Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blackhawks at San Jose - Loss Recap

"Zero Gravity"

The circus trip continued Wednesday night in San Jose. Who would have thought that circus trip would have been a good description of the Hawks actual play, rather than just the reason for the road trip. The Hawks used a couple of days off following whippings by the Flames and Oilers to clear their heads, before heading to sunny California. The Sharks were also coming of a break following a pair of 4-1 wins over the Stars and Avs. This game would answer whether the last two losses were merely just a ripple in the schedule, or whether it was time to start really worrying.

At first glance, the Hawks looked a little out of sorts for the opening moments of the first period, but after failing on 2 powerplay chances, they went into the first break still deadlocked at 0-0. The Sharks took a 1-0 lead in the second period, but the Hawks dominated play with 13 more shots, to the Sharks 6. THe Sharks opened up the third period with much more pressure but didn't manage any goals. Unfortunately, the Hawks could solve the Sharks, and wound up leaving San Jose 1-0 losers.

The Good

  • Looks like Quenneville finally came around to pairing up Deuce/Hammer, which is something I've been clamoring for since Seabs got hurt. Unfortunately, he had to pair up Lurch/Leddy, and Frank the Tank/Big Slow. Off topic, with that moustache Montador looks exactly like Ron Burgundy.
  • After a few foggy minutes in the open moments of the first period, the Hawks came back and dominated the frame, outshooting the Sharks 10-5. They outshot the Sharks 34-21 in the game, which is pretty much what you're looking for, from this team, other than the whole "not scoring any goals" thing.
  • On their second period powerplay Bolly, Ron Burgundy, and Krugs had some brilliant backhand and between the legs passes between them, but again, couldn't score.
  • Deuce looked a lot like the Deuce of old, last night. Might have something to do with the more dependable partner. Just a thought. Not like that idea hasn't been thrown around anywhere.
  • Half of the Hawks centers went over 50% in the faceoff circle, with Kane and Bolland at 40% or below.

The Bad

  • Both Bickell and Hossa had breakaways, on bad turnovers, in the first period and neither could beat Niemi.
  • After a Jamie McGinn chance off the post in the second period, he laid the boom on Nick Leddy, who ended up on his young tuchus with his helmet slightly ajar.
  • A lazy penalty in the second period led to the first goal of the game by Jason Demers. The faceoff was cleanly won back to Demers, who let a shot go that was deflected off Tazer's stick and then into the net. Really an unfortunate set of circumstances, and not Crawford's fault.

The Ugly

  • I can't remember seeing an NHL player struggle with handling the puck, like Big Slow does. It's simply baffling. Later in the game, he took exception to a hustling Sharks player by two handing the guy in the ass while he was laying on the ice. What a complete stupid ass. He continues to make awful plays that would get ANY other player benched with no consequences.
  • Holy hot shit sammich, Hammer's offensive play is just AWFUL. You really need more from a guy that's making over $3 million a year. Hey, Dougie Wilson, makes you sort of happy StanBo matched your offer, doesn't it?
  • Dan Boyle had an awful game, turning the puck over multiple times and taking 6 minutes in penalties, the worst of which was a questionable cross check on Bryan Bickell after a good first period chance that will most likely result in a closer look from the Shana-hammer

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