Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blackhawks vs. Stars 6-3 Loss Recap

                      Back To Back Misery

Stop me if you've heard this before. The Blackhawks were playing a team that was on a back to back playing in Dallas the night before. Unlike Friday night, where Winnipeg visited the UC, tonight, the Dallas Stars were paying a visit. Oh and it was a joyous one as well.

The first period could have easily been one of the worst periods of hockey I've seen played by both teams. Five goals total, three penalties, 34 total shots, a shorthanded goal, and a power play goal. Got all that? Good, because after all that the Blackhawks trailed the team that played 22 hours the night before 3-2 after one.

Things changed in the second period. I don't know how many f-bombs Q dropped during the intermission, but it seemed to work......for at least the second period. The Blackhawks dominated play, outshooting the Stars, 16-6. Brandon Saad added his second of the game, and after two we were tied at three.

Remember how I said Q's speech worked for at least the second period? Well just look at the complete shitshow that took place in the third period. The Stars completely out played the Blackhawks and looked like the team that hadn't played the night before. The Stars rang up 3 goals in the third en route to their 6-3, lets call it what it was, ass kicking on the Blackhawks home ice.

The Good
- Its pretty sad that the Blackhawks have to rely on the NHL to make the obvious line changes for them. I present the case of Gorilla Salad who will have a hearing for his cross check from Friday night. With Gorilla Salad out of the line up Joakim Nordstrom found his way back into the line up. Its about damn time. Hopefully this is the end of Gorilla Salad in Chicago.
- Despite being a -1, I'll give Saad a tip of the cap. He at least did look like he gave a shit tonight.

The Bad
- Yes, Patrick Sharp held his own with his fight with Shawn Horcoff, but who the fuck cares that it was his first fight in 6 years? Give me a break.
- Its becoming quite clear that the worst contract on the Blackhawks is that of Michal Rozsival. $2.2 million  to be a pylon. 

The Ugly
- Back to Gorilla Salad, I like how the Blackhawks are trying to cover his ass for that cheap shot, by saying he now has a knee injury. If that's true, I hope its from a fellow teammate, who like any normal fan, has had enough of his shit, and realizes there's other capable players of taking that roster spot.
- The defense the Blackhawks have been playing of late is beyond atrocious. See, well look at any goal you want really.
- The Stars first goal was a nice clusterfuck courtesy of the Blackhawks. Lost defensive zone by Kruger, Nordstrom can't handle the lose puck, and Shaw does a fly by. Two thumbs up there.
- Speaking of Shaw. He sucks, period. Can we all get over the bloody face picture of him hoisting the Stanley Cup? Andrew Shaw is nothing more than an average 4th line player at best. Oh, he was also a -3 tonight.
-  Tim Erixon made a brief appearance to the line up, and I mean brief. 7:28 to be exact.
- Dallas blocked 20 shots tonight. Just keep shooting pucks into the opponents shin pads by all means. I bet Chinese knockoff jersey guy is still screaming shoot right now.
- ENOUGH OF THE FUCKING FORWARDS PLAYING THE POINT ON THE POWER PLAY. Does the line blender not work for special teams?
- And with this loss, the Blackhawks now find themselves just two points away from falling into a Wild Card spot. As we speak Winnipeg is leading, so all you Johnny Positive fans can take off your positivity glasses and look at the problems the Blackhawks have.


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