Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Blackhawks at Avalanche
2-1 Win Recap

"Get Born Again"

by Patrick Stankus

The Blackhawks returned to action on Tuesday night, starting the unofficial second half on the season after the All-Star break in Denver. Waiting for their arrival was the Colorado Avalanche. The last time these two teams met in Denver, was on New Year's Eve, which saw Scott Darling try and hand the Avs a win with some shaky goaltending. Tonight would be a different story, as Corey Crawford would be the one in net for the Hawks.

Once the puck dropped, any worries of an All-Star break hangover were put to rest. Just under three minutes in, #DickPanik to give the Hawks the early lead. A little over four minutes later, Artemi Panarin, increased the Hawks lead to 2-0 with his 18th goal of the season. That two goal lead would prove to be short lived. The Avs answered back at the midway mark of the period to cut the Hawks lead in half. Despite out shooting the Avs 14-6, that would be all the Hawks could muster, and took a 2-1 lead into the intermission.

The second frame would see the Hawks domination continue. The shots would favor the Hawks 15-2 in the period. The Hawks would also benefit from having two power plays, but those were nothing to brag about. The power play struggled with their entries, and were unable to generate anything. After simply dominating the play, the Hawks couldn't add to their lead, and the game remained 2-1 after 40 minutes.

The third period was a lot more evenly matched, and saw the Avs throw everything but the kitchen sink at Corey Crawford early in the period. Crawford stood his ground, and kept the Avs off the scoreboard after a furious goal mouth scramble in the opening minutes of the period. In the end, the Avs out shot the Hawks 15-13 in the period, but the Hawks weathered the storm, and went onto win by the final of 2-1.

The Good
  • When he doesn't oversleep, and miss part of the morning skate, Richard Panik is turning out to be a nice depth addition to the lineup. Tonight, #DickPanik had the Hawks opening goal, and was noticeable throughout the game.
  • Corey Crawford wasn't tested much in the first 40 minutes of the game, but when Avs came with a charge in the third period, Crawford was there to say no. In the third period alone he saw 15 shots, nearly double the amount he saw in the first and second periods.
  • The PK came through in the first period when needed. The Hawks took two penalties in the opening period, but the PK was able to kill off both of the Avs chances.
  • It wasn't an #AK72Line goal, but the Breadman struck again with his 18th of the season.
  • The first two periods, saw the Hawks simply dominate play. This was a welcome change from what it has been in the past in the thin air of Denver.
  • Viktor Svedberg had a nice, solid game in his return to the Blackhawks. In addition to playing smart defensively, he also chipped in with an assist on the #DickPanik's goal.
The Bad
  • Even though the PK bailed them out, the Hawks did take two penalties in the first period. Not exactly an ideal way to start a game after you get an early goal.
  • Its about time the Hawks look for a new backup color analyst when Edzo isn't around. Steve Konroyd is flat out boring to listen to. 
  • Jonathan Toews was suspended for tonight's game. Frankly I don't have a problem with it. Yes, he was sick before the All-Star break, but if going to an All-Star Game is what some players dream of (see John Scott), then punishment to the stars who choose to sit it out, is fine by me. It was one game. Deal with it.
The Ugly
  • The Hawks went 0 for 3 on the power play tonight, and none were spectacular by any means. Its pretty embarrassing when you can't enter the zone cleanly in the first 1:10 of a power play with this group.
  • I've seen hobos that look cleaner than Patrick Roy. Seriously, get rid of that disgusting beard, iron your shirt, and straighten your damn tie.


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