Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Zapruder Strikes Again - The Hansen and Hossa Chronicles

First of all, I find it hilarious that I even need to address this, but here we are.

Last night Jannik Hansen made a stupid and careless "attempt" at playing a puck in the air, thus elbowing Marian Hossa in the back of the head as a result. Hossa laid on the ice for a few minutes after and was then taken to the locker room for the remainder of the game. Here is the hit:

Unless you live in Vancouver or make yourself look foolish by willingly wearing a Canucks jersey, you see a dangerous and reckless elbow. This may or may not be intentional, and I will even give him the benefit of the doubt. BUT, where I will not give him the benefit of the doubt is the mouth breathers that claim it was a "hockey play" and he was reaching for the puck. I might need to brush up on my anatomy, but to the best of my knowledge Jannik Hansen doesn't have hands attached to his elbows. So why you would make a play for a puck with an elbow is a curious proposition. Take for instance this still frame.

Notice that there is a stick in one hand, and the left arm is being used to embed an elbow into the back side of Marian Hossa's cranium. How Mr. Hansen intended on playing the puck is beyond rational thought.

Elbow + full hand = no puck.

Now maybe Mr. Hansen isn't smart enough to know you can't catch a puck with your elbow. Who am I to judge? Maybe they teach the ancient art of elbow catching in Denmark. Then I would be totally wrong, but until someone shows me proof otherwise, he made a reckless and dangerous play that deserves supplemental league discipline. I don't think he deserves 5 games, but 2 games would suffice. I'm not irrational. He did something stupid and needs to pay the piper.

Now contrary to what those Canucks fans in the glass houses, this play last spring with Daniel Sedin and Duncan Keith are not that different. First of all, this was not to the back of Sedin's head, it was to his face. Secondly, the puck was much more out of reach. other than that, it's the same general play. I said it when this happened, and I'll say it again. Keith made a reckless and dangerous play. He deserved his punishment, and served it.

Who you crappin, Vancouver? Just accept and move on, especially if Hossa has had his eggs scrambled, like everyone is expecting.

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