Saturday, May 25, 2013

Playoffs: Blackhawks vs RedWings - Game 5 Win Recap

"More Than Meets the Eye"

Saturday turned out to be Detoilet's first chance to eliminate the Hawks and send them packing for good. After this magical season, the Blackhawks worst arch enemy had a chance to upset them and end their season. With the Rangers getting eliminated right at game time, it was up the the Blackhawks to keep from having two highly touted teams bounced. On to the action.

The Hawks came out more physical in the first period, and had a majority of the chances. They also had the only goal of the period. Forgive the fans for not falling for this false sense of security, because we've fallen for it before. Big hits and a goal on 12 shots were a good start but 11 shots given up were also concerning.

The Hawks opened up a two goal lead in the second period, after letting the Wings tie the game. They out shot the Wings once again, 16-11. One would think a 2 goal lead would last, but we've learned not to count our blessings in this series.

The Hawks continued their new more consistant play in the third period, they out shot the Wings a cartoonish 17-4 in the period and iced the game with their 4th goal. There will be a game 6 in Detoilet on Monday.

The Good

  • Dr. Lineblender was in full effect Saturday night. The defensive pairs were back to what they were early in the season(2/7,4/27,32/8). Saad was playing with Stalberg and Shaw. Bickell, Handzus and Hossa were together. Toews, Kane and Sharp were together. The forth line was Kruger, Frolik and Bolland.
  • The combination of Bickell, Hanzus and Kane caused all kinds of problems for the Wings defense resulting in Bryan Bickell with the puck on his stick in front of a gaping net. This time around the puck made it's way to the back of the net for a 1-0 Hawks lead.
  • Andrew Shaw put the Hawks back up by one goal, in the second half of the second period, tipping a Duncan Keith powerplay shot past Howard. The Hawks had dominating control of the play for the duration of powerplay. The Wings simply couldn't even get a stick on the puck. Where has this powerplay been, and why can't they do this all the time?
  • After another Abdelkader penalty, El Capitan finally broke his slump with a sweet snipe from the right side of the net. He read Howard down on the ice, banked it off Howard's mask and into the net. 3-1 Hawks.
  • Shaw got his second goal of the game, when he picked up a Stalberg shot that was blocked wide of the net and wrapped it around the post beating Jimmy Howard, who was late getting back to his post. Shaw just happened to be coasting behind the net, when the Stalberg shot went wide and died just in front of him. In one motion he pushed it to the goal line, and into the net.
The Bad

  • With the Hawks holding momentum almost halfway through the first period what does Stalberg do? He takes a lazy offensive zone interference penalty. Fucking brain dead.
  • I am sick to death of Duncan Keith shooting into opponents shin pads. Sick and fucking tired of it!
  • Dan Cleary used a 4 on 4 situation halfway through the second period to tie the game up. Zetterberg set him up with a nice backhand saucer pass that Brendan Smith got a piece up, and ended up on Cleary's stick. Frolik was late on the back check and Cleary beat him to the net.
  • The Hawks were still pretty bad at the dots, but better than the last few games. Toews and Bolland were the worst, at 40% and 47% respectively.
The Ugly

  • I haven't bitched much about the refs this series at all, but the Wings got away clear and obvious too many men penalty in the second period. Brutal! They missed several calls, including what should have been a goal, in the first period and a Frolik breakaway.

Here are the video highlights:

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