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Friday, June 27, 2014

Puckin Hostile
2014 Blackhawks Entry Draft Ticker

Here is your running ticker of Blackhawks picks and transactions. I will provide a more comprehensive recap after the festivities wrap up.


  • Blackhawks acquired picks #20 (1st round) and #179 (6th round) from San Jose Sharks for #27 (1st Round) and #62 (3rd round)
  • #Blackhawks acquired pick #83 in exchange for Brandon Bollig.

  • Blackhawks Draft Picks

  • (1)20th - Acquired from San Jose - Nick Schmaltz - Center - Green Bay (USHL)

    (1)27th - Traded to San Jose

    (3)62nd (from FLA) - Traded to San Jose

  • (3)83rd - Acquired from Calgary - Matheson Iacopelli - Right Wing - USHL (Muskegon)

  • (3)88th - Beau Starrett - Left Wing - USPHL (South Shore)

  • (4)98th - (from TOR) - Frederik Olofsson - Left Wing - Chicago Steel (USHL)

  • (5)141 - (from SJS) - Luc Snuggerud - Defense - Omaha (USHL).

  • (5)148th - Andreas Soderberg - Defense - Skelleftea Jr (Sweden)

  • (6)178th - Dylan Sikura - Center - Aurora (OJHL)

  • (6)179th - Acquired from San Jose - Ivan Nalimov - Goalie - SKA St. Petersburg (Russia Jr.)

  • (7)208th - Jack Ramsey - Center/Right Wing - Penticton (BCHL)

  • Twitter Accounts

  • Nick Scmaltz - https://twitter.com/thisisnick_09
  • Matheson Iacopelli - https://twitter.com/M_Iacocelly
  • Beau Starrett - https://twitter.com/Beau_Dangles
  • Frederik Olofsson - https://twitter.com/FreddyOlofsson
  • Luc Snuggerud - https://twitter.com/LucSnuggerud
  • Dylan Sikura - https://twitter.com/Dsikky11
  • Ivan Nalimov - https://twitter.com/NalimovIvan34
  • Jack Ramsey - https://twitter.com/Ramsey_16
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    Thursday, June 26, 2014

    News And Views Leading Up To The 2014 NHL Draft

    Welcome to the time in the NHL calendar year where fans and media alike lose their fucking minds. The summer transaction period and draft only pale slightly in comparison to the trade deadline and even that might be questionable. It has become a "trade everyone / sign everyone" war cry from fans, and everyone is an expert. The entertaining part is watching fans completely ignore things like the salary cap, which is what brings us to this glorious day. There are two main subjects at hand, other than the obvious Draft tomorrow night in Philadelphia. The first development was that Patrick Sharp was reported to be on the trading block, and then was reportedly promised the opposite, according to his agent (who is employed by said player). The second development is the extensions of Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane. Both of which will determine the face of the franchise for the foreseeable future. Let me touch on both of these, if I may. If not, tough, because "This is my house, Eddie!"

    Patrick Sharp. The most handsome athlete in Chicago. Sharp is coming off a career year; one where he completely disappeared off the face of the earth for the final 2 months. He is also quickly wheeling his chair towards 35, and has 3 years remaining on a deal that tows a $5.9 million cap hit which also has a modified no trade clause. Details on the rink aside, there have been several whispers that Sharp is having some personal issues, possibly domestic, and it was also floated that Sharp had physical confrontation with an other Hawks player that may or may not be mentioned in this piece. These off ice issues would certainly explain why sharp was invisible for this year's playoffs. I cannot even begin to knock a player that has personal drama tumbling around in his head. All this coupled with the rumors that he has used his handsomeness to gain the company of some willing young hussies, not named Mrs. Sharp, could be a very good reason to dangle the dangler. At almost 33, he will not be able to keep up this production, and based on his accomplishments in the last 14 months, he has value. The problem here is that Sharp would probably not be a desirable return for a player like Kesler. Ottawa may be willing to bring a veteran winner, so that is a possibility. The moral of the story is that if the Blackhawks CAN get something worthy for him, they need to. It's part of the business of the game and he is not going to be any more ripe for the picking.

    The second development is that, as of July first, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are in the final year of their deals. The Blackhawks do not want either player starting the season without an extension in place. Reports today said that their agent Pat Brisson has requested $12 million a year per player. REQUESTED. If I had to guess, and I will, we might expect a $9.5 Million to $10.5 million hit for these two players. $12 million per year is just too much at this point, if they want to Blackhawks to stay competitive. $24 million in cap hits for two players would be 1/3rd of the entire Blackhawks payroll, but then again this was reportedly only a request. These deals WILL happen so there is no need to worry. The golden geese are not flying away under Stan Bowman and John McDonough's watch, if they want to be employed much longer.

