Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stanley Cup Final: Blackhawks vs Bruins
Game 1 3OT Win Recap

"STORMtroopers of Death"

2013 Stanley Cup Final; the Blackhawks and Bruins. Get on with the track meet!

The first period was fairly even, Wednesday night, although the Bruins had a slight edge in play with their eleven shots and one goal, compared to the Hawks 7 shots. This wasn't the first time the Hawks went down early, only to come back.

The Hawks started the second period in terrible fashion, surrendering the second Bruins goal early. But, as good teams have been known to do, Blackhawks answered and then took control of play, out shooting Boston 16 to 6. Unfortunately, only one of those 16 shots ended up in the net but it was progress, and a one goal game, going into the third.

The Hawks began the third period digging themselves into a 3-1 hole and things didn't look good for the home team. I have to give them credit, because they didn't get down on themselves and fought back to eventually tie the game. Once again, they grossly out shot the visiting team 15-8 to give the Hawks a 60 minute total of 39-25. It was going to take at least one more shot to win this one, because game one was set for extra time. LOTS of extra time.

This one did not dissappoint. These two exhausted teams took the game to TRIPLE overtime, which is almost entire additional game. At the stroke of midnight, and almost 5 hours after the puck drop, the United Center erupted and "Chelsea, Chelsea" rang out. The Blackhawks are up one nil on the Bruins, and three wins away from another Stanley Cup.

Breathe, tranquilizer, blackout.

The Good

  • Saad took advantage of playing with two of the toughest players in the NHL, as he was paired back up Hossa and Toews. Hossa dug the puck out of the corner and got it to Saad, who was wide open at the circle. Saad then one timed a shot over Rask's glove to give the Blackhawks life, when there seemed to be none. Finally, something to cheer about.
  • With twelve minutes remaining in the third, and two minutes after the Bergeron goal, Dave Bolland took a pretty slick Andrew Shaw feed and cut the Bruins lead, again, to one goal. Shaw stole the puck at the Bruins blue line and led the rush, while
  • Johnny Oduya was the fortunate recipient of a weird bank shot off a Bruin's skate and into the net, tying up the game with 7:46 left in regulation. The Hawks were buzzing around the zone and a shot that was actually going to go wide. It hit the back side of Ference and dribbled past Rask. All treys!
  • I'm a big enough man to eat my words, but David Bolland was ENORMOUS on both ends of the ice. He probably saved at least three goals, while scoring one and being in on the game winning goal.
  • Well, the Blackhawks weren't AS bad at the dots, as in previous series, so I guess this has to be a small victory. They were 49% as a team, but if you exclude Bolland's paltry 31%, the rest of the team looks much better.
  • As the watches in Chicago struck midnight, in the third overtime, a long Michal Roszival point shot tipped off the stick of Dave Bolland, Andrew Shaw, and finally into the net. Bedlam ensued. That Shaw kid sure has a potty mouth. Good thing all the little kiddies were in bed.
  • I'm going to keep saying it until the wheels fall off the wagon; IF the wheels fall off. Take your Ray Emery horseshit and shove it up your dopey fair weather fan asses. Corey Crawford was a BEAST! I cannot count how many times he saved the Hawks asses, AND held the Bruins at bay long enough for the Hawks to rally back and support him. If the Hawks can really pull this off, Corey Crawford is your Conn Smythe Trophy winner. He made a HUGE glove save in the first period, which could be one of the best of the entire playoffs.
  • Well, I suppose this means we are going to see more Brandon Dullig. In his defense, he didn't do anything to hur the team, so as long as that continues, I'll be on board. I still prefer Smith, but Dullig played 14 minutes and had 9 hits.
  • Believe it of not, the Blackhawks outhit the Bruins in regulation and in the overtimes (61-59). I didn't think they were physically able to accomplish that, especially without taking stupid penalties.
  • about this kid? A goal, an assist, and 9 hits. Looks like the real deal, to me.
The Bad

  • Milan Lucic scored the first goal of the final, just over half way through the first period. Hjalmarsson went for a big hit behind the net and that left an odd man situation in the slot. Lucic had all day to pick Crawford apart, and did just that. 1-0 Bruins
  • Just 51 seconds into the second period, Milan Lucic scored his second goal of the game. How do you miss a guy that big, moving that slow into the zone? He was WIDE open, and was given FAR too much time and space.
  • A bad tripping penalty in the third period let to a Patrice Bergeron goal with 5 minutes gone in the period. The Hawks were running around on the kill and Seguin got the puck, wide open in the slot. Seguin chose to dish to Bergeron instead of shooting, who unleashed a blazing shot past Crawford.
  • If Horton is as hurt as he looked going off the ice, that is a huge blow to the Bruins offense.
The Ugly

  • The powerplay is god fucking awful. Just terrible. In the second period alone, the Hawks blew a 5-on-3 and another powerplay, that could have tied the game at the very least. I'm not going to buy into this, "well it got them this far" crap. If the powerplay scores just one goal, the wouldn't be packing urgent care centers for ulcer treatment.
  • A terrible pinch on overtime caused Thornton to end up 1-on-1 with Crawford, and Crawford beat him. I was sure the game was over. Absolutely sure!
  • The Hawks took a bad too many men penalty with just over 8 minutes left in the first overtime. Luckily the Hawks killed it off, but that wasn't all. Not to be out done, they took ANOTHER one late in overtime number 2. A long Chara shot off the post is the only thing that saved them from losing the game on that powerplay.
  • Bruin Chris Kelly was minus three on the night and 32% at the dots. More of this please? WOOF!

Courtesy of Mighty Mike D at Cheer the Anthem, and HockeeNight for starting the tradition.

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