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Friday, February 27, 2015

Blackhawks at Lightning 4-0 Loss Recap / Kimmo Timonen Deal

Lightning Crashes

by Patrick Stankus

I had a bad feeling about this Friday right from the time the alarm went off this morning. As if battling a hangover wasn't bad enough, Gatekeeper decided to pull an Alexander Karpovtsev "my shoulder hurts" and asked if I would be kind of enough to fill in for the recap tonight. Since I am such a nice guy, I said yes. Boy did I pick a helluva a game/night to fill in on recap duty.

Despite playing the second game of a very, very, very difficult back to back series in Miami and Tampa (makes that Minnesota and Edmonton back to back sound like a cake walk), the Blackhawks came out with some jump to their step. At the end of the first period, the Blackhawks out shot the Bolts, 10 to 7, and Lemont native Scott Darling kept the Bolts off the board. After one the game was scoreless.

As the second period went on, this game went to hell in a hand basket quickly. The Blackhawks had an early power play, where they had some chances, but couldn't get one past Ben Bishop. Later in the period, the Hawks had another power play, that looked awful and got nothing accomplished. The Lightning used the momentum they built off of the two penalty kills, and got two pucks past Lemont native Scott Darling, to give the Bolts a 2-0 lead after two.

In the third period, the effort simply wasn't there, and the excuses of 3 games and 4 nights started to pile up by Steve Konroyd and Pat Foley. Boo friggin' hoo, it was a back to back of Miami and Tampa. Not that difficult. Anyway, the Bolts got two more goals past Darling, both of the power play kind, and ended up sealing a 4-0 win for the home team.

The Good
- Stan Bowman finally put on his big boy pants during the game, and made a trade. (More on that later)
- Wasn't it nice to see Teuvo get some power play time? Glad to see Q hit the stop button on the power play line blender.

The Bad
- Lemont native Scott Darling wasn't horrible, but he wasn't great either. He may have been adequate to an extent. With putrid defense in front of him, you can't pin the entire loss on him.
- Teuvo had a bad pass that went off the side of the net, right to a Lightning player, and eventually in the back of the net.
- Based on recent games, we'll say a 50/50 night at the dot, should be some sort of a win.

The Ugly
- Screw it, the ENTIRE defensive core is nothing less than hot vomit in a garbage bag. Everyone.
- Duncan Keith's sub par play continued, as he had a nice one man parade to the penalty box. Although Kris Versteeg tried to tag along with two penalties of his own.
- Words to describe the power play; 0 for 3 on the night. Keep it up boys.
- Oh good Lord, enough of the tired, poor us Blackhawks excuses. Too bad, every team plays 3 games in 4 nights during the season.
- This game, and the next bit of news may have made me turn into this:

Onto the trade news.......

Blackhawks acquire D Kimmo Timonen for 2015 2nd Round Pick and 2016 conditional 4th Round Pick

Jump for joy Blackhawks fans!!! Stan Bowman finally made that much anticipated trade we've all been waiting for. And the result was a resounding dud. Bowman acquired defenseman Kimmo Timonen from the Flyers for 2 drafts picks. What. The. Fuck Stan Bowman???!! Seriously this is the trade for the defenseman the team needs? A soon to be 40 year old, who's missed the entire season with blood clots. Did I mention Bowman gave up two of his prized draft picks?  Whatever. Its a trade we all wanted. I guess we should all be careful what we wish for. I honestly think this is Bowman giving Quenneville the two fingered salute for not playing his prized prospects. I can see the conversation of; "Okay Joel, you want veterans, I'll get you a veteran." And he goes out and makes this move for a veteran defenseman. If Q doesn't feel like he was just bitch slapped by a Mr. Know It All, well he should. It wouldn't surprise me if the feud between the two egos starts to boil over. Isn't it nice to know the window is shutting so fast on the Blackhawks, just as spring is approaching. It would be nice to get the smell of the feud out, but it doesn't look that is going to happen any time soon. Based on this move, and the overall chemistry between the entire organization, it wouldn't shock me if a coaching change comes to usher in the new core of players next season. Only time will tell. This is the first move of a likely second move that is coming, so we'll see whether or not if that second move involves Patrick Sharp.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blackhawks at Florida
3-0 Shutout Win Recap

"Open Season"

by Gatekeeper

The Blackhawks travelled to warm, sunny Sunrise Florida to play the Panthers for the second game of their "Home and home", Thursday night. This would be "the first game of the rest of their lives", following the season ending injury Tuesday night to Patrick Kane. Teuvo Teravainen was called up to take the roster spot, but no player could "replace" Kane. Do the Blackhawks have the balls to dominate without Kane? We will see from here on out.

The first period got off to a good start with the Blackhawks scoring an early goal and out shooting the Panthers 10-4. They had a chance to really put their boots on the Cat's throats with a 5-on-3 powerplay, but weren't able to get any more than a few weak chances.

The second period was almost a carbon copy of the first. The Blackhawks scored their second goal at approximately the same part of the period and play was very similar. This period, however, the Hawks were out shot 9-8. More please.

In the third period, The Blackhawks spent a majority of the play on the offensive. This didn't result in a goal, outside of the empty netter, but they were able to freeze out the Panthers, and head to Tampa with a win in their back pocket.

The Good
  • Just a couple of minutes into the game, Patrick Kane's roster replacement, Teuvo Tervainen, picked up a loose puck that was dug out by Andrew Shaw, and beat Luongo for a 1-0 Blackhawks lead. OF COURSE that was going to happen. The story couldn't be written any other way. If this kid can keep this up, at all, the Blackhawks will have something to look forward to without their leading scorer and MVP. That's an enormous "if". Even though he scored, Teuvo was limited to a team low 9:50 and only took 2 faceoffs.
  • Almost exactly a period after the Teravainen goal, following another abomination of a powerplay, Brandon Saad beat Mr Strombone for a 2-0 Blackhawks lead. Marian Hossa led the rush over the Cat's blue line, and chipped it to a rushing Duncan Keith. Keith found a wide open Saad, who tried to one time the puck, but it flipped up like a change up and slowly went over the outstretched arm of Luongo.
  • Corey Crawford was solid. That's all he had to be. He earned the shutout in a pretty easy game. He really deserved to have an easy bounce back game.
  • Hossa quietly had 2 assists. Good start.
  • Funny how the Blackhawks come out and win almost 65% of their faceoffs, and they win convincingly. Toews won 21 of 28.
The Bad
  • Florida keeps Florida'n. They drew a late 1st period penalty and immediately took not one, but TWO penalties of their own. In typical Blackhawks fashion, they blew the advantage.

    "Here take the game"
    "No YOU take the game".
    "We don't want it, YOU take it"

    Hossa hitting the post on a long shot, which was the loudest shot off the post I've ever heard, was the best chance they had.
  • The dynamic duo of David Rundblad and Tim Erixon are pretty fucking slow. Just saying.
  • Andrew Shaw was somehow credited with 8 hits. Can you feel my excitement? Keeping things in perspective, Jimmy Hayes had 7 which, oddly enough, is roughly the same amount he had his entire Blackhawks career. Whoever credited the Panthers with 50 hits, needs to be drug tested immediately.

The Ugly
  • I'm thoroughly finished with this "clear the puck up through the slot" in the Hawks zone. It's a cutesy play and it's dangerous. Knock that shit off.
  • I did not hear the names Ekblad, Bjugstad, Barkov or Huberdeau at all. The Panthers need these young players to be big if they want to win.
The Lineblender



Puckin Hostile Shoutcast Episode 22

In this Adam Creighton episode of the Shoutcast, Gate and Pat talk about the Blackhawks mediocre homestand, the trade deadline, what's wrong with the Blackhawks, how Pat ruined the Blackhawks mojo, the injury to Patrick Kane, Goalers, and much, much more.