    Wednesday, June 18, 2014

    Puckin Hostile Shoutcast Episode 5

    Gatekeeper and Patrick Stankus from Puckrant.com discuss the Stanley Cup Champ LA Kings, as well as the possible off season Blackhawks moves, Pat Foley, and much much more.

    For all your custom jersey needs visit Black and Tan Sports at:

    You can find the episode on iTunes by following this link: iTunes

    Puckin Hostile Shoutcast - Episode 5 MP3 Download

    You can listen below on the Talkshoe player:

    Monday, June 16, 2014

    Four Years of Puckin Hostile

    Today marks the four year anniversary of this crazy little place that I like to call home. I would just love to take a moment and thank everyone for reading my pieces, listening to the Shoutcast, and jumping in to correspond through Facebook and Twitter. I certainly never thought I would have over 800 Facebook followers and nearly 2000 followers on the Twatters. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

    I would like to send some shout outs to The Committed Indian, HockeeNight, Chris Block at the Third Man In/Puck Chatter Radio, Cheer The Anthem, Blackhawk Up, my Shoutcast partner Patrick Stankus, and my buddy Jon from Black & Tan Sports.


    Friday, June 13, 2014

    The Blackhawks Elusive Dodo Bird

    Since what seems like the beginning of time, the Blackhawks have had a hole. An enormous glaring hole right in the middle of their otherwise deep core. It's been contemplated and savagely beaten to death like an old tired nag. This, of course, would be the ever changing and revolving door of second line center. This is a drum that will never stop being beaten, until there is a solution. Even then, there will be the critics. I figured that this would be a great time to lay out some choices that Stan Bowman has for this conundrum.

    The first choices will obviously be from within in the organization, and I will go on record stating that this is the most likely scenario. Bowman does not like to make big moves unless he has thoroughly exhausted all other options, hence the existence of Michal Handzus.

    Organization Solutions

    Andrew Shaw - 22 Yrs - $2 Million
    Shaw is the odd on favorite to end up playing the second line pivot. He had success there previously, and is probably going to be the new Quenneville security blanket, granted the Blackhawks don't do something stupid like re-sign the boat anchor otherwise known as the corpse of Michal Handzus. I cannot discourage this, but Shaw has not been consistent. He is best suited for a third line role. For now, his versatility is huge, and very useful.

    Teuvo Tervainen - 19 yrs - $895,000
    Yes, I threw the savior into the mix. He is young and very talented, but throwing him into the grind of regular NHL action just isn't the answer yet. The Hawks really need a bridge for a year until Teuvo is ready. If this were a team that was struggling to compete, I would be all for throwing him into the mix, but the Blackhawks aren't. He would be shuffled in and out/up and down the lineup. I have no doubt that he will be a good player, but in '16-'17. If he lights the world on fire in Rockford, then bring him in, but there is another player that led the league in scoring while playing in Rockford; Brandon Pirri. We all know how that story ends.

    Phillip Danault - 21 Yrs - $863,000
    Progressing well in Rockford but he will be centering Shaw in another year or two, on the third line, unless Kruger moves up.

    Mark McNeill - 21 Yrs - $863,000
    Probably slated to play wing and still another year away. Good size, but he will be a bottom 6 player for a few years. Not the solution.

    Matt Carey - 22 Yrs - $925,000
    I threw him in but he isn't, nor will he ever be, the solution. Depth guy in Rockford, but hey, at least he is not Drew Leblanc.

    Outside Solutions (Realistic or Not)

    These choice will require unloading some salary and/or some creative accounting. Again, I do not expect to see any of these moves, but I have been wrong before.

    Mike Richards - 29 yrs - $5.750 Million
    There is speculation that Richards will be bought out this summer, and the Blackhawks could get him on the cheap since the Kings will be paying him $5.750 million a year until my 6 year old is practically in High School. Change of scenery and a bit of a discount could be a solid signing for both sides. Richards could get another shot at a cup and the Blackhawks could have an admirable fill in, until Teravainen is ready. Not the worst idea. Others disagree, but this would be one of my primary targets outside the organization.

    Mikhail Grabovski - 30 yrs - $3 Million
    I like this guy a lot and was hoping Bowman would have taken a run at him last summer. Very skilled player and can be help on the powerplay. He could keep up with both Kane and Saad, or whoever ends up on the other size. The Blackhawks would still have to clear up salary, but someone like Leddy or Oduya would be enough. This would be also be one of my primary targets outside the organization.

