Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Biggest Dumb Ass in the NHL for $1000, Alex.

There are a lot of real assclowns in the NHL, and I mean A LOT! But the top of the list has to be Islander Goaltender Rick DiPietro. This guy can't keep himself healthy whatsoever, and I mean WHAT-SO-EVER. If someone looks at him cross, he pulls a groin. His knees are made of pure glass. Knowing this full well, the Islanders baby him like a child and cringe at each and every questionable fall or play. So, tonight, he is losing 3-0 in the late seconds of the game and he purposely steps in the way of league ball bag Matt Cooke, but this isn't the most stupid thing he did. After a scrum ensues from the collision, DiPietro sees Penguins Goalie Brent Johnson drifting towards the Islander. The smart thing to do would be just ignore it and take your 3-0 loss like a man. Not DiPietro. He urges Johnson to come down and fight. They drop their gloves and this happens:

You, my friend, just got THUNDERSTRUCK (to steal that retarded John Scott/Pat Foley announcement). Lets watch that left from Johnson once again, in slow motion.

With all his injury problems, he joins in on this ass hattery. Especially the way he steals that salary from the Isles nightly. YOU SIR, are a complete DUMB ASS, Rick DiPietro!

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