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You can find the episode on iTunes by following this link: iTunes

Puckin Hostile Shoutcast - Episode 22 MP3 Download

You can listen below on the Talkshoe player:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Blackhawks vs Panthers
3-2 Shootout Win Recap

"Hand Of Doom"

by Gatekeeper

The Blackhawks welcomed the Blackhawks South into their home away from home, the United Center. This is not the same old Florida Panthers. They are playoff bound at this point, and had a solid back end. Of course, this solid lineup was composed of former Blackhawks. The Blackhawks started the game without one of their more important defenders, Johnny Oduya, who was out due to injury.

The first period stared with an unfortunate injury, which then led to a 1-0 powerplay goal. The Blackhawks seemed to have more of a sense of urgency after that, with some big hits and a 15-8 shot advantage after twenty minutes.

The second period started off slow for the Blackhawks, but they hit their stride about halfway though. The Hawks out shot the Cats once again 12-8, and were able to add one more goal to their lead. All the physicality was going to make for an interesting final period.

The Blackhawks coughed up their 2 goal lead in the third period, yielding 16 Florida shots to their 10. Not the Blackhawks best 3rd period, to put it nicely. The overtime was chaos, but neither team could end it, and the Blackhawks finally won it in the shootout.

The Good
  • Immediately following the Petrovic penalty, the Blackhawks were able to actually sustain pressure on the Cats, ending up with a Jonathan Toews powerplay goal. I heard all kinds of griping about the Hawks not retaliating, but they got a powerplay goal. At this point goals are rare, acting like a slobbering goon does nothing but probably put you in the hole.
  • Following the Hossa penalty, and unfortunate block of a Patrick Sharp shot wound up on the tape of Kris Versteeg, who had a fairly open net. Versteeg stung his former team burying the goal, and it was 2-0.
  • Lemont Native Scott Darling was pretty good. He buckled in the third period, but was strong for the remainder of the game. Still not the best goalie on the team, but he was adequate.
The Bad
  • The Blackhawks gave up two early 2-on-1's that could have been ugly fast.  Luckily, no harm no foul.
  • Just a few minutes after the Bickell stick infraction, Marian Hossa ended up in the box for knocking Bobby Lu's stick away from him, while it lay on the ice next to the net. Strange calls.
  • Darling lost the shutout late in the third period, but my mind was on the missing league leading scorer.
  • The Hawks were goofed on, at the dots, again. Losing 60% of the draws won't win you a lot of games.

The Ugly
  • Just a few minutes into the game, and Alex Petrovic cross checked Patrick Kane in the side while he was in a vulnerable position and Kane went down awkwardly. He stayed on the ice for a while and got up holding his left arm. That's all this team needs. As I said on Twitter, they need this like 6 O'Donnells on the blue line. A source told me that the injury was a broken clavicle and Kane was done for possibly the season. God dammit.
  • Derek McKenzie got a penalty shot in the second period because of a loose stick being "shot" towards him, by Bryan Bickell. Stupid ass play. Why would you do that? FrankenBickell.
  • A crazy hop late in the third period ended up being reviewed and was over the line. I'm sure this was a conspiracy to make the Blackhawks lose too. I wasn't in the mood to argue that, after hearing the Kane news.
The Shootout
Toews scored on Luongo
Trochek stopped by Darling
Sharp beat Luongo
Bjugstad never got a shot off.

The Lineblender



Monday, February 23, 2015

Tin Foil Hats, Creationism, Anti-Vax Truthers, and Goaler Problems.

Ya, know...

I have a problem, and it needs and intervention. I'm an addict. I get sucked into more internet idiocy than a sane 40 year old man should. Instead of just letting the meatballs off themselves by natural selection, I get into pointless debates over utterly stupid ideas. Following yesterday's game with the Bruins, the insanity hit a head. Actually, the insanity started in the third period. Let me calmly, and hopefully thoughtfully, go over a couple of things. Even though, I am fully aware that meatballs aren't capable of being saved, I still try.

The initial knee jerk reaction of the meatball coalition was to blame Corey Crawford for the loss to the Bruins yesterday. I will fully agree that he certainly didn't help, there were many other factors that led to this embarrassing loss. The first three goals were as much the fault of the defenders, as they were Corey Crawford.
  • First goal was a backdoor goal, which is 50/50 for a goalie. Most backdoor saves are luck. It's hard to ensure a backdoor save if the puck isn't low, and even that isn't a sure thing.
  • Second goal was a redirect of a puck that was going three feet wide, two feet in front of Crawford.
  • Third goal was Milan Lucic walking right through FIVE defenders. FIVE DEFENDERS. Against one player. Not only did he get a decent shot off on the initial shot, which Crawford saved, but the rebound.
  • Fourth goal was bad, but the entire team had shit their collective pants at that point. I'll give the meatballs this one, though. Soft.
Antti Raanta, the goalie that SOME meatballs want to turn the crease over to, didn't fare any better.
  • Fifth goal was a long shot that had decent coverage and just flat out beat Raanta badly.
  • Sixth goal was brutal, and you can tell by Raanta's expression after. Long distance, he had all the space and time to make an easy save.
It is lazy to blame the goalie for every goal. Three of the six goals were legit bad. Say, for instance, the Blackhawks "terrible" goalers stopped those three bad goals. The Blackhawks still lose 3-2, and some might argue the Bruins would have tried harder on the second Blackhawks goal. Their #4 defender missed 2/3rds of the game and the other bottom two were terrible. I'm not even touching on the top three guys, who weren't stellar by any means. Where is the goal scoring from the juggernaut? Where are Patrick Sharp and Brad Richards? Open your mind, people. Tunnel vision makes for a lazy and misinformed fan. I don't claim that Crawford isn't overpaid or that the term of his contract isn't too long, but he had Bowman by the short hairs. Bowman was not going to let his Stanley Cup winning goalie walk for a second time. Crawford is a slightly above average position goalie. He's streaky and will give up awful looking goals sometimes, but he is the best goalie in the Blackhawks system, and they cannot trade for anyone cheaper or better. So knock it off, already. PERIOD. Now, let us discuss some of these silly solutions:
  • Trade Crawford - Granted someone has to want to trade for him, which a couple of teams with spare cap space might. The Blackhawks would then need to somehow acquire an NHL, mid level at minimum, goalie. Raanta, Darling or any other goalie the Blackhawks have rights to are not even mid level NHL goalies, yet, but I'll touch on that later. No team is going to win the Stanley Cup, in what might be the last serious run of this stretch, after trading their #1 goalie mid season. NO ONE!
  • Trade Patrick Sharp - Sure. What is the return? Tim Erixon? Bunch of minor leaguers? That is all the Blackhawks are going to get when the rest of the league knows you are desperate. Bowman is going to get a much better return when teams are trying to improve in the off season. Let us not forget that trading one of your assistant captains in the tight final playoff race with this group isn't exactly smart.
  • Trade/Waive/Kill Rozsival, Rundblad and Erixon - Again, sure. Who takes ANY of them? Rozsival has a NTC and makes $2 million. Rundblad, well, if anyone wants him, they would have him. Erixon, is so bad the Blackhawks made up an injury to explain why they won't dress him.
  • Trade Bickell - Once again, SURE. Who is taking his $4 million salary? They won't trade him to a division foe. Would someone want him in the Eastern conference? Maybe. Wouldn't it be nice to have one big body in front of the net in the playoffs though? They only have one. The last two years, he has been a beast come playoff time. The salary sucks, but he also had Bowman over the barrel. At least he isn't David Clarkson or Ryane Clowe. On top of all this, what return do you get? Slim to nothing, which is not wise if you want to keep your job.
  • After trading Crawford for a hill of beans, turn the crease over to Raanta and, the newly extended, Scott Darling - In one word, NO! Raanta and Darling were shielded behind the Blackhawks strongest defensive play, this season. Raanta is a step down from Crawford. I like him, but he is over aggressive and slightly small. Also, based on recent events, he may be headed elsewhere. This brings us to the apex. Lemont Native Scott Darling.

