Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hammer takes a Wiz to Drop a Duece

In one of the least surprising moves, the NHL handed Hammer a two game suspension for his hit on Jason Pominville, Monday night. From the second the whistle blew, after Pominville went down, everyone was thinking, "that's going to be a suspension". Now, I'm certainly not implying that I think it was a dirty hit, because it wasn't. Pominville looked at Hammer TWICE as he was skating in. Pominville knew he was coming. This was not a blindside hit, and it wasn't from behind. The way that their bodies came together, Hammer's shoulder was perfect height to bounce Pominville's head into the glass. Unfortunate for everyone involved. Nick tried to time the puck getting to Pominville and guessed wrong. I admire his aggressiveness, and willingness to make a meaningful play. He did what players do thousands of times in a professional sports season, misjudged and made a mistake. He was in no way, trying to be malicious. The refs did the right thing, because if Hammer EVER came back on the ice Monday, some Buffalo forth line rubberhead would play martyr and Nick would probably end up on the IR instead of the suspended list. The league will make their point, and it will be an interesting game on Saturday, when the Sabres come into the UC for the rematch. I hope John Scott will be putting the foil on, because he is on ready five with Merlin. Something WILL happen, it's just a matter of when. Boynton, Hendry, Leddy and Scott as your bottom four on "D". This should be entertaining.

The NHL handed don't another decision, Tuesday, as they suspended New York Islander, and former Blackhawk, James Wisniewski the same 2 games for an "obscene gesture" he made towards New York Ranger notorious twit, Sean Avery. Wizzer simulated a well known oral act while having a verbal joust with Avery between whistles. I guess the league is trying to make people think it's some kind of wholesome Disney Channel content, because I can't say the punishment fits the "crime". It's a JOKE! Anyone who has been to ANY sporting event, whether it be pro or beer league, knows that the players yell, scream, and taunt with the most colorful of language and gestures. Now, no one will accuse Wizzer of being the brightest star in the sky, but he was doing what every other player does. IN FACT, his gesture is no doubt less obscene than the verbal spatter that is unleashed from the second they hit the ice, until the second they hit the locker room. Calling out opponents wives, mothers, fathers, and whoever else, is a regular occurrence. Wizzer just chose to use his hand to embellish it. Nick Boynton received the same suspension for his "throat slitting" gesture, which looked more like the Joey Gladstone "cut-it-out" gesture from Full house, and I fully believe WAS NOT a gesture that was meant to simulate throat slitting of any sort. It's a the same gesture that people use daily to mean "stop", "end", or "no more", not "I'm going to slit your throat until you cease to exist". Hammer sends a guy out on a stretcher and Wizzer tells a guy to blow him. Both get two games. It's just not the same level of infraction. Players hoot, holler, gyrate, and simulate hundreds of random acts play after play, in every sport. Shuffle the deck all you'd like, but it's just not equal. Oh right, the victim Sean Avery, was the same guy that, in an interview a few years ago, inferred then Calgary Flame Dion Phanuef of bedding his "sloppy seconds" in a locker room interview when referring to Avery's ex, and then Phaneuf girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert. Yeah, Sean, everyone want's you follow your act. Talk about a blacklist guys should run from. Anyway, my point is that this is a joke. Accuse Wizzer of being a dope, and he is, but the most he should be forced to do is issue a press statement that he was inappropriate, and is sorry. The league had young, hot, scantily clad girls (whom I LOVE to watch, BTW) skating around between whistles "cleaning the ice", and the league is worried about their wholesome image?

How is this for wholesome?

Tell me what comes to mind when you see this! Hypocrites?

How dare you Wizzer....(cue eyeroll)

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