Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wild Horses

The big news of the day was that the Hawks gained a player in Chris Campoli (now forever anointed "Stromboli" by this wise ass), but lost a player in Jordan Hendry (We just got to know thee). Probably an upgrade in the long run, but for the night, it's not an advantage at all, as the team had no time to call someone up and only had Big Show at their disposal. YIKES, YIKES, Y-I-K-E-S! Not only that, but they are chasing the very team they played last night.

No goals were scored in the first period, but there were plenty of chances and the Wild were hitting everything that moved. They were clearly trying to set a tone. the Hawks opened up the second with a fast goal in the first shift, and added two more before the middle twenty were done. The third period made for some slight theatrics and included two goals by the Wild and a shorthander by the Hawks to ice the game. All said and done the Hawks left with an impressive 4-2 REGULATION win. Keep em coming, guys.

The Good
  • The pace of the first period could best be explained as fast and furious. Not much defense to be had, but the goalies held their respective teams scoreless.
  • The killer combo from outer space of Cappy Serious and Shooter hooked up for what seems like the thousandth time for the first goal of the game, in the first minute of the second. Jonny circled the net, like he does, and fed an open Sharpie for a one timer.
  • Frolik had an excellent game offensively, with quite a few solid chances, and it's only a matter of time before he ends up on the score sheet.
  • The Wild gave up a bad rebound goal to Kopecky about 5 mins into the second to put the Hawks up 2-0. Thank you very much, Mr. Backstrom.
  • Goal number three was a a two on one by the dynamic duo of Captain Kaner. The play was beautiful, with Kaner floating a nice saucer pass over for Toews to poke it into the net. That's how they draw it up in the "Hockey for Dumbasses" handbook.
  • Chuck Norris better buy his Captain Serious pajamas to go along with his Boss 81 skivvies, because Tazer is ON FIRE!
  • Lets not take ANYTHING away from Corey Crawford, because he was HUGE for the Hawks.
  • Make no mistake, the Shorthander by Hoss could be a turning point for this team. That was a huge play by two of the leaders of this team, when they could have tucked their tails up and played scared. They whipped their balls out and tea bagged the Wild. Well played, boys.
  • Tazer and Ryan Johnson had John Madden for dinner, in the faceoff circles, going a combined 16 for 23 against him. OUCH! Snake was the only Hawk that was under .500, going 4 for 10 overall and 0 for 4 against Matt Cullen.
The Bad
  • Quenneville decided early that he was going to limit Big Show's shifts, and he split those shifts with Seabrook and Keith. GOOD IDEA!
  • The Wild were absolutely hitting everything that moved in that first period and Cal Clusterfuck was a human projectile. I can't say I wouldn't take him on my team, that's for sure, because he makes sure other teams have their heads up. If not, he'll be glad to knock it off.
  • For the first time all year, Big Show had a fight with a purpose, although he really jumped the gun. He was obviously itching to show the team something. The Wild were trying to beat on the skill players of the Hawks, and were succeeding. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching Scott beat the ugly out of Staubitz's ASS!
  • As much as Clusterfuck was assaulting the Hawks players, Seabrook had a chance to completely WRECK him in the neutral zone, and Cal spun off like a scared child. I REALLY wanted to see Seabs light him up, and turn the tables.
  • The second Wild goal was a goal of sheer determination by Brent Burns. He just muscled his way though the Keith and Crow. Nick Leddy just stood and watched the play happen right in front of his face, like he was waiting for ANYONE else to get in Burns' way. Jump in that crease and help your goalie out, kid! You see #19 trying to jump behind and stop that puck? That should be you, first.
  • Leave it up to Kopecky to get a stupid penalty with under four minutes to go. Good thing it didn't end up costing them, thanks to Tazer and Hoss, but it all started with Crow standing tall for is team on the back end.
The Ugly
  • Crow really didn't have much of a chance on the Havlat goal, which was the result of a Kid Leddy brain fart. Slick move, Kiddo, you showed your youth and inexperience on that one. I can imagine him saying, "Where the fuck did HE come from?!?!" when he turned around and saw Havlat on that break-a-way. The announces really laid the blame on him, as they should have. You could clearly tell, by his reaction, that he hadn't the slightest idea Havlat was camping out at the Hawks blue line.
  • How the Wild were not called for a penalty on the Sharpie shorthanded break-a-way, is beyond me. That D-man was all OVER Shooter. You have to call that one.
Here are the video highlights for your viewing pleasure:

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