    Did you know he was from Lemont?

    I can't believe I have to keep saying this. Over, and Over, and Over! Scott Darling cannot even win the outright #1 spot in Rockford. THE AHL! He plays best behind the Blackhawks defence, because they don't need much out of him, when they remove their heads from their asses. They need a big positional goalie, that can keep them close, and somewhat control rebounds. Like Corey Crawford. Once Darling gets hung out, he is big and awkward. He is still not "bad". I like him. It is a great story. BUT; if you want to willingly pin the hopes of another cup on a completely unproven backup AHL goalie, you're insane. That's chicken little stuff. Panic. No team was ever successful because of forced panic. I hope he turns into something but, currently, he is an NHL backup AT BEST.

Wrapping this up, Bowman needs to do something, and this is why he was moved into this position. He can either pull off a miracle, or wallow in the shit pond he and Quenneville have created. The mismanagement of the prospects and lower level players in this organization are now becoming glaring mistakes. If these two clowns can get over this cock measuring show, they might be able to pull off one last Stanley Cup with this core. Or, they could bow out in the first round and point the finger at Crawford, like the rest of the meatballs.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blackhawks vs Bruins
6-2 Loss Recap

"Dumb and Dumber To"

by Gatekeeper

After spending a balmy week in Orlando Florida, it was time pull up my big boy pants and gear up for a Blackhawks playoff run, that starts against the Boston Bruins. Quenneville had a present for my comeback on "Hockey Day in America".

The Blackhawks came out a little flat in the first period, but that could have had something to do with the wild line combinations. Before the Blackhawks knew it, they were down 1-0. It didn't help their effort any, when they gave up a powerplay goal with about 6 minutes remaining. Luckily for the Blackhawks, they drew a late powerplay and were able to capitalize. After all the bull, the Blackhawks even led in shots 12-8.

The Blackhawks came out in the second period with a bit of a flame under their asses. For about 3 minutes. Then the bottom fell out of the game. The Bruins scored four fairly soft goals on 16 shots. This period was a complete nightmare, and the game was over after 40 minutes.

The third period was just a mere formality, with the Bruins just trying to get out of the building with no injuries and the Blackhawks getting thoroughly embarrassed in national TV.

The Good
  • A Tuuka Rask penalty for handling the puck in the restricted area very last in the first period turned into a quick Jonathan Toews goal, on a feed from Patrick Kane. The biggest part of the play was Rask throwing a tantrum after the goal, trying to break his stick on the post and whacking Versteeg, which drew another powerplay for the Blackhawks.
The Bad
  • Patrice Bergeron opened the scoring for the Bruins. Reilly Smith held on to the puck long enough for Bergeron to get in behind Michal Rozsival, and one time the puck past Crawford. I'm getting so tired of Rozsival being in the middle of scoring plays against the Blackhawks. WHY is he playing 1st pair?
  • The Bruins took a 2-0 lead late in the first period on the powerplay. Loui Eriksson tipped a Torey Krug snap shot from the high circle, just inside the far post and past Crawford.
  • The Bruins went up 3-1 with the duo of Hjalmarsson, and our favorite old nag, Michal Rozsival staring at his skate. Milan Lucic knifed right up the slot and just whacked the puck past Crawford. Thanks for the help, Defense.
  • By the time the Bruins scored their 4th goal, Crawford was just getting eaten alive. Gregory Campbell found the soft spot in the high slot and let a long wrist shot go. Crawford 100% should have stopped it. Not that the team around him was helping him any, but Quenneville was justified in pulling Crawford.
  • Yeah, Bryan Bickell scored a late Blackhawks goal....so what? No one was there to see it, and the Bruins were just looking to get out of the building without any injuries.
  • Anyone see Patrick Sharp doing anything out there? I sure didn't. Time for the "A" to step up. Everyone is opening their fat cake holes about Crawford's $6 million salary, but what about Sharp? He has been dropped to the 3rd line AGAIN. That is a $12 MILLION THIRD LINE!!
  • Same goes for Brad Richards. Did he even dress? This is what they acquired him for, and he has been invisible.

The Ugly
  • The lineblender. Look at those stupid line combinations below. WHAT was Quenneville doing?
  • Versteeg had a shorthanded break-a-way late in the first that he wasn't able to capitalize on, and shortly thereafter the Bruins took a 2-0 lead. Two goal swing, and pretty much the game.
  • Johnny Oduya was hurt in the first period. That's just lovely, with an already shitty bottom 3. This is clearly a BIG problem.
  • Gorilla Salad and Adam McQuaid was a joke.The only good part was that Carcillo actually stayed standing while he ate fists.
  • Shortly (very shortly) after Ryan Hartman and Dan Carcillo took a couple of douche face penalties, Dougie Hamilton snapped a long wrist shot past Raanta to take a 5-1 Bruins lead. But lets all blame Crawford, stupid assholes.
  • AND then two minutes later Raanta gave up another woofer which, of course, is Corey Crawford's fault. Don't point the finger at the terrible fucking defense. Assholes.
  • I spent a majority of the third period explaining how trading your #1 goalie in the second half of your season will never equal a Stanley Cup. That is the level of stupidity this game smoked out.
  • The Blackhawks got their balls chopped at the dots, winning only 41%.
The Lineblender



Friday, February 20, 2015

Blackhawks vs Avalanche
4-1 Loss Recap

Highway To Hell
by Patrick Stankus

The sixth game of the Blackhawks current eight game home stretch featured a visit from Central Division foe, the Colorado Avalanche. The Blackhawks looked to continue their point streak, a streak in which you can argue the Hawks have given away more points during that stretch. (See the final paragraph for more.) With that in mind, there was a game to be played, so its onto the recap.

The first period was one dominated by sloppy play by the Blackhawks. Their passing was off throughout the period. Despite that, they did have some decent opportunities to put one past Varlamov, but failed to do so. The sloppy play was evident in their own zone, as they failed not once, but twice to clear the puck in one shift. It was that second clearing attempt up the center of the ice by Brent Seabrook, that was picked off by Tyson Barrie, and he fired a wrister that beat Corey Crawford to give the Avs a 1-0 lead. That's how the score would stay after the first period.

As the second period began, the Blackhawks changed their approach and became a little more selfish when it came to taking the open shot, instead of making the infamous extra pass. It was evident in the shot total of the period, as the Hawks out shot the Avs 12-7. Just before the midway point of the game, a Kris Versteeg shot found it past Varlamov to tie the game at one, and would stay that way after 40 minutes.

To say the third period went to hell in a hand basket would be an understatement of great proportions. The Hawks and Avs were tied until a little after the midway point of the period. That's when all hell broke loose. Both Sharp and Hjalmarsson would be whistled for separate interference calls at the 10:44 mark, and low and behold, the Avs would cash in on the 5 on 3, and then the ensuing 5 on 4, and basically put the game away. To add salt to the wound, Corey Crawford would allow a dump in puck to beat him and see the Avs hand the Blackhawks an embarrassing 4-1 loss on home ice. So following this loss, can we stop raving about how the Hawks were fine because they had been accumulating points during this home stand? These are missed opportunities, in what have been winnable games.

