams were split right down the middle with a few Free Agent players sticking around. Alexandre Fortin, Martin Ljungh, and Nikita Ustinenko filled out the rosters, and it was finally time to see some of the big dogs in action.

The first period was extremely boring, and neither team scored. Maybe it was just too damn early for all these kids to be expected to get the engine revving. The second period, however started with some score about a minute in and just followed suit from there. The Game was tied at 3 going into the third period, and finished up 6-4 in favor of the white team.

Few notes I sprinkled on the Twitter machine:

  • Robin Press with some nice composure and puck control on the only powerplay of the day.
  • The more I see of Alex Fortin, the more I think he's a legit prospect who can hang; Somewhere.
  • Michal Kempny playing with Carl Dahlstrom must be training him to see what it's like playing with Rozsival.
  • Tyler Motte, Nick Schmaltz and Alex DeBrincat played together on the Team USA line.
  • Alexandre Fortin played with Tanner Kero and Anthony Louis.
  • Roy Radke had another nice day, poking the puck past the defender and then curling and dragging around another for a goal.
  • Vinny Hinostroza looks ready to compete for a spot this year, with a couple of goals.
  • Mathias From looks like the type of player that some described Phillip Danault as.
  • The "Robin Squared" duo of Press and Norell will be something to watch in Rockford this year.
  • Probably not DeBrincat's best showing, but it's not like he is expected to play anywhere other than juniors this year.
  • Nick Schmaltz had a decent day but he still wasn't as dominant as, say, Teuvo Teravainen was in his last prospect camp.
  • Dylan Sikura seems to be a bit of a sleeper. Could be a name to look out for in the coming years.
  • This has to be a "make or break" season for Matt Tomkins. He's been in 3 camps, and needs to jump to the next level. The Blackhawks must like him, if he keeps getting invited back.

You can read my full roster notes by clicking here:
"Summer Camping" - Blackhawks Prospect Camp News and Notes

Just to make things little easier, I have included all of my vine clips from my 3 days at camp, or at least the interesting ones.

Chad Krys missing the net

Wouter Peeters

Hinostroza and Hartman on Forsling and Peeters

Motte on Peeters / Louis on Ustinekov and Wouter Peeters

Nick Schmaltz on Wouter Peeters

Nick Schmaltz on Jake Hildebrand

Gustav Forsling stick handling drill

More Nick Schmaltz during shooting drills.

Game winning goal from Wednesday. J.Dahlstrom goal from Sikura and DeBrincat.

Nick Schmaltz (Far side), and Jack Ramsey (near side)

Tyler Motte, Luc Snuggerud, and Nick Schmaltz stopped by Matt Tomkins

Tyler Motte stopped by Matt Tomkins on a partial breakaway

Freddy Olofsson scores on Jake Hildebrand


Thursday, July 14, 2016

"Summer Camping"
Blackhawks Prospect Camp
News and Notes

I took some time to attend the Blackhawks annual prospect and development camp, this week, at Johnny's Icehouse West. I spent the better part of 2 days watching drills and a few scrimmages involving kids that are, for the most part, 2 to 3 years from even sniffing the AHL.

The organization invited roughly twenty five college and junior free agent players to join their forty-something prospects, for a little summer camp action. I cannot complain one bit, as it's still fun to enjoy hockey while it is 90 degrees outside.

I took notes on a majority of the players, and those that didn't stand out, I just omitted. Take a gander, below, at what I have complied.

The players that are highlighted and marked with an asterisk have their rights held by the Blackhawks organization.

