Monday, November 7, 2011

Blackhawks vs Canucks - Loss Recap

"Mass Chaos"

"Noogie Time"

Back in sweet home Chicago, the Hawks had a tilt against the hated Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks weren't exactly lighting the league on fire, before this game. They were 6-7-1, and having trouble keeping the puck out of the net. With the Sedins, Kesler, and Luongo in net, they are always dangerous to break out of the slump. The Hawks were coming off a 5-4 OT loss that was high disappointing, because they blew a 2 goal second period lead. Of course, this was all done with Ray Emery in net and Duncan Keith watching from the press box, so all is not lost. They were able to get 3 our of 4 points, without their top defender.

The Hawks were VERY lucky to come out of the first period tied. They were grossly outplayed and outshot, yet the score stood at 1-1. This is where they need to come out the next period with purpose, but that sure didn't happen. The Hawks opened the second giving up 3 more powerplay goals, while generating zero PP chances themselves, and just make sure we were watching, they gave up another late PP goal. The Hawks did get one goal, but that only lasted 43 seconds, as the Canucks answered. The third period was just a formality, and the Hawks left 6-2 losers. sometimes teams lay eggs, and the Hawks laid a big Sunday afternoon egg, here.

The Good

  • It looks like all that Frodo needed to break that snakebitten streak is Bobby Lu. Frodo innocently skated up the left boards and threw the puck at the net. That's where the theatrics began. Lu was trying to do SOMETHING, I'm not sure what, and the puck hit the inside of his pad, and dribbled into the net. 20,000 people collectively pissed their pants laughing simultaneously. There is no goalie that is more fun to watch give up soft as babyshit goals that Bobby Lu.
  • It was clear that Car Bomb was going to fight someone this game, from the moment he was signed, and that was certainly the case. At the 13 minute mark of the second period, Carcillo hit the Canucks Volpatti, and it was game on. Car Bomb got one real good lick in, but it was pretty much a draw and hugfest.
  • Just when all was quiet, Marco Krugs picked up a MegaMayers rebound and put it into the net. It was a pretty simple play by the Hawks 4th line, against the Canucks 4th line. Stalberg took a pass and stepped into the zone. He hit MegaMayers with a nice pass, who fired it on net. Bobby Lu kicked the rebound out and Krugs poked it in.
  • At least we were privy to watching MegaMayers tenderize Bieksa's face. I really hate that guy.

The Bad

  • The Hawks spent the majority of the first period looking at the numbers of the Canucks jerseys as they skated past the Hawks defense. This was a sign of things to come.
  • The Canucks were the first to get on the board, in the first, with David Booth getting his first goal of the year. The initial shot was saved by Crawford, but the rebound popped right back out to Booth, who finished. Lurch got caught in no man's land, because Bolly was late coming to help down low. If Bolly was down low helping, Lurch could have pressured the passer a little more. As it stood, Higgins could have walked the puck out, but didn't. He forced a pass that never should have gotten through, and got lucky.
  • The Canucks were CLEARLY out to hit the Hawks and hit them HARD. A number of Hawks were ragdolled in the first period, including Mr. "I want to hit the Canucks", Car Bomb. I fully expected him to get up swinging, and nothing. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. He made up for it later, with 21 minutes in penalties. Car Bomb meltdown #1.
  • The Canucks cashed in on a stupid late first period Kaner roughing infraction, that rolled over into the second. Aaron Rome took a passed that missed Booth, and had all day to tee it up. He then cleanly beat Crawford. The PK unit got caught watching the puck and were all standing in the same quarter of the Hawks zone. Once the puck squirted out, there wasn't a defender anywhere close to Rome.
  • Dan Sedin put the Canucks up 3-1 on their 3rd powerplay tally of the night, while the Hawks were killing another bad penalty, this time by Bolly. Crawford was able to take on the initial shot from the point, but when the rebound popped right back out to Henrick Sedin. He then dumped it to Daniel who was on the back door wide open. Crawford got tied up in front with Kesler, and wasn't able to make it across. Seabrook was the only player that had a shot at saving it, and wasn't nearly close enough.
  • Forty three seconds after the Kruger goal, the Canucks went back up by two. It was a simple enough 3 on 3 play and the Hawks just didn't cover their guys. Bickell tried to get back, but ended up taking Crawford out of the play, and Hansen had a wide open cage.
  • The Canucks 4th powerplay goal of the night was on a Vik Stalberg high sticking penalty. The Hawks PK was just worn down, and completely eaten alive. Dan Hamhuis was the lucky recipient of a prime chance high in the slot,and blew it by Crawford.
  • There is no way the Blackhawks had 20 shots on net in the second period. Just NO WAY!
  • Henrik Sedin put the Blackhawks away with a 5th PP goal of the night. How fucking embarrassing. Not even worth analyzing.
  • Car Bomb had 2 penalty minutes before last night. He earned 21 last night. YOWZA.

The Ugly

  • Like there is any question, here. 5 powerplay goals against. Brutal and pathetic. Get your shit together, boys.
  • Right behind that is the Hawks powerplay, which has fallen back into complete disarray. This begs to question just how helpful Soupie was on the powerplay.
  • Stupid penalties killed the Hawks. Kaner and Bolly specifically took back penalties after the whistle, while the Canucks were taking the body during play. Those post whistle infractions will kill you every time.

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