    Ryan Kesler - 29 yrs - $5 Million
    Money is right, age is right, good chemistry with Kane. This thought begs to ask, though, just who do the Blackhawks have to give up, and will Vancouver even entertain trading him to a team that will face them so often? The Blackhawks would have to clear up a minimum of $3 million for this one. Just cannot see this one playing out.

    Jason Spezza - 30 yrs - $7 Million
    Would have to be a trade with some money heading back to Ottawa. The Blackhawks will only have, at best, $3 million to play with. This means they would have to shed a minimum of $5 million or the Sens would have to retain some of his salary. $7 million is just far too much for a bridge player.

    Brad Richards - 34 yrs - $6.666 Million
    A center named Richards being bought out, where have we heard this before? Similar for Mike, there is heavy speculation that he will be cut loose. The problem here is that he has almost turned into a younger Handzus. He is slow and has been fairly infective. Doesn't fir the Blackhawks style and might just be done. Thirty four is not young.

    Joe Thornton - 34 yrs - $6.75 Million
    See Spezza. Thornton is already 34 and makes almost $7 million a year. The Blackhawks would have to unload someone like Sharp or two defensemen. Sure would be nice to have that $2.2 they are spending on Rozsival and that $1.25 million they gave Bollig back, wouldn't it? Would be nice because he is a "pass first" kind of guy that could feed Kane some really nice opportunities. Doug Wilson is not trading Jumbo Joe to the Blackhawks.

    Derek Roy - 31 yrs - $4 Million
    Not even a real possibility but he'll be a free agent. Not sure he could keep up with any team's top 6 anymore. BUT, we're talking about a team that iced Michal Handzus there for the better part of a season and a half, so is Roy really any worse?

    Paul Stastny - 28 yrs - $6.6 Million
    About to get a huge pay day somewhere not called Chicago, thanks to his line mates in Colorado. It helps to have two young world class players on your flanks, doesn't it, Pauly Walnuts? If he doesn't re-sign in Denver, some team will be dying to trade his ass in about a year and a half.

    Monday, June 2, 2014

    Puckin Hostile Shoutcast Episode 4

    Gatekeeper and Patrick Stankus from Puckrant.com recap games 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 with the LA Kings, as well as the end of the Blackhawks season. Also covered are the New York Rangers winning the Eastern Conference.

    For all your custom jersey needs visit Black and Tan Sports at:

    You can find the episode on iTunes by following this link: iTunes

    Puckin Hostile Shoutcast - Episode 4 MP3 Download

    You can listen below on the Talkshoe player:

    Another Season Wraps Up
    Locker Clean Out Day

    This is the time of year when one reflects back on what just happened. The Blackhawks started this wild ride 8 months ago, and so did all of us. Blood, sweat and tears along the way lead us to what happened last night. The Hawks were eliminated from the playoffs in game 7 of the Western Conference Final by the Los Angeles Kings. It is more of a curse than a blessing, but those of us that provide Blackhawks content can finally relax for a few weeks. That said I’d like to wrap up this season with a “Thank You” post. So here goes:

    The Committed Indian – If it weren’t for this ghastly group of goons, I wouldn’t be doing this blog. Period. As with all of the people I follow closely, I don’t always agree with everything, nor should I, but I respect their opinions and thank them for opening my eyes to new perspectives regularly.

    Jeff Marek and Greg Wyshynski – These guys are the primary inspiration for the Shoutcast, and I listen to them religiously.

    Hockee Night – Same as the Committed Indian, this merry band of misfits provide entertainment to a level that keeps me constantly shooting higher every day. Along with Marek and Wyshynski, these guys inspired me to start my own podcast. As John Bush from Anthrax said, “Always room for one more.”

    The Third Man InChris Block is a WEALTH of Blackhawks knowledge and I respect his opinion greatly. He dishes it out raw as and pretty much uncensored, which is a lot like how I approach my site.

    Patrick Stankus – Pat has become my sidekick on the Shoutcast, and it’s been a pleasure rambling with him for a few hours every couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to all that will come in the future with this project.

    The remaining Blackhawks Blog-o-Sphere – All the guys and gals that make up this group I like to call myself a part of. The Cheer the Anthem guys, Blackhawks Up, as wells as Greg and the crew at 2nd City Hockey are all people that work hard to make this fan base the best.

    The Blackhawks beat writers are an entertaining and fun group, and trust me, we could be stuck with some clowns (:cough: Jesse Rogers:cough:).

    And finally I have to thank my family and friends for putting up with, and supporting this infatuation/obsession of mine.