Radovan Bondra*Nice size, moves well, protects the puck.
Mathias From*Nice goal on Wednesday. Looks taller than listed 6'1". Not afraid of contact. Kind of a kamikaze.
Graham Knott*No idea what to think of this kid. Seen him a few times, and nothing stands out. Just "a guy"
Daniil MiromanovGood size. Looks more bulky than listed 185 lbs. Moves well for a big player. Has some hands.
Nathan Noel*Looks small and thin. OK little player, but needs some weight on him.
Fredrik Olofsson*OK size. Didn't stand out, but didn't look over matched either.
Beau Starrett*Looks huge compared to everyone else. Not overly slow. Didn't show up on the score sheet, but could be a bottom 6 size guy with some talent. For some reason Adam Creighton came to mind.
Liam Coughlin*Decent size. Could be a decent bottom 6 PF
John Dahlstrom*Something about him seems "frumpy". Doesn't look short, but has a "wideness" to him. Sort of slow.
Alex DeBrincat*Short and stocky. Quick. Good hands. Desperately needs some more bulk.
Alexandre FortinThis kid was everywhere. Had 5 goals during the week and was all over the ice. Someone needs to give him a shot.
Matheson Iacopelli*
Decent size. Benefited from teammates having a good camp. Nothing special, but not a liability either
Roy Radke*Had a really good '15 camp. Potential is there. Has an edge to him, and protects the puck well. Can certainly see him playing in RFD soon.
Jack Ramsey*Actually looks bigger than listed 191 lbs. Kind of a power mold
Dylan Sikura*Set up Dahlstrom for the GWG on Wed with a nice cross slot pass on the back door.
Ryan Hartman*Smaller than perceived. Little sandpaper edge.
John Hayden*Big lumbering forward. Aggressive. Likes to use his size to intimidate.
Vincent Hinostroza*
Small and "water buggy" type. If he can't avoid hits, he'll end up getting murdered.
Luke Johnson*Seems like a "4th line" faceless player
Tanner Kero*A guy, basically.
Anthony Louis*Tiny. Tinier than Hinostroza. Going to take a lot to impress at the NHL level
Tyler Motte*Surprisingly Smallish. Didn't stand out.
Nick Schmaltz*Did nothing spectacular. Had a flash of speed in drills but, by no means, stood out.
Lucas Carlsson*Loves to activate. Wants the puck on his stick. Offensive d-man. Made a nice 1-on-1 offensive move during scrimmage.
Johan IvarssonMoves pretty well, like you would expect from a European D man.
Jake Ryczek*Looks small. Going to need to gain speed if he doesn't want to get killed in the NHL or put on some muscle.
Blake Hillman*Staff seemed to be working a lot with him.
Chad Krys*Had a commanding presence. Needs some bulk or he'll get pushed around
Andreas Soderberg*
Tall and thin. Lanky. Sat near him Monday and he looked almost frail.
Joni Tuulola*Seems to have the attention of the staff. Nothing of note on Mon. Doesn't seem 6'3", as listed. Another solid european defenseman
Carl Dahlstrom*Moves like Frankenstein. Has great size, but struggles to keep up. Looks like a younger Rozsival with equivalent speed
Roman DyukovSlick hands. Smallish but moves very well. Skates with his head down too much, though
Gustav Forsling*Composed. Decent size. Smooth.
Michal Kempny*No Show Mon. Clearly older and more dominant. Aggressive.
Robin Norell*Like Press, smart and moves well.
Robin Press*Good size, and speed to go along with it. much more mobile than Dahlstrom.
Nikita UstinenkoRangy but thin. Could get easily manhandled.
Jack BurgartDoes not look the listed 6'5", by any stretch of the imagination.
Collin DeliaLove his movement in net. Smooth, efficient. My favorite goalie of camp. Season stats not impressive, but passes the eye test. Hobey Baker nominee with Motte, and Schmaltz
Evgeny KiselevNothing really special. Avg size and ability.
Connor LaCouveeSmaller. Return to camp. Like how he holds his glove higher. Not overly aggressive
Rob McGovernCouldn't get over his white/baby blue pads. Unspectacular. Didn't look the listed 240 lbs
Shane StarrettBeau Starrett's older brother. BIG, BIG, BIG!
Jake Hildebrand*Smaller than the others. Relaxed positioning. Shows some composure but lack of size can hurt. Has a good glove hand
Wouter Peeters*Low very wide stance, holds glove low and tight. Looks smaller as a result
Matt Tomkins*3rd camp. Solid, unspectacular but clearly the "veteran" of the goalies.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Puckin Hostile Shoutcast
Episode 61

In this 61st Puckin Hostile Shoutcast, the Sylvain Turgeon episode, the Gatekeeper, Pat, and Derek are joined by James Neveau of NBC Chicago and Cohost of the Madhouse Chicago Hockey Podcast.

The group discuss the following:
-The PK Subban / Shea Weber Trade
-The Taylor Hall / Adam Larsson trade
-Steven Stamkos ruins Free Agent frenzy
-Free Agency goes on anyway
-Derek informs us about compliance buyouts several times.
-Wouldn't be a summer without a Rozsival and Mashinter type signing
-Blackhawks bring back an old familiar face, in Brian Campbell
-Blackhawks say goodbye to a familiar and often hated face in David Rundblad
-Blackhawks sign Jordin Tootoo
-Blackhawks and Icehogs make several low level signings
-Rumors and speculation
-And of course, as always, an abundance of inappropriate references and jokes in incredibly bad taste.

You can find the episode on iTunes by following this link (you may need to update your subscription): iTunes

Get the Shoutcast directly though Soundcloud here:

For all your custom jersey needs visit Black and Tan Sports at:


Friday, July 1, 2016

Puckin Hostile 2016 Free Agency Ticker
Big Bucks! Big Bucks! No Whammy!

We will be filling in the Blackhawks free agency signings, if there are any, right here. As up to date as possible.


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