Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ben Smith and Ryan Potulny sent to Rockford

No big surprise here. Ben Smith's spot on this team is interchangeable, and pretty much, so is Potulny's. Who knows what this means, in the grand scheme of things. Hossa is skating but his legs weren't the problem, and Bolland, maybe his lobotomy took. Actually, Bolland isn't eligible to play until Saturday, because of his status on the injured list. This could be a cap shuffle, like last season, or maybe they are going to look into a couple of other players. As much as I'd like to see what Kyle Beach has, his salary will keep him in Rockford all season, unless there is some emergency. Brandon Pirri, or Evan Brophey could be names we see. Jeremy Morin has 3 power play goals in Rockford but has been hurt, and Igor Makarov has 2 goals, but he is also a ridiculous -7 in 9 games. That doesn't look too well, when the big wigs are looking at numbers to impress them. Who really knows what they are thinking at this point. Sometimes, I think they literally throw all their choices into a hat or ask the magic 8-ball.

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