    Playoffs: Blackhawks vs Kings
    Season Ending Round 3 Game 7 OT Loss

    "Die with Your Boots On"

    The Blackhawks were back at home, Sunday night, for game 7 of the Western Conference Final. This it exactly the position that they wanted to be in, if they had to go to a game 7. Could they keep Mr Game Seven, Justin Williams, from winning yet another one?

    In the first period, the Blackhawks jumped out to a 2-0 lead, but the Kings came back and tied the game. Just seconds after the Kings tied the game, the Blackhawks took the lead back, and took that lead into the second period. The Kings tied the game in the second period, but the Blackhawks took the lead back once again. This lead to a one goal lead in the third period, which the Blackhawks couldn't keep. Based on the entire series, if I told you this game would end in overtime, no one would argue. That's exactly what we got. Unfortunately for the Blackhawks, the Kings won on a fluky goal. Great, Great season by the Blackhawks.

    I didn't say this last night on the twitters but congrats to the Kings and their fans. The Kings are a great team, and there is nothing that tells me that they don't deserve to be where they are. I don't have to like the outcome, but I thoroughly respect it.

    The Good

    • The Blackhawks took a 1-0 lead with about 5 minutes gone in the first period. The line of Kane, Shaw, and Saad once again dominated the Kings in their own zone. All 3 Hawks forwards were caught below the goal line but kept possession of the puck. Kane ended up wit the puck to Quick's right, and needled a pass to Saad, who was right on the left goal line. Saad one timed the puck past Quick, who had zero chance. I say it a lot, but a clutch play by red hot players.
    • The Hawks took a 2-0 lead off a fortunate bounce as Kane led the rush on the Powerplay. Kane broke the blue line and dumped the puck to Seabrook. Seabrook then tried to throw the puck back to Kane, but it went off Willie Mitchell and to Jon Toews, who was minding his own business in front of a gaping net.
    • Just 12 seconds after the Kings tied the game, Jonathan Quick let up a terrible softy. Muzzin turned the puck over in the neutral zone and the Hawks transitioned. Kruger grabbed the puck out of the air, threw it down and chipped it up to Sharp. Sharp just skated up the half boards and casually threw a puck at the net that bounced and went over Quick's right leg. While the bounce did affect the play, all he had to do was butterfly slide over to get his body in front like an infielder. Instead he "half-assed" it and it went in the net. The announcers fell all over themselves making excuses, though.
    • Late in the second period the Blackhawks took the lead back, on their powerless play. Jake Muzzin knocked the stick out of Quick's hand, and Quick was never able to get it back. The puck worked out to Sharp, who unleashed a rocket that went off Muzzin and over Quick's shoulder.
    • Once again, Corey Crawford won't get the credit he deserves, but he played a solid game. He played no worse than a world class goalie on the other end of the ice. Fuck the haters, I love me some Crawford.
    The Bad
    • Late in the first period, the Kings cut the Blackhawks lead in half on a questionable goal. Tyler Toffoli threw a shot at the net that Crawford saved. The puck jumped up in the air and Jeff Carter whacked it into the net, but it looked like the puck was hit with a high stick. The war room in Toronto didn't think so, and the goal upheld.
    • The Kings tied the game 51 seconds after the Carter goal. Voynov took a long shot that went off a Rozsival and right to "Mr Game 7" Justin Williams. Williams got all of his shot and Crawford was able to get a piece of it. The shot still squeaked through and into the net. Neither goal was on Crawford at this point.
    • The Kings tied the game once again, about half way through the second period. A long point shot from Matt Greene went off Seabrook and over to Toffoli, similar to the Toews first period goal. Silly bounces everywhere.
    • With just over 7 minutes left in the third period, the Kings tied the game. The Hawks got caught deep and allowed the Kings to get an odd man break. Brown put a shot towards the net that Crawford stopped but the rebound landed right on the stick of Gaborik who just beat Crawford. Hammer and Keith just let Gaborik waltz through the slot with no opposition whatsoever.
    The Ugly
    • Right after the Toews goal, Jarrett Stoll tried to stir up the atmosphere by crashing the Hawks net and then ripping Crawford's mask off, after the whistle. Cheap shithead move.
    • The Hawks had a steal deep in the Kings zone ad the puck landed on the stick of all people, Kris Versteeg. ANYONE but him, ANYONE. Of course he didn't even get a shot off.
    • The Kings won it in overtime off a long shot that went off Nick Leddy and over Crawford. Again, Unfortunate bounces. Sorry to see the season end like that, but that's sports.
    Here are the video highlights: Enjoy this Puckin Hostile 2013-14 Playoff Highlight video:

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