Friday, May 24, 2013

Playoffs: Blackhawks at Detroit - Game 4 Loss Recap

"Hand Of Doom"

By now you all know the bad news. The Wings beat the Hawks 2-0, to go up 3-1 in the series. The Hawks controlled the first period, but went completely mental in the second, loosing all composure. The third period was all about Red Wings lock down, and the Hawks headed back home with the prospect of being eliminated Saturday, at home no less.

I'm too disgusted with this effort to put up a cutsey period by period analysis. Let's be honest here, the Hawks are in bad shape, and 60 minutes from an early summer of golfing. Memorial Day may end up being the Blackhawks memorial. On with the bad news, brace yourselves:

The Good

  • It's hard to find a anything good in a 2-0 loss, but the Hawks actually played very well in the first period. They out shot the Wings 14-10 but couldn't capitalize on the MANY Wings turnovers. Maybe I need to give Jimmy Howard credit, but just who the hell is this Jimmy Howard and where did he come from??????
  • Corey Crawford did what he is suppose to do. He played well, and only gave up one goal. In fact, the way he has played for both series should tell you that all that "play Ray Emery" horseshit should be over. He has not cost the Hawks a single game. The Hawks are beating themselves. As I'll reitterate below, Two goals scored, in three games, are in no way shape or form Corey Crawford's fault. If you even utter the name of Ray Emery, you deserve to be flogged with a bag of rusty nails.
  • I know he ended up with a couple of infractions in that nightmare of a second period, but it should be pointed out that Bryan Bickell has been HITTING PEOPLE! In what are probably the final games of his Blackhawks career, he finally figured out that he's bigger than most opponents and can use that to his advantage, rather than act like he is some 180 lb sniper ripping off wrist shots from 55 feet out. Enjoy New Jersey or Florida, Bick.
The Bad

  • As was said by some people watching the game with me, you could just see the goal coming from a mile away. Six straight powerplay minutes (or should I say 5:59) and the second Kindl got the puck on his stick, I knew it was going in the net. You cannot physically kill every powerplay, especially when you've gone apeshit and taked three penalties in the first half of the second period.
  • The empty net goal doesn't even matter, but their puck possession prior to it should be noted. PISS POOR.
  • 40%, 47%, 44%, 29%. Those are the Blackhawks faceoff percentages, minus El Capitan's 61%. It all starts with puck possession for this team, and they weren't getting it.
  • Is it too late to go back and wish for the San Jose matchup?
The Ugly

  • I have no explanation for Jonathan Toews absolutely losing his shit in the second period, and taking three penalties. The frustration was clearly evident with El Capitan. The third penalty was the worst, because the game winning goal was scored with one second remaining on it. You can't expect to win many games scoring 2 goals in three games. I'm not looking forward to a summer of the rest of the NHL fanbase mumbling about how Toews cracked under the pressure.
  • I said it before, and I'm repeating it once again. Their fucking terrible powerplay and lack of anyone named Toews winning faceoffs was a concern. To all of you Twitards that wanted to argue the fact, because they were rolling through the regular season, HOW YA LIKE ME NOW?????
  • Oh, and when I was concerned they were peaking too early, yeah that.
  • Lets talk about Toews and Sharp missing breakaways in the first period shall we? Bet they'd like to have at least ONE of those back now, dontcha think?
  • How the hell does your best puck moving defenseman end up with EIGHT FUCKING THIRTY EIGHT of ice time? Really, Q? This was your answer to the Wings trap? If there wasn't some unreported injury, this alone should get Quenneville fired. It makes NO fucking sense.
  • Other blogs and fans might tell you it's still not time to panic, but they are wrong. Get your voodoo dolls and antacids out because the Hawks are dangerously close to choking.

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