Wednesday, December 29, 2010

House of Blues

Before the game last night in St. Louis we were informed that Corey Crawford was still not 100%, and Patrick Kane would return from injury. One would have thought that the Kane news would be the start of something good. We were fooled. The game got off to a physical start in the first couple of minutes, and the Blues dominated the Hawks but the Hawks led 1-0 after the first frame. Clearly the way the Blues were dominating, that lead wasn't going to last long. The second was a continuation of the first period and the Blues tied up the game. As you might expect from a team that lost their captain to injury, had their second string goalie playing and had lost two other players for stretches of the second due to injury, the Hawks lost all steam in the third period. The Blues put up the game winning and game icing goals in the third, and the Hawks never really threatened a serious comeback. Lets hope Toews is a fast healer.

The Good
  • Big Show made an effort to earn his Twatter name "TheMURDERSAURUS" (I couldn't make this up, if I tried), in his scuffle with Cam Janssen. He hasn't been beaten in a fight yet, and that's going to make him a celebrity in this city. It's also going to make all the people that watch the game just for the fights tingle in their private parts. Too bad it was staged and pointless. Cam Janssen is just a dopey looking cementhead that can't manage more than 2:48 of playing time. Some talented kid is riding a bus in Peoria Illinois, because that imbecile is a part of the team.
  • Jake the Snake's goal was awful. It certainly looked like a change-up, and Conklin just missed it. Pick-To-Click Vik gets an "A" for stealing that puck, seeing Snake, and feeding him for the knucklepuck.
  • I don't care what the simpletons on Twatter, or the mouth breathing mongoloids on Facebook say; Marty Turco did NOT, in any way shape or form, cost the Blackhawks that game. He faced 43 shots, and bailed the "clown car" defense out multiple times. He was not brought here to face 43 shots EVER. He was brought here to face 25 to 30 shots a game and not lose it for them. This is above and beyond his job description. If you think that Turco was anything less than great last night, you need a lobotomy; and to have your fan card revoked, because you're an ignoramus.
The Bad
  • We have enough choices at center, so this abortion of Kopecky at center needs to end yesterday. Please. I beg of you. Also, Nice offensive zone penalty, asshat.
  • It was a matter of time until the Blues took the lead. They were dominating a majority of the game and the Hawks were playing with fire by taking bad penalties.
  • This just wasn't the Hawks night, with that third goal going in. Turco did a lot to keep that out, and his effort was stellar, but he was about half a second too late.
  • Kaner's missed breakaway ended up being huge, because that would have swung momentum back the Hawks way. Sure the puck rolled, and he was a little rushed, but that's what he's paid to do. You're playing against the backup goalie, and you have a twenty foot lead on ANYONE. It doesn't have to be pretty, just get the job done.
The Ugly
  • The powerplay. First in the league, right? Looks a lot different without Jonny B Goode, doesn't it? No feast, just famine. I didn't ask Santa Christ for this.
  • Leave it up to good ol Nick Boynton to turn it over with no one around, and have it end up in the back of the damn net. Just blindly throw it around the boards, like you knew something no one else on the ice or watching on TV did, Nick. Really. Jordan Hendry isn't good enough to do that?
  • I left the best/worst for last, because it could make or break their season. The injury to Captain Serious. As bad as Kane's injury looked, this one doesn't look as bad, but that's purely speculation. Actually, it's a truck load of wishful thinking, because without Toews, this team looks dead inside. No inspiration, no fire, and absolutely no coconuts. It's never good when a player doesn't return to the ice, and this was no exception. If this is serious, the loss of the guy that held them together through so many early injuries could be the reason this team falls apart.
Here are the video highlights for your viewing pleasure:

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