Monday, December 27, 2010

Morin hurt in WJC OT win

TSN and Tracy Myers from CSN are reporting this morning that Blackhawks Jeremy Morin was injured last night in the USA's 3-2 opening night OT victory last night. Morin apparently "suffered a shoulder injury that could be significant." This is not good news for the Hawks, but there is speculation that the Hawks were going to keep him in Rockford the rest of the year so that his rookie contract doesn't kick in.
A junior-aged player with a contract can play up to nine NHL games as a trial period. If he is returned to junior before the tenth game, his contract is effectively put on hold: when he goes to training camp the following season, he will be in the first year of his contract.

Once the player appears in his tenth NHL game, his contract kicks in. He can still be returned to his junior club after that. But at season's end, a full contract year will expire.

Once he plays his 10th NHL contest, he is officially considered a rookie and his contract goes into effect. The AHL games with the Rock-beria Ice Hogs have nothing to do with his rookie status or contract.

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