Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Game Day Blues Clues

Avs tonight for the second part of the "Home and Home", at the UC...

  • After this morning's skate, Bolland will play tonight, Kane and Pisani might play Friday, and Hossa was working out off ice. Did ANYONE miss Invisi-Bolly, or Fernandog?? I didn't think so.

  • Looks as though Crawford will be in net tonight, as he should be.

  • Brian Campbell on Turco, from Monday night: "I feel bad for Marty. I think every one of us owes him an apology." No SHIT, you do! You six, so called, defensemen need to take Marty AND Corey out for a steak dinner at Smith and Wollensky. They faced a firing squad.

  • It's still a mystery why Moustachio benched Stalberg and Skille when they were short on actual "real" ones and were playing in the thin air of Denver. Oh, because no one else on the ice was shitting the bed all night, right?

  • Sam Fels of the Committed Indian, Second City Hockey and NBC pointed out that Big Show had more penalty minutes than actual playing time, AND that the fight he had was after a Hawks goal, which is pretty pointless.

  • Hawks prospect Dylan Olsen made the Canadian World Junior team, and Brandon Pirri was one of the last cuts. Pirri's punishment is a trip back to Rock-beria.

  • Finally, after seeing this video, I will find it hard to speak ill of Jake Dowell ever again.


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