Friday, November 4, 2011

Blackhawks at Florida - SO Win Recap

"Steal Panthers"

After coming off a barnburner Monday, which was probably the most intense regular season game I've seen since last season's closing game, our Blackhawks began the annual "Fathers Trip" on sunny South F-L-A. No need to act like we weren't familiar with half their roster and their GM. Skille, Versteeg, Kopecky and Campbell all dressed for the game. Florida sat at 6-4-1 coming into this contest, which isn't too bad, considering they are the Winnipeg Jets of the states. This one was sure to bring out the bad blood from the players that were on the Hawks "discard" pile. It was going to be interesting to see how the currents Hawks treat someone like Skille and Versteeg. Jacob Markstrom, the player that pushed Alex Salak out of the organization, started in net for the Panthers. All that aside, this is the fist game in quite a while that they were without the services of Duncan Keith, as he sat out with an injury.

The opening period went the Hawks way, with the good guys scoring on one of their seven shots, but game up far too many shots themselves. As luck would have it, they were able to keep the puck out of their net, though. The second period was much better in terms of Hawks momentum, and they virtually made up all of the shot differential, and each team was able to put up a goal. In the third, the Hawks blew their one goal lead late and neither team was able to score in the OT frame, so it took a shootout for the Hawks to win this one.

The Good

  • Nice to see the Hawks open up the scoring on a team, in road game, no less. Bruno got a steal deep in the Panthers zone and Tazer jumped into the play. Bruno fumbled a bit and fed El Capitan, who was falling down. He still got a stick on it and directed it into the net. Just how they drew it up, eh Edzo?
  • I'm beginning to become a big fan of MegaMayers and his fighting prowess. He took a big hit at the Hawk blue line from Matt Bradley, and before Car Bomb could come to his assistance, Mayers had already gotten up and begun to pummel Bradley. He takes no shit, and I like this. A LOT. Keeps Car Bomb from doing dumb things, which is good for everyone.
  • Watching Frodo pick Skillington's pocket in the Hawks zone, and seeing Skillington take a bad penalty on Frodo later in the game both made me snicker. Win-Hawks, hands down.
  • The goal that put the Hawks up 2-0 in the second was a thing of beauty. Kaner led the rush in the zone and waited; and waited; and waited. He waited for Bruno to clear the slot and hit Boss 81 on the back door, who one timed it past Markstrom. Hoss and Kane are just men among boys. And when I say the back door, I mean the "back, back, back, back" door. I didn't think he had anything to shoot at, yet it ended up in the net.
  • Great close up of Car Bomb saying "Fuck", after missing his great chance in the second period, where he split 3 Panthers and was almost 1-on-1 with Markstrom.
  • Frodo seemed to be inspired by his former team, and was the Blackhawk that was most involved in the Panther's zone, in the third period. He's still snake bitten, but it's not stopping him from trying.
  • All things considered, they didn't look bad, missing their top D-man. Officer Seabrook had a bit of a mean streak with his hetero lifemate watching the game from the cheap seats. He painfully punished the Panthers forwards a few time, both during the play and after whistles.

The Bad

  • Frank the Tank and Pistol struggled a little bit, early on. A bad turnover on the back end, set up a couple of great chances. Frank the Tank only played four shifts in the 3rd period, but three shifts in OT, and Pistol only played three shifts in the 3rd, but two in OT. Punishment for earlier gaffes?
  • Looks like Pick-to-Click Vik was channeling his inner Versteeg when he turned it over late in the second before hitting the Panthers blue line. It resulted in a good chance coming back, and Edzo was sure to point that out.
  • The Panthers were able to cut the lead in half with under 2 minutes left in the second period. The Panthers money line was able to pull some zigging and zagging, and Weiss ended up with the puck on his stick, and put it past Crawford. Hearing Versteeg with the assist made me cringe.
  • The Panthers tied up the game with 2 minutes to go in regulation, as Seabrook was left alone with two Panthers players, and one of them scored the equalizer. The Hawks weren't able to get the puck out of the zone, after a big Crawford save. It was dumped in by Kulikov, and tipped past Crawford by Jovo-Cop, who for some odd reason was standing in front of the Hawks net. I'm not really sure what O'Donnell thought he was doing, but he left his partner to thwart two defenders all by his lonesome.
  • That Sharpie OT break-a-way would have been money. Let's not forget to point out the beautiful pass Hammer gave him. It's not often Hammer gets lauded for his offense, so here it is.
  • Dineen, why you no Versteeg in shootout? I would have liked to see that.

The Ugly

  • The powerplay took a step backwards last night, but I'll cut them some slack when they only got one to work with.
  • 43 shots is just FAR too many shots to me giving up in ANY game. Luckily, Crawford was on fire for the night.
  • Incredi-Bolly got faceraped at the dot again, going 9-25.

The Shootout

  • Crawford was better than Kopecky
  • Toews was bested by Markstrom
  • Goc couldn't put it past Crawford
  • Markstrom beat Bolland
  • Fleischmann was stopped by Crawford
  • Kaner was the money man, and beat Markstrom for the win
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