Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dallas Madness

Burish and the boys pulled out their Sunday go to meetin' clothes for the trip

Dallas Stars tonight at the we go!
  • Baby Face Jeremy Morin was on the Rock-beria express this morning. No surprise, as this was reported Monday night by Tim Sassone.

  • Not only will Morin be back, but Colonel Klink, Rob Klinkhammer, will be making his 2010 Hawks debut wearing the every popular #59. The kid has energy, and a great attitude, so no issues here with this call up. He's going to be playing on the forth line tonight. Can we say "poor man's Skillington"?

  • Boss 81 was placed on IR retroactive to the day he was hurt, to make room for Colonel Klink. Moustachio said it was all procedural, and that neither Boss or Pisani will be making the road trip. So, it looks like Boss and Pisani will be back in a week, at best. Lets see what these kids can do, because it's better now than April.

  • Corey Crawford will be your starting netminder tonight against Andrew Raycroft, which proves that a win is much more important than showing your ex team that they made a mistake, right Marty? IF they made a mistake that is.

  • Jesse Rodgers reported that Power Brouwer said, "I didn't hang with him much cause he was always patrolling for ladies, and I'm married but we're buddies" about Burish the Poonhunter. Way to make a showing for the wife, Troy. (wink,wink,nudge,nudge)

  • Lines at this morning's practice were:
    Skillington, Jonny B Goode, Pick-To-Click Vik
    Shooter, TomoKop, Baby Face Morin
    Power Brouwer, Invisi-Bolly, One Trick Bick
    Big Show, The Snake, Col Klink


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