The Good
  • Nothing to see here, lets move along
    The Bad
    • Kris Versteeg lands in this category as a split the difference. Good; he scored the loan Blackhawks goal. Ugly; His front Chiclets are slightly chipped after taking a stick to mouth. As someone who knows what a bitch dental work can be, I feel your pain Versteeg.
    The Ugly
    • The Hawks were dominated at the faceoff dot. In the end it was closer than it should have been, 31 to 25.
    • Fire up the broken record machine, the power play was 0 for 2 and looked completely out of sorts.
    • On the Avs first goal, the Hawks failed to clear the puck two times. The second of which saw Seabrook throw a lazy pass up the middle of the ice, only to be picked off by Tyson Barrie, and the puck ended up in the back of the net.
    • Speaking of turnovers, wasn't it nice to see the two by Keith and Kane on the power play early in the 2nd period?
    • The penalty kill was assigned the tough task of killing off two simultaneous penalties in the third. Of course, the Avs would cash in on both, just 24 seconds apart.
    • As good as Keith and Seabrook can be, tonight they were simply awful. Everyone has games like this, but to see both of them to play this awful was tough on the eyes.
    • After a performance like this, I fear we just may see Gorilla Salad on Sunday, to "add a little spark to the lineup." In other words, expect a day of Salad until he takes a major penalty that results in a suspension.
    • And finally to Corey Crawford; Vesa Toskala called, he said nice goal you allowed in the third period.
  • Wednesday, February 18, 2015

    Blackhawks vs RedWings
    3-2 Shootout Loss Recap

    Give It Away
    by Patrick Stankus

    Wednesday night saw the once fierce division Detroit Red Wings pay a visit to Chicago, on NBCSN's "Rivalry Night." Unlike previous rivalry night match ups, this one lived up to all the hype. While the two teams no longer face each other 6 times a year, the build up to a game with the Wings is still there, and tonight added another chapter to the long, storied history. If you didn't enjoy tonight's game, then I'm sorry, you are not a hockey fan.

    The first period saw the Blackhawks come out with a lot of energy and intensity sustained for all 20 minutes. It was by far the best opening frame we've seen from the Hawks in awhile. Despite dominating the play, and out shooting the Wings 17-6, the game would remain scoreless after one.

    During the second period, the flow and pace to the game remained high, with both teams tallying 8 shots each. Getting the puck past either goaltender would prove to be difficult. That changed though just after the 15 minute mark, as Tomas Tatar opened the scoring on a back door play. The Wings lead wouldn't last long, as just 39 seconds later, Brandon Saad would tie the game at two. That's how things would stand after the second period.

    Much like the early portions of the game, the third period would continue with the exciting play that dictated tonight. The game would take a crazy turn in the final minutes of the third. Darren Helm scored the go ahead goal with just over two minutes to play, and the Hawks looked dead in the water. But to the Hawks credit, they battled back, and Kris Versteeg tied the game 43 seconds later, thus sending the game to overtime.

    If you thought the chances and pace to the game couldn't get more intense for the overtime, you were wrong. Both teams saw numerous chances in the extra frame, but both Crawford and Howard couldn't be cracked, and we'd head to a shootout. For the Blackhawks, only Toews would score, while for the Wings both Nyquist and Tatar would tally, and give the Wings the 3-2 shootout win.

    The Good
    • The Hossa-Toews-Saad line continues to impress. Saad had one of the Hawks goals, while Hossa showed why he is one of the best two way players in the NHL.
    • Wasn't it nice to see Kris Versteeg finally shoot the damn puck on net? Not to mention, look what happened as a result. We need to see more of that, instead of the extra passing and stick handling.
    • I can't believe I'm saying this, but Michal Rozsival wasn't that bad tonight.
    • Stick taps to both Corey Crawford and Jimmy Howard, they were both superb tonight.
    The Bad
    • Brad Richards "defense" on Tatar's goal was simply stellar. Nothing like staring at the puck, and allowing a guy to go back door in the slot untouched.
    • Where are all my "we need replay, to get the calls correct people" tonight? (Crickets chirping) Seeing as which the Hawks benefited from a blown call tonight, now I guess all is right with the world, until the next call goes against the Hawks. This is exactly why I don't want expanded replay. Where does it end? Keep it for goals, and that's it.
    • What a fantastic slashing penalty Bickell took in the first period. Then he has the nerve to bitch about it to the referee. Seriously who is going to miss this guy after the draft?
    The Ugly
    • Its a shame this game had to be decided in a shootout. I would much rather see a game like this end in a tie. And you'd think in today's world where every one's a winner, the casual sports fan (who's ruining hockey) would agree, that ties are better than deciding a game in a glorified skills competition.
    • Again, the Hawks left points on the table. While the Vancouver game is one where I'd take the point for an overtime loss, tonight is not. They outplayed the Wings, and failed to seal the deal. They lost this game in the first period, and gave the Wings confidence after being scoreless after one.
    • I'm still chuckling over Q's assessment of the Q-Cummer. "So far, so good" he said. Really? How can you make that assessment about someone when they play 6:24.

    Sunday, February 15, 2015

    Blackhawks vs Penguins
    2-1 Shootout Win Recap

    Crosby's Cryin'
    by Patrick Stankus

    The Blackhawks continued their home stretch on Sunday with a matinee match up with the Pittsburgh Penguins at The UC. As much as NBC wants to make this a nasty rivalry between the Hawks and Pens, it really isn't. Sure we hate Crosby, who doesn't unless you're a Pens fan? The fact of the matter is, this is nothing more than a great match up between two of the better teams in the NHL. If the Pens were in the Hawks division, or conference, then I'd say rivalry, but that's never going to happen, so with out further ado, onto the game.

    Much like some of us, who struggle to get out of bed on a Sunday, like this guy, the Blackhawks looked like they lacked some energy at the start. The Pens out shot the Hawks 15-8 in the opening frame. Thankfully for the Hawks, Corey Crawford was on his game, and kept the game scoreless when the horn sounded at the end of the first period.

    In the second period, the Blackhawks got off to a much better start. Just over three minutes in, off of a faceoff win by Toews, Saad got the puck to the point and Hjalmarsson let a bomb go that beat Fleury to give the Hawks a 1-0 lead. That's the way the score would stay after two periods of play.

    The third period would open up with Patrick Kane getting called for his second penalty of the game, something we haven't seen all year long. Where's that conspiracy clown that Gatekeeper was taking about on the last shoutcast? Anyways, the Pens would cash in early in the third after Nick Spaling hammered home a rebound to tie the game at 1. Despite a few chances for both teams down the stretch, that's where we would stand at the end of the third, and the game headed to overtime.

    The overtime frame had its moments, but aside from a Marian Hossa chance, (in which everyone seated behind the net thought it went in) the game would remain scoreless and head to a shootout. For the Pens both David Perron and Sidney Crosby would score, Crosby's goal was one Mike Smith would be proud of. (See Mike Smith ass goal on youtube.) For the Hawks Toews and Kane would absolutely clown Fleury, while Sharp didn't screw around and blew a wrister past to give the Hawks goals in all three attempts, thus giving the Hawks a 2-1 shootout win. Next up for the Hawks is a couple of days off followed by a visit from the Red Wings on NBCSN's "Rivalry Night." Hey, congrats, a legit rivalry.

