Friday, October 1, 2010

And That's Why They Call it the Blues

Once again, the Hawks played last night and the only way to watch was a raw web feed through the Blues website. We'd be silly to expect the preseason of the Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks to bump the utterly boring and pointless games of the Sox to CSN+ or anything. Morons. Before the game, the team called up Brandon Pirri and sent goalie Alec Richards packing to Rockford. The Hawks are again blacked out tonight against the Penguins, and then we have the luxury of watching them finish up the preseason Sunday night against these same Blues.

John Scott with fist-a-blazin

The Hawks twater page was the next best play-by-play for the game, and CSN put together some highlights. I logged into the web feed for about 10 mins, but quickly became annoyed with it, and called it a night. I'm sure Pirri was just a temporary fill in because Jonny Be Goode was at home, no doubt glued to his MAC book, watching his team on the brilliant interweb feed. Keith, Hossa, and Sharpie were also held out of the game and probably huddled around their computers, as well. Sounds like they really peppered Halak in the first, and once they couldn't crack him, it all went downhill. Beach and Scott entered into fisticuffs with those pesky Blues, as well. Here are the highlights of the game, and here are a few observations:

-No doubt Pirri will end up back with the Hogs in Rockford, but I like the kid and I'm happy to see him playing against NHLers again, even if it only lasts a game or two.

-Whoever was running the camera sucks.

-Oshie's move absolutely left Turco in a crumpled mess. That kid is good, and that is a sweet move.

-Halak looks as good as advertised, in the playoffs last season. The Blues are going to beat some people this year.

-Turco's pads don't look quite as hideous with the away jerseys and the white mask.

-Morin's penalty shot was uneventful. I would have expected a little more pizazz from the kid. This is your chance to really make the highlight reel.

-I wish I could tell you more about Smith's goal, but the camera man was too busy admiring the form of the shot from the point. I guess it's preseason for camera men too.

-Word is that Skille went to the locker room holding his left arm close to his body. I hope it's nothing serious, because the guy is finally on the verge of cracking the lineup. A serious injury would be devastating.

Below is a reprint of the twater feed, if anyone is curious:

-Coach Q:: Skille day-to-day with upper body injury. Crawford will play the whole game tomorrow vs. Pittsburgh.

-Gotta love Hammer. Talked postgame about how he wants to do more shot blocking on D. "It's a glamorous job," he said.

-That's the game. Hawks fall 4-1 to the Blues.

-Steen with the empty-netter, giving St. Louis the three-goal cushion. 1:37 to go.

-Morin stopped on a penalty shot, 4 minutes left in regulation. Hawks still trailing 3-1.

-Cullimore gets the holding call, Hawks head to the PK. A little more than 10 left to go, still trailing by 2.

-No Keith, Seabrook or Campbell tonight. Not the defense you will see come Oct. 7.

-Just announced: Jack Skille is not returning tonight.

-3-1 Blues as D'Agostini snipes the puck past Turco after a good pass by Crombeen. 17 minutes to play in regulation.

-The 2nd period closes with the Blues up by a goal. Hawks still holding a sizeable shot advantage, 24-15. Stay tuned for the 3rd.

-Oshie, who slipped past the Hawks' D, beats Turco and puts the Blues ahead 2-1 with 3 to go in the 2nd.

-Skille heading to the locker room, looked like he was holding his arm. We'll update when we have something. 7:16 left in the 2nd period.

-Perron scores right in front of the crease off a pass by Backes from behind the net. 1-1 with 10 left to play in the 2nd period.

-Ben Smith connects just before the power play expires, assisted by Hammer and Stalberg. 1-0 good guys with 11 to go in the 2nd.

-Morin draws a penalty, Hawks to the PP again. Hawks are getting a lot of shots: 20 through just over 24 minutes of play.

-Hjalmarsson is back on the ice. Hawks to the PP with Jackman in the box for slashing. 16 to go in the 2nd.

-Hammer went down to block a shot, stays down. Got off the ice under his own power and still on the bench. 2nd just underway.

-The first comes to a close, with the Hawks and Blues scoreless. Good frame for the good guys: 14-5 in shots, and solid puck possession.

-If the Hawks brought Scott in for toughness, he did his job there. He's got a great reach during a fight. 0-0 with 7 left in the 1st.

-Winchester and Scott (which happens to sound like a fine wine or antique rifle) throw down. That's 13.5 feet of hockey player at war.

-Hawks go to the PK with Cullimore in the box. 9:53 left in the 1st. Hawks are out-shooting the Blues 9-1.

-Backes gets called for tripping as the Hawks go to the man-advantage. 12 minutes left in the 1st, still scoreless.

-Kyle Beach and BJ Crombeen drop the gloves two minutes in. Beach took a couple of big hits, but gave out a few too. 0-0.

-Tonight's starters: Hammer, Hendry, Stalberg, Smith, Bickell and Turco. Pirri, just recalled today, is in the lineup.

EDIT: Here are the highlights from another angle, via the Hawks website. No sound, but it'll do.


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