Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blackhawks at Edmonton - Loss Recap

"Now Your Nightmare Comes To Life"

"Good Luck, Dude, I really took it in the ass"

Saturday night's game is against had the Blackhawks against the league's new young guns, the Oilers. The Hawks stuck it to the Oilers, at home last Sunday, and they were certain to be looking for revenge. The Hawks, of course, didn't have their best game Friday night. The Hawks were without the services of Brent Seabrook, and Michael Frolik again, both out with injuries. Along with that, Sean O'Donnell and Razor Emery would be in the lineup to help celebrate Pat Kane's birthday.

The Blackhawks first period was something of infamy. The two teams exchanged goals in the first few minutes, and then the wheels fell off the wagon. The Oilers put up 4 more goals, some of them totally embarrassing, to go into the first break up 5-1. The second period was more of the same crap, with the Oilers scoring 3 more goals, and the Hawks finally getting one. The Hawks had given up long ago, though. This should lead to an interesting third period. The Oilers put few more up on the board in the third period to finish 9-2. Enjoy Vegas guys, you really deserve it. Yes, that's sarcasm.

The Good

  • The Hawks were able to answer the Oilers goal, three minutes in to the game on a powerplay. A scrum in front of the net let Shooter pick up a loose puck and fire it past Khabby.
  • Bolly ended the Oilers unanswered goal streak at 6 with a late second period powerplay goal. Nice time to start caring, guys.

The Bad

  • "O'Donnell back in the lineup, didn't make a good pass". Thanks for doing my job for me, Pat.
  • Deuce opened up the game with a -4, and 2 PIM's that resulted in a powerplay goal against, which left him with a -8 in his last four periods play. You think he relies on Seabrook a little?
  • Just to pour salt on the wound, the Hawks had a goal negated by goaltender interference when Car Bomb backed into Khabby's kitchen, which resulted in a Frank the Tank goal.
  • Ben Smith, anyone even realize he was on the ice? I didn't think so. I thought you were hee to rescue us!
  • I said it before, and I'm going to KEEP saying it. Brent Seabrook is more important to this team that people realize. Probably the MOST important and consistent defender this team has.

The Ugly

  • Ales Hemsky opened up the Oilers scoring forty eight seconds into the game, after blowing the doors off Frank the Tank, and coming in one-on-one with Razor. Tank tried to hip check Hemsky and whiffled, leaving Hemsky to race in all alone before everyone was in their seats. Shooter could have dug in and gotten a stick in there, but just coasted back and watched Hemsky eat his goalie alive.
  • In one of the worst goals yet this year, Ryan Jones scored from an impossible angle, to give the Oilers a 2-1 lead. The duo of Deuce and Frank the Tank just isn't working.
  • A few minutes later, Ryan Smyth scored on a great pass from Jordan Eberle. Apparently, Q didn't like the duo on Montador and Deuce either, so he put Lurch out there with Keith. We all saw how that worked. Kruger started off by not getting the puck out, and both Keith and Lurch got caught chasing Eberle, who dished it off to a wide open Smyth on the back door. 3-1 with under 10 mins gone in the game, and that brought an end to Razor's night, well, until the second period.
  • The forth Oilers goal of the game victimized Hammer and Lurch on the powerplay. Taylor Hall picked up a rebound off Crawford's pads and slammed'er home. 4-1 Oilers.
  • Jordan Eberle put the Oilers up 5-1 on yet ANOTHER horrible Duncan Keith decision. He had a chance to keep the puck in the Oilers zone and just turned away, leaving Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to bring the puck up the middle of the ice, and feed Eberle for an easy goal. 5-1 Oilers before the first period is over.
  • The Oilers continued their dominance in the second period with a powerplay goal on a 2 man advantage. They played some fucking bizarre behind the net, tic-tac-toe thing, and it worked. They could have been using pool cues, and ping pong paddles at this point. Whatever. 6-1 Oilers.
  • Halfway through the second the Hawks gave up yet another powerplay goal by Taylor Hall, to watch the Oilers go up 7-1. At this rate, they were easily going to give up a 10 spot.
  • The Oilers put number 8 on the board while the Hawks were killing another stupid fucking penalty on Kane for yapping at the officials. The effort at this point was simply pathetic.
  • Taylor Hall grabbed is hat trick goal to put the the Oilers up 9-2, midway through the third. The play was a 2-on-3 and Frank the Tank practically backed up into his own netminders face. Hall just walked the puck in, and never even debated passing. Ridiculous.
  • I hope these last two games put this crazy "John Scott is a good luck charm" bullshit to rest. Save the hate mail because I know that very little of what happened was his fault, but they need 6 NHL defensemen on the ice every night. Not four and a fucking half, on the second night of a back-to-back. Really, enough of these fucking games, Joel. This is just ignorance.

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