Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sleep Walker, New York Rangers

Not exactly a memorable game, or a game that we'd WANT to remember, which is becoming a tragic theme. Brian Campbell was in the lineup for his first game of the season, and the Defense looked considerably better, by only allowing 23 shots, but the bad news is that 3 went in. Get well soon, Hoss.

The Good
Well, the powerplay goal once again came through on a goal by TomoKop, in the first, but again they had crucial powerplay chances that they had to come through on, and didn't. They had plenty of chances, but they are having major issues finishing.

Marty Turco played a decent game, but they only faced 23 total shots, while they unleashed 35 against Lundqvist.

Pick-to-Click Vik had great chance all alone in the slot, and Lundqvist made a better stop.

Hey, at least one of the NHL's Top 5 asshelmets, Sean Avery, didn't score, which would have made things oh so much more painful.

The Bad
Brouwer had another "blah" game, and wasted a prime chance by waiting too long, which resulted in him not even getting a shot on net. It looked like he was a two seconds behind on everything he did.

Kopecky and Seabrook completely fell asleep on the second Ranger goal right in front of Turco, and left Dubinsky wide open, while they stood there with their junk in their hands.

Again, the critical powerplay in the third that not only did they not score on, but took a penalty against. It feels like they score on powerplays that are the least important and when they really count, they are like a high school kid on his first date. Rushing the whole process and generally just being clumsy. King Henrik was stellar on the final powerplay, in the third, but they had plenty of chances before that, and it should have been tied up long before then.

Paint it any way you'd like, but I will never understand wasting time in John Scott playing wing. He's BRUTAL! As much as I think Bickell is over rated, I'd much rather see him out there than Scott. Bickell can organize his thoughts enough to pick up a rebound and put it in the general direction of the net. Even if his only two redeeming qualities are that he is big and can shoot, that's one more than Scott. In theory, Scott was a great idea with his size and fighting "ability", but when you see him play, you realize that he's not talented, and I still haven't seen him show he can punch his way out of a paper bag. Take for instance, Brian Boyle of the Rangers. He's 6'7" and weighs 240 lbs, which is roughly the same size as John Frankenscott. Boyle is by FAR a more talented player. Faster, can move his feet, can handle the puck, AND use his size. It's like night and day. I'm not even comparing Scott to Chara, which is just not even fair. Hell, put Boynton in and dress Hendry at forward, I don't care.

Lastly, Throwing Ben Smith in there with Dowell and Scott might be the the biggest epic facepalm of all. It's like baby bear, momma bear and daddy bear with their fucking porridge. All we need is a little blonde with pigtails, and I'm sure the Ice Crew can arrange that. I get the Potulny promotion, but Ben Smith just leaves me bewildered at this point. They don't need smaller people in the lineup, and there is no way in hell he's 5'11".

The Ugly
The Hawks second goal by Kane was just an awful goal for Lundqvist to give up. It was a terrible angle, and just a hope and a prayer thrown at the net. Kane was clearly looking for a rebound. Lucky break for the Hawks, but ugly nonetheless.

Of course the ugliest of the ugly was the Rangers third goal by Christensen. Sharpie couldn't get a piece of the puck as it snuck over his stick and Campbell played Maverick with a "fly by". The result is an emerging sniper one on one with your Goalie. You can blame Turco all you'd like, but that is what an NHL sniper should do when given that time. Blame the defensive breakdown for putting Turco in that spot. It was a nicely placed shot, and game over

This just in, the Rangers just blocked another 3 shot attempts.

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