Friday, April 8, 2011

Detroit Rock City

Game number 81 against the scum of the earth, and playoff seatings on the line. This is the situation the Blackhawks NEVER want to be in. In a tight race, at the mercy of the Wings. Not only that, but they are at the mercy of the Wings AGAIN Sunday.

Quenneville couldn't ask for more from his team than what they did in the first period. They went up in their first shift and kept lighting the lamp to the tune of a 3-0 first period lead. Color me shocked, because I NEVER thought this team had it in them. Outshooting the division leaders 13-5 in their rink and leading 3-0. The Second was much more even, as you'd expect. A goal either way, but The Hawks maintained the edge in play, and went into the third frame with a 4-1 Hawks lead. Detroit scored a very late ridiculous goal and the Hawks went home a 4-2 winner. To be continued on Sunday...

The Good
  • I'm not sure I can remember the last time the Hawks jumped out to a lead, like they did here. Seabs took a needle threading pass from Sharpie, and put the Hawks up TWENTY SEVEN seconds in. You don't see Pavel Datsyuk give it up in his own end like that...EVER. Who is this team and what have you done with our average NHL club?
  • Hey Marcus Kruger, see that Ben Smith guy? How about doing some of THAT? Kaner set up the play, by stripping Valtteri Filppula cleanly, 15 feet in front of his own net. Smith picked up the puck, turned to his forehand, and roofed it off the crossbar and in.
  • I could really get to like this new found offensive power. Brian Campbell snuck in from his point, while Todd Bertuzzi was too busy talking to his parole officer or eying up some local trailer tramp. Soupie took the pass, threw a little dangle sauce at Opie Howard, and tucked it in behind him. That is how you start an NHL hockey game, folks!
  • I could count, on one hand, the amount of time the Blackhawks had a swagger like they did in this game's first period. They were physical, fast, and confident both with and without the puck.
  • Crawford capped a superb first period with a huge stop on Filppula, who had turned it on and gotten past Deuce. Nice whiff, Mister Number Two.
  • Ben Smith's first in game interview sounded EXACTLY like the Ebby Calvin 'Nuke' LaLoosh interview from Bull Durham. Here is to you, Ben Smith, Congrats!
  • Boss 81 bit the hand that fed him once again, and took a long Seabrook pass that went off Brad Stuart's stick and squirted behind him, and was in on a powerplay Break-a-way. Opie Howard was probably mumbling under his breath at that point, and Hoss beat him LIKE A BOSS.
  • I love the game I saw from Ben Smith. In the most important game of the season, he played like a big boy, all night. He wasn't intimidated, and he was noticeable. I hope the kid can keep this up, because we haven't had a lot to look forward to, this season.
  • The Hawks were very good at the faceoff dots, again. Everyone, but Frodo was over 60%. That's what you're looking for in a big game.

The Bad
  • We all knew it was going to end sometime and the shutout ended with about 20 seconds left in the second period. Drew Miller snuck between Soupie and Ryan Johnson, and redirected a pass past Crow, who had ZERO chance at getting a piece of it.
  • Stalberg and Johnson were each -2 on the night, take THAT for what it's worth.

The Ugly
  • You hate to see this with ANY player, but Pick-to-Click Vik smoked a shot off TomoKop's ear, as he was hanging out in front of the Detroit net, and he went rushing off the ice. Lets hope that it's nothing serious, and just precautionary.
  • The Hawks can't have a game without some completely dumb shit play happening. That happened with 1:20 left to play, when Tomas Homlstrom backhanded the puck through the cease, and Hammer tipped it into his own net. Allow me to roll my eyes.

Here are the video highlights for your viewing pleasure:

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