Saturday, June 15, 2013

Stanley Cup Final: Blackhawks vs Bruins
Game 2 OT Loss Recap

"Symphony of Destruction"

The first period was ALL Blackhawks. they came out and out shot the Bruins 19-4 and out scored them 1-0. If it weren't for a great effort in net, the Blackhawks would have been up 2-0 or 3-0. Utterly dominant effort.

It couldn't keep up long, and it didn't. The Bruins tied up the game late in the second period, on six shots, while holding the Blackhawks to four shots.

The Hawks third period was atrocious. They couldn't even get the puck to the red line without icing it. It's amazing that they didn't surrender any goals, but they held the Bruins scoreless while getting out shot again 8-5. Game two was following the theme of game 1, going to overtime

The Hawks could barely get the puck out of their zone and the Bruins were able to jump on a huge mistake. Shipping out to Boston tied at 1-1.

The Good

  • Sharpie opened up the scoring for the Hawks, as there was complete chaos in the crease. All 10 players seemed to end up in the crease, with the puck bouncing around all over the place. The puck squirted out to the left circle and Sharp just grabbed it, turned, and fired it over the down Rask. 1-0 Blackhawks
  • After taking a second period penalty for tripping Bolland pulled the old "two for flinching" move on Marchand, which was hilarious!!
  • For the entire first half of the game, Patrick Sharp was into everything. Shooting, Passing, Hitting, Scoring, Drawing Penalties. He was doing everything.
  • The loss is not on Crawford. He, once again, made several huge saves and kept the Hawks in the game. If you even thought of blaming Crawford, kindly guzzle a bottle of Drano.
The Bad

  • Doc Emerick must have been high, because he called Johnny Boychuk, Niklas.
  • The Refs were the only reason the Hawks didn't go into the first intermission up 2-0. The Hawks jammed a puck past Rask, but the Ref "intended to blow". I can tell you first hand that the Refs blow. Cost the Hawks the game.
  • The second line got worked by a good portion of the Bruins 4th line and Seguin, late in the second period, and the puck ended beating Crawford to tie the game up. Just when the Hawks were dominating play but not able to beat Rask, the Bruins get a fortunate bounce, and the game is all even. Leddy and Roszival were definitely having issues on the play, as well.
  • Jagr had a great chance to snipe Crawford, early in OT, and hit the post. WHEW!!!
  • I could predict a few things every game. The Hawks will suck at faceoffs (46%); the Hawks will get out hit (34-50), and their powerplay will be terrible (0-3). Two of those three matter, and need to get better.
The Ugly

  • Fuck Comcast, and their bullshit. The HD feed went out in the first period, and unless you knew to scramble over to the Standard Def channel, you missed the first goal. $200 a month well spent.
  • Well, in overtime it was only a matter of time before the Bruins won the game. Color me surprised that Brandon Bollig was front and center leading up to the goal. He had plenty of time to clear the puck out of the zone, shit is diaper, and then allowed the Bruins to keep it in. The puck ended up on the puck of Dan Paille, who took a great shot that beat Crawford of the far post and in.
  • The Hawks had 19 shots in the first 20 minutes, and 24 shots in the remaining 53 minutes. That cannot happen.
  • I have to keep pointing it out, but we are all aware that the Blackhawks powerplay is rancid dogshit at the Clown College. They had chances to pull away and completely choked.

Courtesy of Mighty Mike D at Cheer the Anthem, and HockeeNight for starting the tradition.

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