Saturday, October 30, 2010

We have a Bleeder!

Game number one without Boss 81, and their first chance to wear those alternate jerseys I love, but that's the only thing that looked good. Two open nets missed in the first minute of the game, and it seemed like it was going to be a good game. Well, it was partially good, but only for the Oilers. Ugly, ugly, and embarrassing.

The Good
Toews had a typical Captain Serious goal. Nothing pretty but accurate and to the point, and Kane finally decided to make an appearance with 10 seconds left in the first. Maybe that stick to the nose woke him up, but I swear I saw him crying when he was on the bench getting his nose looked at. Either way, the two guys that need to pick up Boss 81's slack are finally showing a faint pulse.

Dowell, and Sharpie scored but they were futile attempt to make it a game. It was nice to see Sharpie add to his league leading goal total. At least someone is having an excellent season.

The powerplay had a typical game, and it's hit or REALLY miss with them. They scored two PP goals and looked good doing it, but the back to back powerplays in the second period turned into a critical turning point. You HAVE to score on a 5 on 3. If you don't, you might as well not come out for the third period, and the Hawks basically didn't. Game over early in the second period.

It was nice to see Stalberg playing with some talent, and he did nothing to make me think he didn't belong there. Now if was can get Skille some help, we might have something.

The Bad
Bolly? Anyone? Anyone? 9:45 of playing time means he was either hurt or Quenneville is finally fed up with the Invisible Man. The only person that played less was Bryan Bickell.

I'd like to hear an explanation as to why green rookie Ben Smith is skating on the third line, while the Hawk that showed the most spark is still rotting like a Halloween pumpkin on the forth line. Skille was once again skating around like he was on the way to the crapper with explosive diarrhea. He drew a penalty with his speed, had several excellent chances, and has been attempting to hit everything that wears another jersey. He was second on the team with 6 shots on net, only behind Captain Serious. Really? Have we lost all common sense? Stop with this crap, already. The team is struggling and one of the players that's been showing heart is stuck banished to Siberian, with no help.

It looked bad from the outside, but the Goaltenders got absolutely zero help. Turco let the first soft one in, and after that, he couldn't do anything right. Marty The Midget had so little help that I'm pretty damn sure I saw Duncan Keith actually throw the puck in his own net. He tries to kick a rebound out and it goes right to a wide open player, fifteen feet from the open net. Anyone out there accounting players in their own zone or do we just expect them to always miss the net? Corey Crawford didn't fare much better than Turco, either. Bad luck and pathetic defense really didn't make his night end very well for either of the netminders.

The Ugly
Holy balls, that first period turned from bad to shitstorm in about two minutes. That was the worst display of defense I've seen in recent memory. Accurate words escape me, to explain that Shanghai Fire Drill. The only saving grace was the Kane goal. You can blame the ref for the 4th goal but if you have your head up and you're looking at your passing lanes, you don't make that pass. It's about time Moustachio put a shock collar on Keith and let'er rip every time he attempts another stupid pointless fancy pass.

Jassen Cullimore finally looked like, well, Jassen Cullimore on that 5th Edmonton goal. Excellent job tying up your guy's stick, sucker. Great job welcoming your backup goalie into the game. Quenneville looked none too happy after that goal, and he shouldn't have, because the Hawks looked like dog shit soup.

Tomas Kopecky was a -5 on the night, and that's just brutal. Call it bad luck, because he wasn't directly responsible for all 5 goals, but he may have needed to take a seat for a while. Brouwer and Boynton were -3

Really the whole game was ugly. Like Brent Sopel Ugly.

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