    The Good
    • Both Corey Crawford and Marc-Andre Fleury were excellent this afternoon. Unlike Friday's game, this low scoring affair, had its exciting moments, but both goalies were simply on their game.
    • I've been very critical of Andrew Shaw of late, but today I thought he had a very solid game. It looks as if he may have gotten the message to look over his shoulder now that West Dundee native Ryan Hartman is here.
    • Ben Smith also had a very effective, bounce back game after his benching on Friday night. Credit to him, he didn't pout about it, instead he worked hard in this game to show he got the message. This is the response you want to see, from he and Shaw.
    • The Hossa-Toews-Saad line, enough said. It seems like out of all the line blending that has gone on, Q has finally got a bread and peanut butter line.
    The Bad
    • To my vision, I didn't see any reason as to why Ryan Hartman could only get 7:35 of ice time today, but hey I haven't won two Stanley Cups as a coach, so I'm an asshole, and should just shut up.
    • I heard this quote from my old man why watching the game "I haven't seen Bickell out there, have you? Is he a healthy scratch today." My point exactly about Bickell, but I'm not going to bash my dad, its his birthday, he's allowed to be right every once in awhile.
    • Not too sure I like the Cumiskey-Seabrook pairing as, Cumiskey was caught chasing the puck, and Seabrook was cemented to the ice in front of Crawford on the Pens goal. But the Q-Cummer is a Quenneville guy, so he'll get ample opportunities to keep playing.
    • Have you ever seen such a feast or famine power play like the Blackhawks? Today 0 for 2.
    The Ugly
    • Of those referees. Just as we praised the hell out them for their call in Monday's game, today was a different story. I've never seen the officials all huddle up and retract a penalty after its called, and the player is sitting in the box. Unless of course, they heard Pierre McGuire whining about how Crosby can do no wrong. Stick with the call on the ice when it comes to penalties. Its a different story when Toronto buzzes down to look over a goal. As for the Pierre's idea of a "coach's challenge," lets just hope and pray A. This never happens, and B. Pierre NEVER becomes the NHL Commissioner.
    • Patrick Kane had 2 minor penalties today. I'm not ripping him for them, but if you want to piss away the Lady Byng Trophy, you're off to a good start.
    • While today's win was good, just remember folks, come playoff time for seeding, these shootout wins don't count towards the tiebreaker. You'd like to see the Hawks win games in regulation or in overtime, not the shootout.
    We end today's recap on a sad note, as former Blackhawks defenseman Steve Montador was found dead this morning at his home. While Montador wasn't a member of the Blackhawks for long, he was still a member of the Blackhawks. Our thoughts are with Montador's family and friends.

    Friday, February 13, 2015

    Blackhawks vs Devils
    3-1 Win Recap

    Hearts On Fire
    by Patrick Stankus

    On Friday night, the Blackhawks continued their home stand when the Martin Brodeur-less New Jersey Devils came to town. Friday also marked the debuts for two new Blackhawks; former 1st round draft pick Ryan Hartman, and journeyman defenseman Kyle Cumiskey. Unfortunately, David Puddy wasn't in attendance to keep us entertained, which we all could have needed.

    Aside from a couple of thunderous hits by Ryan Hartman, there really wasn't much to get excited about with the Blackhawks. The Hawks looked flat again, and could only muster 8 shots on goal in the first. Despite the boring first period, the Devils would manage to get on the board first, after a soft goal was allowed by Corey Crawford. After one, the Devils would lead 1-0.

    (Insert second period summary here) - SNORE. That is all.

    Following a late 2nd period penalty, the Blackhawks would open up the 3rd period on the power play. Marian Hossa continued his hot streak, as he tied the game with a power play goal just over a minute into the period. Just over three minutes later, Toews would hammer home another to give the Blackhawks the lead for good. Corey Schneider gave the Devils a chance with some great saves late in the game, but it was all for not, as Versteeg added an empty netter and gave the Hawks a much needed 3-1 win. It wasn't perfect, but based on how things have gone lately, I'll take the two points.

    The Good
    • We'll give a call to West Dundee native Ryan Hartman, who had a solid NHL debut. He had a couple of notable hits early on, and kept his game simple.
    • Marian Hossa and Jonathan Toews were absolute beasts in the third period.
    • The Blackhawks finally woke up in the third period, following the lead of Hossa and Toews. I'd still like to see a complete game played by the Blackhawks on this home stand.
    • Corey Crawford bounced back nicely after allowing that brutal goal in the first. That's how you'd like to see your goalie react in that situation.
    The Bad
    • Its a work in progress, but in the first period Patrick Kane was playing the point with Seabrook on the power play. Its an upgrade over Richards, but we'll see how long it lasts.
    • The Hawks had a chance to put the game away on the power play in the third, but the man advantage was a disaster, just horrendous.
    • Brandon Saad had a 2 on 1 with Hossa in the third, but instead of taking the shot, Saad waited, and waited some more, and the opportunity went for not. You'd like to see Saad be a little more selfish in that situation.
    The Ugly
    • The second period was about as exciting as a World Cup soccer game, which to us means; BORING.
    • After watching the Devils, I have a suggestion for them. The ought to replace all the seats in the Prudential Center with cots, because they can put you to sleep with their thrilling play.
    • Want to take a guess on who played a sweat drenching 4:03 tonight? Why the fuck is this guy on the bench?
    • What can you say about the Devils roster? It looks like it was assembled from a not so clearance, clearance rack.

    Wednesday, February 11, 2015

    Canucks at Blackhawks
    5-4 OT Loss Recap

    Burn It To The Ground

    by Patrick Stankus

    On Wednesday night, the Blackhawks continued their 8 game home stand, as the once rival, Vancouver Canucks came into town. Since the playoff match ups of years past, the hatred between these two teams has calmed down, despite some of the media's efforts to drum up support, I'm looking at you Jim Rose. Bottom line is now that Kesler, Luongo, O'Brien, Torres, and others from the Canucks are long, this is just another match up in the season. Sure we still can't stand the Sedin sisters, or Alex Burrows, but come to grips with it folks, its over. If tonight's game was any indication, we're in for a bumpy right with yours truly in control of Puckin' Hostile for the next week.

    Talk about a lackluster start to a hockey game. The first period was full of  sloppy play by the Blackhawks, with much of their passes going to no one, and filled with one or some cases two too many passes. It was about as awesome as a certain Western Canadian band named Nickelback.

    The second period was a complete and utter shitshow as Gatekeeper would say. Numerous turnovers wound up in the back of the Blackhawks net, with none being a soft goal allowed by Crawford. The loan bright spot for the Blackhawks was a goal by Patrick Kane in the first minute of the period, one that didn't even go in off of his stick. Thank you Dan Hamhuis.

    With the Canucks up 3-1 to start the 3rd period, many (including yours truly) thought the Blackhawks were down and out after being completely outplayed. But credit the Hawks, they kept playing, barely, and the Canucks took their foot off the gas enough to give the Hawks some life. Hossa would open the scoring just past the midway part of the period, only to see Daniel Sedin answer right back. Then the Blackhawks woke up in the final 5 minutes of the game with goals by Saad and Hossa to tie the game at four. From there we would head to overtime.

    The overtime frame didn't last long as Henrik (in a vomit inducing Pat Foley voice) "where's Daniel? where's Daniel?" would eventually find Daniel, for the sake of humanity, and the Sedin would bury the chance to give the Canucks a 5-4 overtime win over the Blackhawks.

    The Good
    - Well, I don't want to give the Hawks much credit, so I'm lumping Hossa and Kane into the same sentence. Hossa had two goals, while Kane had a goal and two assists. We'll also give an honorable mention to Saad, who had one goal and one assist.

    - The other good is Corey Crawford who kept the Hawks in the game despite being down 3-1 at one point. Crawford's play is the only reason the Hawks ended up getting non deserving point tonight.

    - The Hawks did manage to go 2 for 4 on the power play. Jump for joy.

    The Bad
    - Adequate Rundblad is no longer looking so adequate as of late. His ill advised turnover wound up in the back of the Hawks net. At least the trade deadline is coming up and the Hawks will be able to address the need of two defensemen and a center, oh wait. No cap space. Sorry to get your hopes up.

    The Ugly
    - The turnovers, and all around sloppy play by the Blackhawks for 50 minutes tonight was nauseating. Completely inexcusable in my opinion.

