Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Ship is Taking on Water

I guess there aren't going to be many easy ones from here on out, not that we thought there would be. The Hawks came into this one hitting but they weren't exactly causing scoring chances. The Flames were the only ones on the scoreboard after the first period, with a goal off a very sloppy change. The Hawks only managed THREE shots on net in that period, which is utterly pathetic. The second was a little better as the Hawks tied up the game, but they never really had a great deal of scoring chances, despite the powerplays. In the third, the Hawks outshot the Flames 9-7 but gave up the game winner and an empty netter. Not a good showing at all. This just isn't a quality playoff team, because they can't play consistently for any more than a period at a time.

The Good
  • The Hawks were the most physical I've seen them all year, in the first period. Seabrook and Brouwer made some big hits. They tried to talk up the Boynton hit on Bourque, but he really just barely clipped Bourque. You can shine up a turd all you want, but it's still a turd.
  • Captain Serious ALMOST took too much time on the play where the goal was scored. They caught the Flames in a bad line change and were lucky they didn't squander the chance. Luckily Jonny hung onto the puck long enough, as he was going around the net, for Pat Kane to find a soft spot. Tazer found Kane wide open in the slot, and he buried it.
  • How Nik Hjalmarsson continues to block shots like he does, and continues to roll right back out on the ice, is beyond me. This guy take a BEATING, and has balls of steel.
The Bad
  • I'm not going to shut up and take this with a smile, so WHY are we being fed so much Nick Boynton? It's just extremely annoying at this point, and I think Quenneville is doing it to piss everyone off, because mission accomplished. I cry UNCLE!!!
  • I'm not really sure what the hell is going on with the first goal, but SOMEONE, and all signs point to Hjalmarsson, decided to make a change on the D, and left Seabrook and Keith hung out to dry. Keith simply had ZERO chance to make up the ground lost and the Calgary player, Backlund, snuck in between for the breakaway. HORRIBLE change. I was looking to blame Keith, but I watched the play a few times, and I'm fairly sure it was Hammer that went for the late change. Keith wasn't really at fault.
  • The starting lineup said that Hendry was playing with Boynton, which was incorrect. Leddy was playing with Boynton. Attention to detail guys. It starts from the top on down.
  • The powerplay is now CLEARLY broken, and scoring on pure talent is NOT working anymore. I am beginning to think assistant coach Mike Kitchen is responsible for this. When he was in charge of the PK, they were AWFUL, and once Haviland took it over, things were better. Now, I'm assuming Kitch is handling the powerplay, while Havi is fixing the PK. How something that was working so well, could just suddenly be broken is beyond me, but here we are.
  • I'm not entirely sure why, but Nick Leddy sat for a good portion of the second period. Some kind of punishment, apparently, but Nick Boynton can suck it up all night long. Makes sense. That really works well with a 19 year old's ego.
  • The second Calgary goal was a pretty nice shot by Glencross. Crawford went down early, and got picked apart, but Brouwer got caught chasing the puck, originally, and left Glencross behind him.
The Ugly
  • THREE shots in the first period? EMBARRASSING!
  • How many shorthanded chances are we going to give up guys? The Flames are not THAT good on the PK.
  • Anytime someone wants to let the second line know that they were supposed to play last night, that would be swell. Six total shots by that entire line. Calgary...last night...you missed it, fellas.
  • Captain Serious was coming off one of his better games, and proceed to stink the joint up at the faceoff dot. Thirty eight percent from the Hawks best faceoff guy. That's all sorts of suck.
  • Perfect way to end a horseshit game, a bad penalty for mouthing off, and an empty net goal.
Here are the video highlights for your viewing pleasure:

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