Friday, March 10, 2017

Blackhawks vs. Ducks 1-0 Loss Recap

"Let The Sun Never Blind Your Eyes"
by Patrick Stankus

After their second bye week in less than a month, okay maybe not an official bye, the Blackhawks returned to the ice Thursday night to face the Anaheim Ducks. The five day layoff was so long, it felt like it was five years, considering how things from five years ago surfaced due to the boredom amongst some fans. Coming into tonight's game, the Blackhawks were riding a seven game winning streak, that allowed them to catch the division leading Minnesota Wild. The long layoff between games wasn't the only potential doom facing the Blackhawks tonight. With Gate in attendance for the game, the #PuckinHostileCurse was staring the Blackhawks right in the face. Well, since Gate was at the game, Mr. Slurpee still in his powerless igloo, and Norton curled up in a ball in the corner crying over Kansas' loss this afternoon, you are all treated to a #FatCap for this one. Let's see if I actually remember how to write this things.

Any worries of a potential letdown by the Hawks following the extended break were put to rest early. The Hawks came out firing on all cylinders. They simply dominated the pace of the game, and kept the play in the Ducks end throughout the period. In the period, the Hawks had the benefit of two power plays, and tallied nineteen shots total. Despite the good start, the Hawks couldn't find the back of the net in the first period, and after twenty minutes the game was scoreless. Aside from the scoring chances by the Hawks, the highlight of the period was Ryan Getzlaf taking a page out of Ryan Kesler's book and fighting a guy who wasn't ready to fight. Nothing says "Mr. Tough Guy" like that.

In the second period, much of the story remained the same. The Hawks dominated stretches of play and clowned the Ducks defense. Even with the dominating play, you could sense the frustration was starting to set in. Late in the period, Marian Hossa hit the post, and while Tanner Kero started to celebrate, the Ducks came back the other way. Just like the hockey gods drew it up, the Ducks scored on the ensuing play, off the stick of Ebola Perry. Basically to sum up the second period for the Hawks, they threw everything but the kitchen sink at Jonathan Bernier, but couldn't get one past.

Facing a one goal deficit to start the third period, the Hawks once again came out of the intermission flying. They peppered the Ducks net with twelve shots, but once again, Jonathan Bernier had the answer to all of them. Late in the period, Edzo tried to fire up the meatballs by suggesting Bernier threw his stick across the crease to make a save on Panarin, but it was a stretch to say the least. Despite a flurry of chances in the waning minutes, the Hawks couldn't find the equalizer and were defeated by the Ducks 1-0. Next up for the Hawks is a quick turnaround, as they head to Joe Louis Arena for one final time to take on the Red Wings on Friday night.

The Good
  • Corey Crawford was outstanding tonight. He made twenty-five saves in the loss. More impressive was his ability to stay sharp after the Hawks held the Ducks to two shots in the first period.
  • Despite being terrible at the dot, Jonathan Toews had a pretty solid night. He led the Hawks with six shots on net.
  • Johnny Oduya returned to the Hawks tonight, and its not shocking the defense as a whole had a solid night. They limited the Ducks to twenty-six shots, and blocked sixteen shots as a unit. I'll take that. 
  • Speaking of the defense, its not surprising they had a good night while Michal Kempny sat his ass up in the press box...... where he belongs.

The Bad
  • Ryan Getzlaf jumped #DickPanik and attempted to fight him in the first period. Knowing Panik, he probably told Mr. Baldy that Pearl Jam sucked and that's what set him off.
  • Late in the second period, the Hawks thought they had taken the lead, but Marian Hossa's shot hit the post. As the Hawks were busy acting like they scored, Anaheim came back the other way and scored. Ah, yes, I love when you stop playing in the middle of a play.
  • Jordin Tootoo's continued attempt to show off any fancy hockey skills near the net, warranted no more ice time for himself. Tonight he had a team low 7:22.
  • Forty-three shots, and no goals for the Hawks tonight. A frustrating night at its finest.
The Ugly
  • Its too bad Gate was at the game tonight and didn't here Pat Foley rave about how TVR has been a +9 over his last few games.
  • The Blackhawks simply dominated play in the first period and ended up with nineteen shots on net. Despite those nineteen shots, and two power plays, at the end of the period, the Hawks were left with nothing to show for it.
  • During the intermission, our favorite analysis #DrKonroyd decided to shit on Tomas Jurco saying he needed to "prove himself" and "show a little more." Perhaps Steve forgot Jurco is coming off an injury, and still adapting to a new system. I'll cut him a little slack. Its not like the Hawks gave up the farm for Jurco.
  • The Hawks got crushed at the dot tonight, 59% to 41%. Noticeably bad was Jonathan Toews at 37%.
  • Its bad enough that the Hawks lost to the Ducks, but its even worse than that disease carrying fleabag Corey Perry had to score the loan goal of the game.
  • Oh Ryan Kesler, somethings never change apparently.

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