    - Speaking of nauseating, next time ANY Blackhawk has an open shot, SHOOT THE DAMN PUCK on net instead of making the too cute, extra pass.

    - Kris Versteeg had a return to the lineup that last year's Kris Versteeg would love. Versteeg managed to be a -3 on the night, and of course showcase his awesome stickhandling into a turnover.

    - With the news that Joakim Nordstrom had been sent down earlier in the day, we knew it was coming, but still managed to act surprised. Quenneville made Teuvo a healthy scratch in favor of inserting Gorilla Salad into the lineup. Salad managed 5:43 TOI tonight. Seriously, what the fuck Q? This is exactly what I was saying when NO ONE wanted to listen to me on why Teuvo shouldn't have been brought up in the first place. How is sitting in the press box going to A. build his confidence, and B. get him accustomed to the NHL? Sending him back to Rockford isn't a knock on his game, because I thought he was alright for the most part, but its all about seasoning and ice time. Both of which he doesn't get while sitting in the press box in Chicago.


    Puckin Hostile Shoutcast Episode 21

    In this Stan “Stosh” Mikita, Red Bull fueled 21st Episode of the Shoutcast, Pat takes out his teeth to pay homage to noted slobbering animal Ryan Reaves, Gatekeeper and Pat have yet another Blackhawks controversy to “discuss”, the Blackhawks are shutout in back to back games for the first time in 8 years, Gate is headed back to sunny Florida, the crew pays some respect to NHL officials, send out well wishes to the family of Stosh Mikita and much, much more.

    For all your custom jersey needs visit Black and Tan Sports at:

    Check out Mike Figueroa at:
    Portions of his profits go to the Ronald McDonald House Chicago.

    You can find the episode on iTunes by following this link: iTunes

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    Monday, February 9, 2015

    Coyotes at Blackhawks
    3-2 Shootout Loss Recap

    Once Upon A Review

    by Patrick Stankus

    On Monday night the Blackhawks returned home to the UC to face the soon to be relocated Coyotes in the first game of an eight game home stand. With the Blackhawks being on a back to back, it was Antti Raanta between the pipes instead of Corey Crawford. Without anymore story lines, lets get to the recap.

    The first period was BORING. Like snoozefest boring. See soccer fans, even I can admit when my sport is boring. Aside from a couple of chances by the Blackhawks, there wasn't much to see.

    The pace picked up a little bit in the second period. A balls out effort by Brandon Saad, led to a loose puck finding the stick of Jonathan Toews, who centered it to Hossa and he did the rest to give the Hawks a 1-0 lead. The lead didn't last long. After a selfish unsportsmanlike conduct penalty by Patrick Kane, Shane Doan cashed in on a redirect to tie the game at one.

    The Coyotes managed to take the lead courtesy of soon to be former Coyote, Antoine Vermette to put Arizona up 2-1. However, Mr. Bobblehead Marian Hossa would answer back with his second of the night, and tie the game at two. That's where the scoring would end as the game headed to overtime.

    Oh overtime, what an overtime it was. Andrew Shaw tried to hand the game to the Coyotes on a BRUTAL turnover in his own zone, but luckily for Shaw the puck was on defenseman Keith Yandle's stick and he couldn't beat Raanta on a breakaway. From there things got crazy. As the OT frame wound down, Shaw took a shot the hit Mike Smith high, and bounced towards the net. At first glance it looked like the puck had crossed the line, but referee TJ Luxmore emphatically signaled no goal and play continued. Seconds later, Saad rang on off the crossbar, and thus the overtime ended with no scoring. The war room in Toronto phoned down, and the Shaw play went to video review. Upon review the call on the ice stood, as there was NO CONCLUSIVE evidence the entire puck crossed the line. It was the right call on the ice, kudos to TJ Luxmore for getting it right, and for Toronto to verifying the call. So then it was onto the shootout.

    Lucas Lessio and Vermette converted for the Coyotes, while only Patrick Kane could score for the Blackhawks. As a result, the Blackhawks fell to the Coyotes 3-2 in the shootout. Next up for the Blackhawks is a visit from the once rival Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday night.

    The Great
    - I said it on twitter, and I'll say it again. We shit on officials all the time, but tonight they deserve a lot of credit for getting the call correct. Everyone's argument for more replay is so "they get the call correct." Well tonight, they got the call correct the first time and the second time. So stop complaining because you didn't get to hear the call you wanted to hear. From our original angle, it looked like the puck crossed the line, but when you look at it, the puck was on a 45 degree angle in the air. Of course from our vantage point its going to look like the puck was completely across the line.

    The Good
    - Sticking with the Shaw play, credit to Mike Smith for even making it across the net to stop that puck.
    - Marian Hossa was a beast tonight as was Toews, plain and simple.
    - The hustle, and effort by Brandon Saad on Hossa's first goal was ridiculously awesome. I'll take that kind of effort any day.
    - Antti Raanta was good enough for the Blackhawks to win tonight, stopping 27 of 29 shots.

    The Bad
    - Back to back 2nd period penalties by Patrick Kane and Johnny Oduya. Kane managed to get 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct. Very uncharacteristic of Kane. Next time just shut your mouth and keep playing. Serves him right that the Coyotes scored on that power play.

    The Ugly
    - Speaking of power plays. The Blackhawks power play was 0 for 4 and absolutely horrendous. Particularly on entries. But this is nothing new to us.
    - Shaw's turnover in overtime was enough to make my eyes bleed. Its getting to the point where I won't mind seeing Shaw shipped out of town. Stop overvaluing him because of one picture two years ago.


    Sunday, February 8, 2015

    Blackhawks at St. Louis
    4-2 Win Recap

    "True American Hate"

    by Gatekeeper

    The Blackhawks wrapped up the tail end of their notoriously bumpy late season ice show trip in, of all places, St. Louis on a Sunday morning. The Blues were coming off an embarrassing 7-1 loss in Lumbus Friday night, while the Blackhawks had finally gotten the Winnipeg monkey off their back with a pretty tight 2-1 overtime win. Nothing brings out the worst in these two teams quite like facing each other.

    The Blackhawks started off quite slow in the first period, but an early goal, and followup powerplay were able to get them back in the groove. The Blues actually out shot the Hawks 12-9, for the period, but the only goal was by the Blackhawks 4th line.

    The second period follow suit to the first. The Blackhawks gave up the lead, took it back and then quickly surrendered it back to the Blues. The Hawks were out shot again 12-7, so the Blackhawks were lucky to come out even. The game could have easily been down going into the third, on the road.

    In the third period, the Blackhawks locked the defense down and out shot the Blues 12-3 as well as out scoring the Blues 2-0. This was a nice statement win for a team that always has it's doubters, no matter how much they just keep winning.

    The Good
    • Not even five minutes into the game, after Gorilla Salad played a few terrible shifts, he pushed the puck up to Kruger in the Hawks zone. Kruger led the rush in on a 2-on-1 and snapped a puck past Elliott for an early Blackhawks lead.
    • Bryan Bickell Picked up a fat Brian Elliott rebound and did the one thing he is really good at. He snapped a wrist shot past Elliott for a short Blackhawks lead.
    • Just over halfway though the third period a Blackhawks powerplay, drawn by Brad Richards, turned into a Saad to Marian Hossa one timer for a Blackhawks 3-2 lead. Huge big game play by huge big game player. Hossa later added an empty netter to ice the game.
    • Crawford was, once again, solid in net, saving 25 of 27 and keeping the game from getting out of control.
    • The Hawks were pretty dominant at the dots again, winning 57%. Kruger and Shaw were pretty bad, but the rest of the team was above 60%
    The Bad
    • Doc called Stastny "Olympian Paul Stastny", which had about as much juice as "Hockey Star Mike Fisher".
    • David Rundblad only saw 9:20 and three total third period shifts. I think this experiment is going to end soon. If they are going to ride Rozsival right into the grave, and play the #6 d-man only 9 minutes, the playoffs will sure be fun. Duncan Keith will spontaneously combust when he hits the 35 minute mark.
    • After some bad turnovers, Teuvo had his ice time shaved down a little more. He's destined for Rockford when Versteeg comes back this week. He didn't play badly, but the turnovers really stuck out like a sore thumb.

