Saturday, April 23, 2016

PLAYOFFS: Blackhawks vs Blues
Game 6 6-3 Win Recap

"Controlled Demolition"

by Gatekeeper

It seems like just a few hours ago that Patrick Kane ended game 5 in double overtime, and the series was pushed to a game 6 back in Chicago. I cannot say that I was much more confident going into this game 6 than I was two nights previous. The Blues were still dominating the Blackhawks in most significant categories and the Blackhawks simply could not hold a damn lead. If they were going to win games 6 and 7 it was going to be on a wing and a prayer, and if they were going to go down, it damn well better be fighting and clawing.

So, about that fighting and clawing thing. The Blackhawks must have missed that in the pregame meeting. Even though they came out early and took a quick 1-0 lead, they then proceeded to cough up 3 straight goals which sucked every bit of air out of the United Center. After those three goals, the Blackhawks looked completely lost and emotionless, which really didn't leave room for much hope. Shots were 11-9 in favor of the Blues, but I'd be shocked if the Blackhawks truly had 9. They finished the period like a team with no heart.

As disgusted as we all were after the first period, the Blackhawks reeled us all back in second period. They actually looked like they cared about continuing their playoff run, and came out like their beards were on fire. They not only tied the game but took the lead before all was said and done. I'll be the first one to admit that I was sure they were done after the way they opened up, but here was sat, up 4-3. The shot were also heavily in favor of the Blackhawks 19-6.

The third period was certainly not without its worrisome moments. The Blues actually put up a bit of a fight, but Corey Crawford and the Blackhawks defense held tight. The Blues had an 11-8 shot advantage but the Blackhawks scored the only two goals. When all was wrapped up with a pretty red bow, the Blackhawks were heading back to St. Louis, Monday, for game 7. Excellent...

The Good
  • The new third line of Ladd/Kruger/Hossa gave the Blackhawks just under four minutes into the game. Marian Hossa played the forecheck perfectly, and the puck squirted off the boards to Andrew Ladd, who beat Elliott. The United Center was hopping, but it wouldn't last for long.
  • Just over four minutes into the second period a Kyle Brodziak penalty gave the Blackhawks the chance they needed to get back into the game. Marian Hossa tried to beat Elliott on a high danger chance in the middle but Elliott made the save. The puck, though, went straight up in the air and Artem Anisimov bunted it out of the air, past Elliott. Life? Life!
  • Just over halfway through the second period the previously cast off #DickPanik, who was moved back up to the top line, showed great composure. Panik led the rush all by himself and waited for Jonathan Toews to catch the play. Panik then dropped the puck to Toews, and Jonny blew around Panik to the net. As soon as Toews hit the corner he spotted Trevor van Riemsdyk on the back door. Despite El Capitan getting hooked worse than Peter Pan, he got the puck to van Riemsdyk and it was in the net.
  • Late in the second, the Blackhawks completed their comeback from an unlikely hero, Dale Weise. The Blackhawks caught Kevin Shattenkirk without a stick behind the net and Weise laid him out. This left Weise wide open in front of the net and Panarin hit him for the one timer. Like Eddie Vedder once said......
  • Late in the third period, #DickPanik out raced the Blues defense which got him in on a partial breakaway. He didn't get much of a shot off but he DID draw a penalty. On the ensuing powerplay, Patrick Kane found Andrew Shaw wide open in front of the net, and...
  • The Marian Hossa empty net goal sealed the deal.
  • I said it during the game, and I'm saying it again. #DickPanik is turning into the new version of Michael Frolik. Thanks Toronto, enjoy your pouty Morin.

The Bad
  • The Blackhawks only held their first period lead for less than three minutes. Roughly 10 seconds after Andrew Desjardins missed on what should have been an open net goal, the Blues turned the play back over the other way. Scottie Upshall's shot hit Brent Seabrooks stick and beat Corey Crawford.
  • Just over 2 minutes after the Pietrangelo goal, Vladimir Tarasenko made it 3-1 Blues. The Blues simply took advantage of their odd man breaks, and you can't leave NHL players 5-8 feet from your goalie, especially 40 goal scorers named Tarasenko. He'll eat up any goalie in the league.
  • I didn't think this was physically possible, but Erik Gustafsson played less than anyone on the blackhawks, including David Rundblad. I cannot recall seeing David Rundblad touch the ice once. I call bullshit.

The Ugly
  • Just over 2 minutes after the Upshall goal, Alex Pietrangelo used a very handy Nik Hjalmarsson screen to give the Blues a 2-1 lead.
  • Six minutes into the third period, a Hossa/Ladd 2-on-1 left Ladd with a wide open look on the back door and he put the puck off the crossbar.
  • Late in the final seconds of the second period, Corey Crawford took a high shot in the ribcage/arm pit area from Colton Parayko and went down hard. For a minute or so, it looked like he was in serious trouble. He eventually shook it off and finished the game.
  • Kevin Shitinpants...minus 3.
  • Frustrated with your pudgy coach a little, Vlad?
  • Dave Lozo perfectly summed up this game for the Blues on the Twittarz:

The #Fatrick Stankus Fatsy Stats
  • The Blackhawks actually led in posession by the smallest of margins, 54-52.
  • Hjalmarsson and Trevor van Riemsdyk got eaten alive in possession, but part of Hjalmarsson's issue is that he was WITH TVR
  • As you might expect with his horrible +/-, Kevin Shitinpants was the worst possession player on the Blues. Troy Brouwe, of all people, led the Blues with a plus 11 overall corsi.

The Lineblender
Shaw - Toews - Kane
Panarin - Anisimov - Teravainen
Ladd - Kruger - Hossa
Panik - Desjardins - Weise

Keith - Rundblad
Gustafsson - Seabrook
van Riemsdyk - Hjalmarsson


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