Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blackhawks at Vancouver - Win Recap

"You're So Vain"

Thus begins the infamous "Circus Trip", that is named so, not as a reflection of the Blackhawks play, but because an ACTUAL circus inhabits the UC while they are gone. I know, much could be said regarding the Blackhawks powerplay and it's likeness to a circus, as well. Let's just say this circus has stinky animals...scratch that...the Hawks currently employ a 6'8", 270 lb stinky fucking gorilla.

Let's get to the subject at hand; game one of the western swing (Kaner, Stalberg and Sharpie's eyes just lit up). I digress, last night the Hawks visited the hated Vancouver Canucks in their home confines. While the Canucks were struggling to stay at .500 for the season, they had previously whipped the Hawks 6-2 in the UC. This time around the Canucks were without Bobby Lu, who was out with a sore groin (insert joke here). For the Blackhawks, they were without the services of defensive stud Brent Seabrook, who went awkwardly into the boards the previous game. It's been made clear that THESE games are now going to be the grudge match games, and if the Red wings get lost in the realignment, they will be even bigger.
The game opened up with a torrid pace. Chances were abound but neither team could put a puck in the net. Even though the Hawks outshot Vancouver 8-7, this style favored the home team. This bit the Hawks in the ass just 38 seconds into the second period, as the Canucks went up 1-0, but they were able to score a couple of powerplay chances to end the second up 2-1. In the third period, the Blackhawks blew the game wide open scoring 3 goals, which was beautiful. Big win!

The Good

  • Bruno scored his 4th of the season, on the powerplay no less, on a feed from Kruger no less. This tied the game up at one's. Listen to THIS powerplay line, folks: Bruno, Kruger, Frank the Tank, Pistol and Leddy. It's like some alternate universe, where the most asinine combinations work best.
  • The powerplay struck again, and this time the first unit, in the middle of the first. Kaner took the puck hard to the net, from the right boards, and threw the puck towards the net. It deflected off a defenders stick, and Toews either tied up the defender or helped direct it in. Either way, take it.
  • Early on, Quenneville actually made a line change that I did't immediately loath. He moved Bruno to the third line with Bolland and Frolik, then moved Bickell to the forth line with Mayers and Kruger.
  • The Hawks held things together in the third long enough for Boss to make a game changing play. He turned on the burners outracing two defenders to get to the puck deep in the Canucks zone and pushed it across the slot to Stalberg. Stalberg gave it right back to El Capitan smack dab in the middle of the slot, who had a gaping net due to Schneider's over pursuit of the initial Hoss pass. 3-1 Hawks.
  • Just a few mere minutes after the Tazer goal, it looked as though Car Bomb smashed a Sharpie rebound right past Schneider, to put the Hawks up 4-1, but the goal was credited to Shooter. Nonetheless, The play started with a Kaner break-a-way where he was visibly slashed, and should have been given a penalty shot, but the puck eventually ended up on the stick of Sharpie who sent it to the net.
  • Frank the Tank kept up his goal streak off a pretty backhand pass from Boss, to put the Hawks up 5-1. Nice to see the Hawks respond with some fire after the Sedin cheap shot. Three goals is what I call a response.
  • The Hawks were commendable in the circles all night, except Kruger who didn't win a single faceoff, at 0-7.
  • Even though I posted this up last night on the Facebook, and Twatter, I had to post it again, because this picture is HILARIOUS!:

The Bad

  • After a couple of great early chances both ways, Marcus Kruger came in on a 2-on-1 and tried to force a horrible pass which resulted in no shot at all. Maybe that's why Kruger was moved from 3rd line center to 4th line center after only a few minutes.
  • Most combinations of Deuce, Hammer, Tank and Leddy are all fine and well with me, but if I'm standing in the Hawks net and I see the numbers 32 and 20 in front of me, I'm a little worried.
  • Thirty Eight seconds into the second period and the Canucks took the lead, 1-0. The whole play began with Nick Leddy's happy feet getting him caught far too deep in the offensive zone, leaving Hammer to fend off the Crimson Twins and Jannick Hansen. You can imagine how that turned out. The Puck AND Hammer ended up in the net. This is not the time to take stupid chances and leave your partner hung out to dry, kid. Granted there is the argument that the forwards didn't rotate back, but Leddy needs to be smarter than that.
  • I'm not going to waste this good mood on Big Slow's meager and useless 8 minutes of TOI. Even though the only shift he played in the third was the one in the last minute, when the game was far out of hand, and the trio of Big Slow, Car Bomb, and Megamind where stuck out thee to try and deter the asshats from doing anything stupid to a Hawks skill player. That's confidence in a 6th D-man, and forcing your back end to roll only 5 guys, for you.
  • Even though the Hawks had a much better third period, they can't maintain this level of getting out shot all trip.
  • If Hammer doesn't learn to actually hit someone, I'm going to pull my fucking hair out. Well, theoretically. I've tired of watching a 6'3" 207lb man NOT hit anyone. With Seabrook in the cheap seats, someone needs to hit an opponent. He had his chance to clean Sedin's clock, after he jacked the poor guy in the balls, and really did nothing but shove him around a little bit. I'm SURE this is the reason w saw Frank the Tank out on the ice with Deuce, later in the game. Tank will hit someone. That's not just coincidence.

The Ugly

  • I'm not sure why the hell they were so foggy, but the Hawks almost got 2 or 3 "too many men" penalties in the first period. That's just pure laziness. Tighten up, gentlemen.
  • Not only did they blow a 2-on-1 in the first, but Kane, Car Bomb, and Keith blew a 3-on-1 delayed penalty chance in the middle of the second. THEY DIDNT EVEN GET A SHOT OFF. Yes, Yes, Keith was agitated from behind a little bit, but that's a 3-on-1. You can't blow chances that good, on the road!
  • The Hawks third powerplay wasn't as successful as the first two, and Duncan Keith had an AWFUL turnover that led to ANOTHER shorthanded chance against. This time is was a break-a-way. Lucky for Keith that Crawford was dialed in, because Hansen pulled away, and into the clear; fast.
  • Daniel Sedin is a gutless little fucking punk for spearing Crawford in the balls when he can't protect himself. That's where Hammer needs to grow a set of balls himself and lay Sedin the hell out. That's completely unacceptable, and he got away with it.

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