    The Ugly
    • The big stupid sasquatch, Ryan Reaves, took one of the dumbest penalties ever and, as a result, ended up getting a few teeth kicked out by Teuvo Teravainen's skate. Good for him. Slobbering fucking moron. He should be drinking his meals through a straw anyway.
    • Just a few minutes into the second period, the Blues tied the game with two familiar faces out on the Blackhawks back end. Oduya and Rozsival. Oduya made the decision to pinch and none of the forwards rotated back, leaving Rozsival and his concrete boots, to try and catch Tarasenko. That wasn't going to happen, and Tarasenko buried the chance.
    • A minutes and a half after the Bickell goal, the Blues tied the game once again, late in the second period. Backes set Oshie up for a nice one timer, in the middle of four Hawks defenders, that Crawford saved. Oshie was then pushed (or slid into) Crawford, and the rebound squirted out to the other side right to Backes. Crawford got a piece of the shot, but it snuck past the post and Crawford's blocker.
    • Steve the Pirate and Gorilla Salad tried to throw down after a rough hit on Marcus Kruger, but it was stopped before it could even begin. Such a joke.
    The Lineblender



    Friday, February 6, 2015

    Blackhawks at Jets
    2-1 OT Win Recap

    Battle Of Struggles

    by Patrick Stankus

    On Friday night the Blackhawks continued their Ice Show trip in the frozen tundra that is Winnipeg. It featured a battle between two teams that have been struggling of late, both on and off the ice (at least in the Jets case.) We'll save the Evander Kane talk for the next shoutcast, but can someone please tell me why Blackhawks fans care so much about how Winnipeg disciplines their players? Ok, enough, onto the game.

    While I always look forward to games in Winnipeg, I was especially looking forward to this one, as it marked the return of Gorilla Salad to the lineup. As expected, Salad was challenged to a fight early on by Chris Thorburn. I have to credit Salad, he didn't back down like a coward (cough, cough, Matt Cooke) and fought Thorburn as a sort of retribution for his dirty cross check to Mathieu Perreault the last time these two teams faced off. As for the scoreboard, oh boy, not much there. Winnipeg managed to open the scoring after a turnover by Rundblad led to a loose puck bouncing off an official and Mark Scheifele giving the Jets a 1-0 lead after one.

    The second period wasn't much more entertaining. Patrick Kane was able to solve former INXS singer Michael Hutchinson, or in this case former AHL St. John's IceCaps goalie Michael Hutchinson, on a sweet backhand to tie the game at one. That early tally by Kane would be the only one of the period, but Corey Crawford did make a huge save on a HUGE human named Dustin Byfuglien to keep the game tied.

    As for the third period, you'll have to forgive, it was absolutely boring. Combine that with a lack of sleep and Steve Konroyd's voice, and I have found a cure for my insomnia. Hell yeah. Oh, as for the game, it ended up going to overtime tied at one.

    The overtime frame featured a few chances for the Jets, all of which failed to end the game. Finally Patrick Kane found the puck, and Brandon Saad cleaned it up for Kane, which gave the Blackhawks a 2-1 win over the Jets. So now as we all pat each other on the back because all is right with Blackhawks since they beat a fellow struggling team, just keep in mind St. Louis was embarrassed tonight in Columbus, so enjoy this win while you can. Side note, because the Blackhawks won, this cost me another 12 pack of beer. Its pretty clear I need to stop betting with the Capitals fan at work.

    The Good
    - The win marked the 300th win as coach of the Blackhawks for Joel Quenneville. I think Savard would have accomplished this feat too. That zing was courtesy of Nick Leddy for giving him the hometown healthy scratch last year. How's it feel have someone shit on your parade?
    - Pop the champagne, the Blackhawks beat Michael Hutchinson
    - Patrick Kane was fantastic tonight. Again, sometimes you need your star players to step up, and Kane is showing some leadership qualities here.
    - Michal Rozsival had an assist. I shit you not. I know, I'm stunned too. It doesn't change my opinion of him, but I thought it would be good to give him a night off of the being in the The Bad or Ugly category.
    - Corey Crawford made some big saves to keep the game in reach for the Hawks, and finished with 20 saves on 21 shots.

    The Bad
    - For awhile it was looking like the Toyota Jan commercials were going to be more entertaining than this game. Yes folks it was that boring.
    - It'd be nice if the Blackhawks could avoid some hits from time to time. The Jets out hit the Hawks 41-16. Mark my words, these hits are going to add up come playoff time.

    The Ugly
    - Thanks to Mr. "I'm the greatest coach ever" and his fancy coaching decisions, Adequate Rundblad played a whopping 3:50 tonight. That's a fucking joke. Yes, Rundblad had a turnover, a turnover caused by a hit. It wasn't a bad blind pass like Kris Versteeg is famous for. So if someone can explain to me how rolling with 5 defensemen, 3 of which are NHL caliber defensemen, is what's best for a struggling team, then I'm all ears. Don't give me the "they still won the game shit" because that is all bullshit in the end. You damn well know what I'm talking about.
    - As in the case of Gatekeeper's recap of the Sharks game, this recap has gone on way too long. See you after the St. Louis game on Sunday morning. Sounds like that one will be fun.


    Tuesday, February 3, 2015

    Blackhawks at Minnesota
    3-0 Shutout Loss Recap

    "Grand Failure Anthem"

    by Gatekeeper

    The Blackhawks finally made it back to the wintery midwest, after a sunny west coast trip ending in Vegas, and that Vegas visit showed in their performance, especially in the second period. The Blackhawks were not only coming off a, most likely, drunken Vegas visit but a mediocre west coast swing. The Blackhawks were able to hold off the Ducks, but they dropped games to the Kings and Sharks. This one SHOULD have been a slam dunk, but the Minnesota Wild had other plans.

    As I just mentioned, the Blackhawks laid an enormous egg in the first ten minutes of the first period. They gave up two goals, and looked generally hungover. It's a miracle that the Blackhawks weren't out shot worse than they actually were, at 11-9 clip. Putting yourself in a 0-2 hole, on the road, isn't a smart idea, no matter WHO you are playing.

    The second period was even worse than the first for the Blackhawks. The came out and gave up a Wild franchise record 24 shots, all while throwing only 5 shots at the Wild. The Hawks were really lucky that they didn't give up 2 or 3 goals, in the middle 20, but they were only down 3-0.

    There wasn't much the Blackhawks could do in the third the way they were so severely out played in the first two periods. They were in too deep of a hole, and they just has no motivation or jump in their game. There are games when the losing team has a chance to come back and then there are games like this.

