Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anyone for Fishing?

"Hello my baby, Hello my honey, Hello my ragtime gaaaaaaal"

Last night was a HUGE game for the Hawks against a hot division rival, and two former teammates, in Niemi and Eager. The other sub-plot was Niklas Hjalmarsson was probably looking to show the Sharks what they missed out on. They were going to have to do this one without Bolland, again, and Campbell. Ouchie! The Hawks HAD to gain points and end the losing streak, so someone besides Toews needed to flex their nuts, and someone did. Could the Hawks finally play a clutch game against a good opponent?

The first period was slanted in the Hawks favor but two bad situations left the Sharks up 2-1, but there was plenty to build on. What do you really have to say about a 5 goal second period? They were rolling, and the only question was if Boss could get the hatty and we could see those green hats on the ice. I've personally been to two games where that has happened, and would have loved to see it again. Unfortunately, it was not to be and both teams seemed to coast through the third period. Nevertheless, huge game, and BIG win.

The Good
  • Niemi was just shell shocked after that first Sharks powerplay goal and I loved every second of it. The Blackhawks were throwing pucks at Niemi from every possible angle and he was struggling to control them. Each time he mishandled a puck or looked off-guard, I couldn't help but have a huge smirk on my face. His exit, in the second was the icing on top of the cake.

    "Screw these guys, they are HORRIBLE hosts"

  • The first Stalberg goal was a thing of beauty. Stromboli jumped into the play hit the post. It somehow worked its way back around again, to Stromboli, whose shot popped up in the air. Pick-to-Click Vik smacked out of the air, belt level, right in front of Ben Eager, and into the net. How you like our new forth line, Ben? Don't miss you a bit, you slug!
  • Boss 81 did just what a Boss does, and finally got the powerplay going, early in the second period. He played catch with Sharpie and put it in the net, back door. HUGE goal for momentum, and the place went bananas. A few minutes later, Boss scored his second 5-hole powerplay goal of the game off another feed from Sharpie. Nothing special, he just ate Niemi up. That's what NHL snipers do. He must break you!
  • El Capitán set up his goal, earlier, when he drew his penalty, by forcing a bad pass to Kaner on the play. The next time up the ice Toews faked like he might pass to Kaner and sniped ANOTHER 5-hole goal. Three goals in just about four minutes, all 5-hole. In a side note, a terrible choice by Ben Eager led to the 2-on-1. Thanks for all THAT, Cement Head.
  • Hammer had to throw an extra 10% on his goal, just to toss some salt in the wound. Little shimmy around the defender, to the center of the ice, and let'r rip! Niittymaki was screened by at least 6 players, on the shot. Now they were smiling; and rolling!
  • Less than a minute after Couture's goal, El Capitán pulled his balls out once again, and fed a backhand pass from behind the net to Sharpie, who waited a second for Kaner to clear and then hit him for Kaner's 100th goal of his young career. That brought a close to the 5 goal second period for the Hawks. Well played, Sirs, Well played!
  • Also, slightly overlooked was Shooter's 4 assist period, in the second. Consider HIS brass nuts flexed, as well.
  • I would be letting down all goalies if I didn't point out Crow's glove save at the end of the second. Nice to see him do a little showboating, because after the year he's had, he deserves it. It shouldn't go without mentioning that if you're a goalie, sitting on the ice, and Ryan Clowe is crosschecking you in the neck, you might get a little pissed off. Good for Crow, fighting back. That is a horseshit play, and shame on Edzo for brushing that off.
The Bad
  • Wow do the Hawks know how to start a game off horrible. Two bad penalties and a quick powerplay goal against. That is really a great idea against a team like the Sharks. Three minutes in and they are picking the puck out of the back of their net while sucking wind. Pisani's penalty was his SECOND cross check in that shift. If you don't get it right the first time, you might as well try again, eh Dog? Johnson's was a brutal call, but still, guys. Last of all, they HAVE to get the puck out of the zone. They turned it over at least half a dozen time on those powerplays.
  • All that talk about how Niemi covers low well, and Toews tries shooting 5 hole on his first solid chance. Come on, Cobra Kai!
  • If it isn't one thing, it's another. Joe Thornton scored a nice goal, that was a result of Stromboli and Brouwer dry humping a Sharks forward in the corner. The puck squirted loose and the Hawks were also caught in a bad line change. That is not a good combo when Jover-Rated Thornton is streaking in, all alone, on your netminder.
  • Logan Couture's was a fat rebound by Crow, after Couture got behind Deuce. Whatever.
The Ugly
  • I still LOATHE Pierre Fucking McGuire, and he looks even more stupid with that tan. A big tan penis!
  • John Scott for Brian Campbell. I know they have no choice but I don't have to like it. I have to point out, though, that his pass to Kaner, that drew a penalty, was really pretty nice. Credit where it's due, Big Show. I'd give you a fist bump if I could reach your fist, ya fucking Neanderthal. And you should have pounded Ben Eager.
  • Its ALWAYS nice to see a former player shit the bed when they return to play you. Even though Niemi was chased from the game in the second, Ben Eager, you get the SHIT THE BED award for this game. Just watching Eager whimper away when, Big Show worked him over, made me chuckle with glee, on top of his two defensive gaffes, and his stupid penalty.
Here are the video highlights for your viewing pleasure:

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