Monday, February 21, 2011

Wild Man Blues

"Kiss glass, Cam Janssen"

Whoever sets up these 1PM starts on a Monday afternoon, needs to be tazered in the neck. Yes, a lot of people had President's Day off work and school but a lot of people don't. Anyway, the Hawks showed a little, OK maybe a lot, of fatigue with a very slow start. St. Louis DOMINATED the Hawks in the first with 15 shots to the Hawks 9. With those 15 shots came 2 goals, and could have EASILY yielded 4. Someone must have said something in the locker room during the first intermission, because the Hawks came out with 4 goals in the second period, and seemed to have a more urgent attitude. The Hawks made it interesting by giving up a third period goal, but scored an open netter to ice the game.

The Good
  • It took until the opening minutes of the second period for the Hawks to show signs of life, with Pick-to-Click Vik putting in a free puck after a Ryan Johnson faceoff win. The game started an hour ago, fellas.
  • A minute later Boss 81 pulled his enormous balls out and drew two Blues defenders long enough for Bolland to slip in behind, take a Hossa backhand pass, and put it into a wide open net. So much for that 0-2 deficit.
  • I guess we see why this Ben Bishop guy has been in Peoria, with Kaner's weak knucklepuck of a goal. He just threw it at the net, and it went off the far post and in. Talk about some luck.
  • Captain Serious put an end to Ben Bishop's afternoon by scoring a "meat-n-potatoes" powerplay goal. Nothing pretty about that goal. He just decided to drive to the front of the net and jam it in like a football player on prom night.
  • Boss 81 and Bolly have been playing EXCELLENT together. So, that's what it's like when you put a competent center iceman out there with him. Only took 3/4 of the season, and Quenneville to have a medical emergency, to figure that one out.
  • Winchester must have really infuriated Hossa, because he was throwing his body around for the entire second half of the game, after Winchester laid him out. I can't say I have seen throw that many checks in 5 games, much less 30 minutes of one game.
  • One thing I like to see is revenge by goal. Jake the Snake hustled to save icing at the end of the game and Backes absolutely wrecked him. The puck came around the boards and Hoss put it in the open net. Fuck off, Backes!
The Bad
  • Nice to see the Hawks came out flying after yesterday's lethargic win by getting out shot 9-3 in the first half of the first. Thanks for the effort guys.
  • Penalty Kill, anyone? Guess not. The Blues first goal was another soft one, but not Crawford's fault. The original shot was deflected off Seabrook's stick and Crawford had to put all of his energy into just getting a piece of it. Of course the rebound dropped right to Crawford's left and Andy McDonald
  • Goal number two by St. Louis was pitiful. Complete clusterfuck. I'm not even going to dissect that piece of dung. Lets all just stand in the crease, dumb asses.
  • Good job holding your position Leddy, and, yes, that is sarcasm. He let Crombeen push him all over the place and lucking the ensuing goal was waved off, because Leddy wanted NOTHING to do with that contact. He looked like a beaten puppy when that goal went in.
  • Pietrangelo made up for the earlier waved off goal by pulling the Blues within one goal, half way through the third. Were they just trying to throw it away?
The Ugly
  • I spent a good deal of the second period tweeting about the utterly horseshit primary camera angle of the WGN broadcast and it's poor definition quality. Apparently, I wasn't the only person to notice this, either. Don't advertise that it's a "high definition telecast", when you use a standard definition camera. Idiots.
  • The Hawks were out shot 29-19 through two periods and were winning 4-2. Talk about luck.
Here are the video highlights for your viewing pleasure:

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