Monday, November 8, 2010

When Casual Fans Strike Again

The whole reason I began this column is that I was tired of watching idiots spew their moronic B.S. all over the internet, regarding the Blackhawks. I felt the need to debunk the stupid comments, and I've done a pretty damn good job, thus far. SO, yesterday afternoon, I saw a comment on a person's Facebook regarding Kris Versteeg attending the Bears game in Toronto, but it was the following comments that set me off, and resulted in another barrel of ownage.

Guy 1 : Stallberg is better

Guy 2 : a guy who's had 13 goals in his career isn't better..

ME : Versteeg is really showing that he can only score when he's hidden behind stellar talent and Stalberg is outscoring him.

Guy 1 : Thanks Jeff for backing me up right on .

Guy 2 : learn how to read. I said career you tool.

Guy 2 : Apparently, you can't read either Jeff. Career goals i'm talking about.

ME : Career numbers have NOTHING to do with the current situation, you tool bag. He's skating on the first line with one of the best goal scorers in the league and can't manage more than 5 points in 13 games. What more do you need? Because Versteeg broke into the league before Stalberg makes him a better player? Puhleez. He's a second tier player.

Guy 2 : And you're a clueless idiot. Saying a guy that has 13 CAREER goals is better compared to a guy that has 46 career goals..suggest both of you need to look in the mirror.

Guy 2 : and when both of you have a lick of hockey knowledge, get back to me.

Guy 1 : Oooooooooooo mr hockey ova here who made you Don Cherry Tool.

ME : Yeah that's like saying Gordie Howe is better than Stalberg, currently, because he has more career points. Your hockey knowledge is astounding everyone here, genius. Stalberg has a total of 55 career games, and 40 of them were with an atrocious team. Versteeg has total of 221. Of course he's going to outscore someone with 55. Don't tell me about hockey knowledge.

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