    The Good
    • David Rundblad. Funny how a player can develop when you give him some actual real NHL opportunities, not just 3rd pair mop up bullshit work. Maybe Quenneville should write this down in his crusty old angry coach handbook because he is going to need more players like this in about 6 months.
    • Normally, giving up three goals isn't something good, but Crawford kept the game from turning into a 6-0 game. By all means, let's all keep blaming him for their, now, 6 goalless periods.
    The Bad
    • Roughly seven minutes into the game, the Wild took a 1-0 lead. Crawford made the first few saves, but the defense couldn't clear the rebounds. Mikko Koivu was able to locate the loose puck in the slot and shovel it past Crawford for a 1-0 Wild lead.
    • Not even two and a half minutes after the Koivu goal, Marco Scandella found Jason Zucker sneaking in behind Duncan Keith, and sprung him in on a breakaway. Zucker made a nice move and beat Crawford for a 2-0 Wild lead, just 10 minutes into this game. The funny part was the broadcast team, blaming Ben Smith for not dumping the puck in deep enough, and completely absolving Keith. Wake the fuck up, Jammer.
    • Someone want to tell me where the hell Brad Richards has disappeared to?
    • The Hawks were schooled at the dots, once again, 45% to 55%. Sharp and Shaw were a combined 3 for 14.

    The Ugly
    • The Blackhawks were shutout for the first time in back to back games since 2006.
    • With about five minutes remaining in the second period, after blowing a powerplay and nearly giving up two shorthanded goals, the Blackhawks defense finally broke....again. Quenneville put Oduya and Rozsival out to finish the powerplay and it turned into a 5-alarm barn fire, in about 15 seconds. Rozsival turned the puck over at the Wild blue line and the play ended with Mikael Granlund driving a heavy one timer past Crawford. We can't break this play down without mentioning Rozsival handing the puck over to Zach Parise on the half boards, uncontested.
    • The Blackhawks got a late second period powerplay and it lasted about twenty seconds before Andrew Shaw took a completely idiotic penalty for interference. By all means keep putting him out there in crucial powerplay situations though. Brainless Twit.
    • The Blackhawks giving up a WILD FRANCHISE RECORD 24 shots in the second period. The final count was 43-24.
    The Lineblender



    Down On The Farm Report
    IceHogs at Wolves

    by Patrick Stankus

    Over the weekend I had the joy of taking in the Rockford IceHogs/Chicago Wolves game at the Allstate Arena. It had been a few years since I had been to a Wolves game, and forgot what the experience was like. I was quickly reminded of why I stopped going to Wolves games, when I decided to grow up. I knew it was going to be a rough night when during player intros, I'm assuming what was a diehard Wolves fan (who knew those existed) decided it would be cool to boo me for wearing a Rockford hat. I expected this kind of treatment when I went to Detroit for Game 6 a couple years ago, but I didn't think that this kind of diehard Wolves fans who take their minor league hockey seriously. I mean who doesn't want to look like the biggest bad ass in front of a bunch of boy scouts? Seriously dude, tone down your fanhood. This guy ranked right up their with the tools wearing  an Adam Burish jersey, a St. Louis Blues jersey, and my favorite, a personalized Chicago Wolves jersey.

    Following that encounter it was time for the game to get underway, and I was stoked that Lemont native Scott Darling was in net for the IceHogs. I mean its not everyday you see a local hero like that. It still doesn't make up for that selfish Corey Crawford deciding to return for that Columbus game, thus relegating Darling back to Rock Vegas. Talk about deflating. I won't lie, that kind of ruined my Columbus trip. Anyway, back to Saturday's game. So I finally get to see Darling play in person, thinking I'm going to see a glimmer of what I saw in his brief time with the Hawks. Darling was hardly impressive. He allowed not one, but two, weak, unscreened 25  to 35 foot wristers to Magnus Paajarvi. Remember him folks? He was apart of that "H.O.P.E." they once had in Edmonton, (Hall, Omark, Paajarvi, and Eberle.) My how the once mighty have fallen. To make matters worse, Paajarvi's first goal was assisted by 2010 Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champion hero Adam Burish. Barf.

    Darling's night in net, pretty much summed up the rest of the IceHogs for the night. Simply put, they were awful. Aside from watching the Manshitter pummel Jani Hakanpaa, there wasn't much to see from the Rock Vegas side. Drew LeBlanc managed to score the lone goal for the Hogs on the night, but the bigger shock is how the hell he and Matt Carey managed to play games for the Blackhawks over the past two years. They are nothing special, and are career AHLers with perhaps a call up or two in their hockey careers. Three others I was looking forward to watching were, Mark McNeill, Klas Dahlbeck, and Ryan Hartman. Now, it is only one game, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but none of them stood out. Frankly it was just one of those infamous shit the bed performances by the entire team. So, I'll give those three incomplete grades, until I make a trip out to Rock Vegas later this year.

    The entertainment of the night belonged to other tough guy Cody Bass. Bass dropped the gloves, but before he could throw a punch, he managed to slip on a banana peel and fall on his ass. Unfortunately for him, the linesmen didn't step in, and Bass had to endure a mouthful of fists from Cody Beach, yes Kyle Beach's younger brother. Bass did manage to make it a respectable fight, but in the end, Beach got the win.

    Sadly, other 2010 Blackhawks, Brent Sopel and Colin Fraser did not play for the Wolves, but I did get to see the now mullet sporting Ben Eager. Fire up the Huey Lewis because I feel like I went back in time.

    Well, it was only one game, but I was lucky enough to see the IceHogs at their worst. Hopefully next time I pay a visit to Rock Vegas, I'll have a more positive recap of the IceHogs.

    All wasn't lost though, at least I didn't have to endure that God awful 4 minutes of 4 on 4, then 3 on 3 overtime. My luck, the game wouldn't have ended there and I would have had to sit through the glorified skills competition known as the shootout.

    Sunday, February 1, 2015

    Blackhawks at San Jose
    2-0 Shutout Loss Recap

    "2 Minutes to Midnight"

    by Gatekeeper

    Not only were the Blackhawks back from their All Star break, but I was back from extended business travel in sunny F-L-A, as Morris "Mo" Wanchuk would say. After a big win in Anaheim the night before, the Blackhawks had to try and keep momentum on this Disney Ice trip.

    The Blackhawks got caught up in some knuckle dragging shenanigans late in the first but, luckily, the final horn put it to an end. Even though the Blackhawks were down 1-0, they out shot the Sharks 8-7.

    The second period, short of a couple of shots, was boring as all hell. This makes it even harder to stay up for, when Pat and Steve's monotone voices have zero emotion. The Blackhawks actually out shot the Sharks 15-9 for the period, but not many were that memorable.

    The third period was again, more of the same. No goals by the Blackhawks on 7 shots, and the Sharks had an empty netter to "Finnish" the Hawks off.

    The Good
    • Credit where its due. Antti Niemi, with a 31 save shutout, is noteworthy.
    The Bad
    • This Rozsival and Oduya pairing has to end. They are the two worst Blackhawks defenders at this point.
    • Teuvo Teravainen played only 6:54 in eight shifts, and I can't remember seeing him on the ice once. If this is the bullshit that he's going to be fed, then send him back to Rockford, for fuck's sakes.
    • Speaking of not showing up, the adequate Rundblad was invisible too.
    • The Hawks were schooled a the dots too, winning only 42%, with Shaw winning only 2 of 8.

    The Ugly
    • John Scott, who was actually in the lineup. Big stupid animal. Late in the third period, Bryan Bickell laid a big hit on Scott Hannan, and look who stumbles onto the ice for the next shift, The Big Slow.
    • The Sharks opened the scoring about 5 minutes into the game. Melker Karlsson got the goal, but it was a flurry in the crease after Raanta lost his net, that led to Duncan Keith actually putting it into his own net.
    • These 9:30 starts are simply fucking brutal. No reason a west coast game should be starting that late. Eat an enormous bag of dicks, San Jose.
    • Blackhawks with no goals on 31 shots.
    • El Capitan was robbed of a fifth solid shorthanded stop with about 5 minutes remaining in the second period. Niemi stopped a breakaway, and then four follow up rebounds, until the ref lost site and blew the play dead. Bad whistle. Quenneville says it all with 2 words:
    • I've already spent more time on this recap than it is worth, especially for a game ending after midnight.
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