Monday, February 25, 2013

Blackhawks vs. Oilers - OT Win Recap

"Only for the Weak"

Monday night the Edmonton Oilers were next in line to try and end the Blackhawks consecutive point streak. I had to stop trying to guess when the streak was going to end, because I came to the conclusion that it was probably going to end against the most unsuspecting team. The Oilers look to me like the Hawks of 08-09. Young, fast, and almost too dumb to know better. You weren't going to see many 1-0 games with the Oilers, but they'll give you plenty of 6-5 games. It's a fun, exciting team and their time of dominance is on it's way. This team could give the Hawks a run for their money, if they could stay interested long enough. Live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois it's the Blackhawks and Oilers.

The first period certainly looked like the Hawks were on the run for a majority of the time. The Oilers opened up a lead just a few minutes in, on a shorthanded goal, but the Hawks came back to tie it up a minute later. Officially, the Hawks out shot the Oilers 9-8, but there were long stretches where the Oilers seemed to be swarming in the Hawks zone.

The middle frame was very similar to the first. The Oilers seemed to keep the Hawks on the run for a majority of play and scored the only goal of the period on a powerplay. A powerplay goal had the Oilers up by one at the buzzer. Again, in a period where it looked the the Hawks were outshot, they actually led 9-6, but in a rare occurrence the Hawks trailed going into the third period.

The Hawks quickly tied the game, just a few minute into the third period. They continued the pressure and outshot the Oilers once again 9-5 for a 27-19 total, but the game was going to be decided in extra time. It didn't take long for the Hawks to send the Oilers away losers, and for the Hawks to come away with the extra point. The Hawks had the only 6 shot of OT. We weren't worried for a second, were we?

The Good

  • A minute after the Petry goal, Crazy 8s picked up a loose puck along the wall, deep in the Oilers zone. He danced right to the slot around a bailing Smid, and finally beating Khabby under the pad, for a powerplay goal.
  • Pick-to-Click Vik tied the game up just a couple of minutes into the third period. There was a video review, but that review showed that Swedeberg had shoveled the loose puck through Khabby's 5-hole and over the line.
  • Shooter and Hoss teamed up to win the game in OT. Shooter spun in the left boards and drove the puck to hte net. He couldn't get a clean shot off, but the puck sat in the crease for Hoss to get 3 good whacks at. The third time was a charm for Hoss; queue the Dagger.
  • Toews and Kruger were great in faceoffs. Sharp even won 4 of 6, but it was Shaw's night to get donkey punched at the dots (27%).
  • Plus 2's for Leddy, Roszival and Sharp. I'm cool with that.
  • A friend passed on the fact that the band In Flames stopped in the Chicago on their way to Flint Michigan, to see the Hawks game. They just so happen to be one of my favorite bands, so in honor of their visit:
The Bad

  • Ales Hemsky snuck in behind Deuce and Sleven in the opening minutes of the game, and found himself alone with Emery. Emery was able to close the 5-hole but not a very swell way to open the game.
  • Rookie Nail Yakupov snapped a laser beam past Emery to take a 2-1 lead on the powerplay with just under 6 minutes remaining in the second period. The Hawks PK got caught running around and all hell broke loose, and Gagner hit Yakupov on the back door. Emery had no chance.
  • Saad had a rough night with 2 bad penalties, and a demotion in favor of Carcillo. For the record, that is s huge downgrade in talent, Q.
The Ugly

  • The Hawks gave up a goal while on the powerplay with under 5 minutes gone, in truly elegant fashion. Deuce had a blowout at center ice trying to start a powerplay rush, and left the puck on a platter. Petrell walked in all alone and hit the far post, but the puck ended up out in the slot, and Petry put it into a wide open net, with Emery prone. This play was a Shanghai Fire Drill, from the get go.

Here are the video highlights:

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