Thursday, April 7, 2011

Conklin Conspiracies

Yes this is actually the REAL Ty Conklin

Last night was just one of those nights when something controversial happened, and left me with endless amounts of ammo. St. Louis BACKUP goaltender Ty Conklin opened his mouth after the game, regarding this particular play:

NOW, Ty Conklin eluded to the fact that "The League" wants the Blackhawks in the playoffs SO bad that the war room purposely didn't overturn this goal. This is his EXACT quote from the post game interview (click the quote to see the source):

"They called it a goal on the ice, which is fine, that's understandable, but the reason we have video replay is to get the right call. They're probably going to make it into the playoffs anyways, but do we really have to make it that obvious that the league wants them in? They're going to get in anyways."

Now, if anyone could sound like a sore loser with sour grapes, it is Ty Conklin. It was ruled a goal on the ice, and because HIS glove was over the puck, it could not be determined that the call on the ice was incorrect. The Blackhawks themselves have been victim of this very scenario, so his conspiracy theory holds no water. This is all coming from a career backup goalie, that NO ONE wanted to give their starting job to. He was discarded in Edmonton, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and couldn't beat out Chris Mason OR Jaroslav Halak in St. Louis. They had Conklin in such high regard that he was on waivers as recent as February 26th. Sounds like a guy with some "mommy/daddy" issues in the league. Regardless, he sounds like Dan Ellis crying about a Linus Omark shootout spin-o-rama. Have some class, my man, you're a professional. You win some, and you lose some, so don't blame it on some grand conspiracy. If there was a conspiracy to have the Blackhawks maintain their position, they wouldn't be blowing third period leads and getting late game penalties called against them.

All this aside, the fine fellow sarcastic Twatters of the interweb devised a hash tag for the "situation" (and I don't mean the Jersey Shore assclown). Being the smart ass that I am, I joined in. Enjoy some of the highlights if you will, and Ty Conklin; have Tito hand you a tissue, or TJ Oshie for that matter:

  • @jasoncrouleau - Pangea and the Theory of Evolution #conklinconspiracies
  • @hattrot - 2012 #ConklinConspiracies
  • @hattrot - amelia earhart's whereabouts #ConklinConspiracies
  • @hattrot - the bermuda triangle #ConklinConspiracies
  • @vesecky - Tupac is still alive and making records #ConklinConspiracies
  • @hattrot - the world is flat. #ConklinConspiracies
  • @jasoncrouleau - The Earth revolves around the Sun #conklinconspiracies
  • @hattrot - steve bartman's "catch" #ConklinConspiracies
  • @hattrot - crop circles #ConklinConspiracies
  • @PuckinHostile - The Holocaust never happened. #ConklinConspiracies
  • @PuckinHostile - Jesus Christ, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny are all real. #ConklinConspiracies
  • @HockeySavants - The Dollar Menu is fake #ConklinConspiracies
  • @blinkfink182 - I know when Detox and Duke Nukem Forever will be released #ConklinConspiracies
  • @blinkfink182 - The Earth is 5000 years old #ConklinConspiracies
  • @blinkfink182 - The government invented crack and distributed it to hold back the black community #ConklinConspiracies
  • @blinkfink182 - Soylent Green is most definitely NOT people #ConklinConspiracies
  • @blinkfink182 - 9/11 was an inside job #ConklinConspiracies
  • @blinkfink182 - The moon landing was fake #ConklinConspiracies
  • @blinkfink182 - The government killed JFK #ConklinConspiracies
  • @PuckinHostile - There was a shooter on the grassy knoll. #ConklinConspiracies
  • @blinkfink182 - Obama was born in Kenya #ConklinConspiracies
  • @blinkfink182 - The moon landing was fake #ConklinConspiracies
  • @hattrot - Elvis is still alive.. #ConklinConspiracies

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