Sunday, February 15, 2015

Blackhawks vs Penguins
2-1 Shootout Win Recap

Crosby's Cryin'
by Patrick Stankus

The Blackhawks continued their home stretch on Sunday with a matinee match up with the Pittsburgh Penguins at The UC. As much as NBC wants to make this a nasty rivalry between the Hawks and Pens, it really isn't. Sure we hate Crosby, who doesn't unless you're a Pens fan? The fact of the matter is, this is nothing more than a great match up between two of the better teams in the NHL. If the Pens were in the Hawks division, or conference, then I'd say rivalry, but that's never going to happen, so with out further ado, onto the game.

Much like some of us, who struggle to get out of bed on a Sunday, like this guy, the Blackhawks looked like they lacked some energy at the start. The Pens out shot the Hawks 15-8 in the opening frame. Thankfully for the Hawks, Corey Crawford was on his game, and kept the game scoreless when the horn sounded at the end of the first period.

In the second period, the Blackhawks got off to a much better start. Just over three minutes in, off of a faceoff win by Toews, Saad got the puck to the point and Hjalmarsson let a bomb go that beat Fleury to give the Hawks a 1-0 lead. That's the way the score would stay after two periods of play.

The third period would open up with Patrick Kane getting called for his second penalty of the game, something we haven't seen all year long. Where's that conspiracy clown that Gatekeeper was taking about on the last shoutcast? Anyways, the Pens would cash in early in the third after Nick Spaling hammered home a rebound to tie the game at 1. Despite a few chances for both teams down the stretch, that's where we would stand at the end of the third, and the game headed to overtime.

The overtime frame had its moments, but aside from a Marian Hossa chance, (in which everyone seated behind the net thought it went in) the game would remain scoreless and head to a shootout. For the Pens both David Perron and Sidney Crosby would score, Crosby's goal was one Mike Smith would be proud of. (See Mike Smith ass goal on youtube.) For the Hawks Toews and Kane would absolutely clown Fleury, while Sharp didn't screw around and blew a wrister past to give the Hawks goals in all three attempts, thus giving the Hawks a 2-1 shootout win. Next up for the Hawks is a couple of days off followed by a visit from the Red Wings on NBCSN's "Rivalry Night." Hey, congrats, a legit rivalry.

The Good
  • Both Corey Crawford and Marc-Andre Fleury were excellent this afternoon. Unlike Friday's game, this low scoring affair, had its exciting moments, but both goalies were simply on their game.
  • I've been very critical of Andrew Shaw of late, but today I thought he had a very solid game. It looks as if he may have gotten the message to look over his shoulder now that West Dundee native Ryan Hartman is here.
  • Ben Smith also had a very effective, bounce back game after his benching on Friday night. Credit to him, he didn't pout about it, instead he worked hard in this game to show he got the message. This is the response you want to see, from he and Shaw.
  • The Hossa-Toews-Saad line, enough said. It seems like out of all the line blending that has gone on, Q has finally got a bread and peanut butter line.
The Bad
  • To my vision, I didn't see any reason as to why Ryan Hartman could only get 7:35 of ice time today, but hey I haven't won two Stanley Cups as a coach, so I'm an asshole, and should just shut up.
  • I heard this quote from my old man why watching the game "I haven't seen Bickell out there, have you? Is he a healthy scratch today." My point exactly about Bickell, but I'm not going to bash my dad, its his birthday, he's allowed to be right every once in awhile.
  • Not too sure I like the Cumiskey-Seabrook pairing as, Cumiskey was caught chasing the puck, and Seabrook was cemented to the ice in front of Crawford on the Pens goal. But the Q-Cummer is a Quenneville guy, so he'll get ample opportunities to keep playing.
  • Have you ever seen such a feast or famine power play like the Blackhawks? Today 0 for 2.
The Ugly
  • Of those referees. Just as we praised the hell out them for their call in Monday's game, today was a different story. I've never seen the officials all huddle up and retract a penalty after its called, and the player is sitting in the box. Unless of course, they heard Pierre McGuire whining about how Crosby can do no wrong. Stick with the call on the ice when it comes to penalties. Its a different story when Toronto buzzes down to look over a goal. As for the Pierre's idea of a "coach's challenge," lets just hope and pray A. This never happens, and B. Pierre NEVER becomes the NHL Commissioner.
  • Patrick Kane had 2 minor penalties today. I'm not ripping him for them, but if you want to piss away the Lady Byng Trophy, you're off to a good start.
  • While today's win was good, just remember folks, come playoff time for seeding, these shootout wins don't count towards the tiebreaker. You'd like to see the Hawks win games in regulation or in overtime, not the shootout.
We end today's recap on a sad note, as former Blackhawks defenseman Steve Montador was found dead this morning at his home. While Montador wasn't a member of the Blackhawks for long, he was still a member of the Blackhawks. Our thoughts are with Montador's family and friends.

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