Monday, May 20, 2013

Playoffs: Blackhawks at Detroit
Game 3 Loss Recap

"Random Acts of Senseless Violence"

After a disappointing game 2 the Blackhawks were in Detoilet for game 3. No preview needed, you know the drill. On to the action.

The Hawks came out with a little more of an edge in the first period than they have in a while, but it wouldn't last long. They weren't able to manage any goals, but they out shot the Wings 15-9. Not a bad period in a hostile environment.

The second period was a completely different story. The Wings took control around halfway through the period and never really lost it. They matched the Hawks first period out shooting them 14-8 and out scoring the Hawks 2-0.

The third period was even in score, and slightly favored the Hawks in shots, but the Hawks never fully recovered from the terrible second period, and lost 3-1. The now faced the unfortunate possibility of going down 3-1 before getting back to the UC.

The Good

  • The line of Toews, Stalberg, and Saad was utterly dominant in the first 5 minutes of the second period. It was like a 5 minutes powerplay.
  • Not even half way through the second and El Capitan had 6 shots on net. It all came to a screeching halt there, though.
  • Crazy 8s got the Hawks back within one goal, with fifteen minutes remaining in the third period. He was able to out race the Detroit defense for a breakaway, and beat Howard 5-hole.
  • Go figure that a couple of the best Hawks chances were when the third line that was together all season got back together. Stalberg breakaway and the following rebounds.
  • The Hawks penalty kill continued to stay hot, and is probably the only reason the Hawks didn't lose 5-1.
The Bad

  • Andrew Shaw started his horseshit late in the first period. He drew all kinds of attention dragging a Wings player to the box with him, but Bickell stuck his yap into the mix and ended up with two minutes of his own, leaving the Hawks shorthanded. Shaw was out of his fucking mind all night. He ended up getting thrown out with a late misconduct shortly after making one of the few positive plays he made, which was a big check on Colaiacovo.
  • The Wings opened up a 1-0 lead about halfway through the first period after Nyquist out raced Leddy and then twisted Seabrook around like a top. He out waited Crawford and then put it over the fallen goalie.
  • Almost immediately following the Nyquist goal, thirty seconds to be exact, the fourth lines faced off and the puck ended up in the back of the Hawks net again thanks to Drew Miller. Timeout Hawks, and a much needed one.
  • Shooter got a breakaway with about 5 minutes into the third and was stopped by Howard.
  • Another Wings game, another night of getting their dicks kicked in at the dots. Shaw and Handzus were the only two Hawks over 50%.
The Ugly

  • It didn't take long for Jakub Kindl to take a bit of a cheap shot on Stalberg and send him to the locker room. Kindl saw Stalberg coming for a big hit and undercut him, sending him into the boards head first. Real Cute.
  • The Hawks were probably robbed of a goal when Shaw was called for being in the crease and interfering with Howard. I can't say that it looked like he interfered at all, on any replay I saw.
  • Datsyuk stuck a daggar in the Hawks heart with a 2-on-2 goal just seven minutes into the third period that Crawford should have saved, with the time and view he had of it.
  • I'm not sure if I am being over critical of a 4th line player, but Kruger has looked like absolute shit on the ice. Bad turnovers, terrible passes, and just overall bad decisions. I'd be happy only seeing him on the PK, at this point.

Here are the video highlights:

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