Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Big Fat Greek Funeral

Well, all the bells and whistles were out to honor former teammate Chris Chelios, but we'll get to those festivities later. Before the game it was announced that Pick-To-Click Vik was out of the lineup, with a concussion. The Second Period started 2-1 but the Hawks were losing momentum quickly. The Hawks went into the third period leading 3-1, and looking good.

The Good
  • The Chelios thing was nice even though there were quite a few boo's, but he brushed it off, and finished on a good note. He turned that crowd around, and I felt good for him.
  • The powerplay finally clicked as Sharpie as Seabrook fed him for a beautiful one timer. What a great start.
  • One Trick Bick was at it once AGAIN. the guy does shoot VERY well. awesome shot. I can't say too much ad about him the way he's playing. Great job, Bick!
  • Jack Skillington has been shooting the hell out of the puck. Sure, he probably passes up some passes, but he's shooting on net, which quite a few Hawks aren't doing.
  • Brian Campbell absolutely made a phenomenal play on the delayed penalty and led the rush for Kopecky, and ultimatly the goal. If Campbell isn't on the ice, that doesn't happen.
The Bad
  • This just in, Invisi-Bolly turned the puck over again in his own zone.
  • I hate seeing pro players throw their sticks on plays like the open netter. Fuck you, Rafalski. Dickhead.
The Ugly
  • Ok, I already don't like dumb ass Ryan Johnson. Why in the FUCK you ign some dopey has been that has nothing left in the tank beyond me. That #17 is going to be free again REAL soon, because Johnson is awful.
  • what the hell are Big Show, Ryan Fucking Johnson, and Jordan Hendry doing out there with Dick Boynton, and Jassen Cullimore? Please? Tell me? The opposing team calls a time out and that's the line you produce me, Quenneville? C'MON, man. That's just fucking STUPID!
Here are the video highlights for your viewing pleasure:

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