Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reigning at Club Baba-Lu

Assclown Kevin Bieksa does his dolphin impression

Now, that's a LITTLE more like it. Moustachio shook up the lines and it seemed to light a fire under the asses of the Hawks. Crawford was in net and he deserved to be after the lackluster effort by Turco last night.

Let me also add that I absolutely LOVE the "green men" of Vancouver. Every time the Hawks got a penalty they made me laugh my ass off. My hat goes off to them, because they are about as entertaining as any fan in sports. If you don't find these guys funny, you have no sense of humor:

The Good
Well, what do you know? The Hawks actually DO care. When they play Vancouver, that is. I know this will go overlooked, but Corey Crawford played an excellent game. He deserves a lot of credit. Early on, when it was close, he kept the puck out of the net on a few nice chances. He deserves the shutout, but it's hard to stay sharp on D when you have a 7 goal lead. Boss 81 had a nice three point night, as well.

Captain Serious set off the nights festivities with a nice tip of a Boss 81 pass. Jonny B Goode started off the scoring the other night in Edmonton and he opened up the floor gates in Vancouver.

Troy Brouwer finally showed that he has some nuts in that jockstrap, with a great power move to the net. That's the first time all season that I've seen Brouwer care enough to do something positive. Maybe he could clue Bolland in on how to join the action.

Finally, the powerplay decided to start clicking with the Seabrook goal. What more can be said? Baba-Lu should have had that one, but its so fun watching Baba-Lu give up weak goals.

As bad as they looked against Calgary, they looked that GOOD last night. Sharpie put the exclamation mark on Baba-Lu's night with a slick little goal. I'm sorry, but Luongo might be the most overrated goalie in the league. He's clearly a serviceable goalie but he gets WAY too much credit. Crybaby little girl.

Cory Schnieder really didn't get much more help, and you can tell what kind of welcome it is when Fernando Pisani is sniping you; TWICE! Not only that, but BRYAN BICKELL, and DAVID FUCKING BOLLAND were the ones that fed him the puck. Yikes! That still doesn't count as a Dave Bolland sighting, and I'm tired of pointing out that he's been completely ineffective.

PAT by Kaner...against douchebag Kevin shit Vancouver and your Club Baba-Lu.

The Bad
Giving up a shorthanded 3-on-1 is just sad. C'mon guys. They can thank Seabrook and Crawford for bailing their asses out on that crap.

I really can't complain, but the calls against Vancouver were really 50/50. The Hawks looked really good, but Vancouver didn't get much help from the officials. What I say to that is, "Waaaa!".

Kevin Bieksa is a complete assclown. Crosschecking a defenseless guy in the back when you're down 6-0, and then punching him in the back of the head? Really? Scumbag.

The Ugly
I still hate this Brouwer-Bolland-Kopecky crap on the powerplay. It's BRUTAL. I don't know what Quenneville sees in this, but it's not working. I guess Stalberg or Skille aren't a better option, eh? Can't he just give it a try? For my sanity? I'm tired of cursing them out on every powerplay. I get that Bickell and Pisani earned some PP time later in the game, but Skille and Stalberg deserve more, as well.

When Andrew Alberts got his penalty against Troy Brouwer, in the second, you could clearly hear someone on the ice say, "Fuck you, Alberts". Hilarious. Someone call the FCC.

Here are the video highlights:

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