Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Blackhawks vs. Jets 5-1 - Loss Recap

In Excess Of Jets

Hey lets see if I remember how to do this. Well, it looks like I do. What a game I get in my first recap back in a long, long, long time. Its good to be back, especially after the shit show that took the ice tonight at the UC.

The first period saw the Jets fly (sorry, had to do that) out to a 3 goal lead, and chase Corey Crawford from the net. See folks, Crawford sucks. Dump him and give me the tandem of Raanta/Darling any day. Pardon me while I punch myself in the head to snap out of the meatball talk. Aside from the sloppy, flat, turnover ridden play by the Blackhawks in the first, the highlight may have been Gorilla Salad get his ass handed to him in a scrap with Jay Harrison. Are we closer to this experiment ending? Probably not. I see a 3 year extension in the cards for Carcillo in the near future for his stellar play.

Back to hockey now. The second period continued with much of the same. The Jets increased their lead to four before Marian Hossa finally solved Michael fucking Hutchinson. Its about time. As is the case it was false advertisement of giving the Hawks "hope." There was no hope, no comeback or anything close to that. Blake Wheeler added an empty netter, yes Quenneville pulled Raanta for an extra attacker while down 3 with five minutes to go. As Gatekeeper would say, thank you Patrick Roy. In the end, Wiiiiiinnnniiiipeg  spanked the Hawks, en route to a 5-1 win, and a much needed break.

The Good
- Michal Rozsival suffered a lower body injury. (More on this later)
- The Blackhawks finally scored on Michael Hutchinson. That is not a joke.
- Screw it, two in the good category was too many.

The Bad
- Michal Rozsival's lower body injury isn't serious and Q said he "should be ok." Dammit. After all he's been nothing but a sensation in bringing the best out of his rotating 6th defenseman partner.
- Seriously, how much more do we have to see of Gorilla Salad make a fool of himself. This kind of shit belongs in Rockford or an all star team featuring John Scott and Brandon Bollig.
- Whoever said hits are a meaningless stat is wrong. The Jets manhandled the Hawks all night, and last I checked the Jets never trailed, thus they weren't chasing the puck.
- Corey Crawford wasn't good, but he wasn't the only reason the Hawks were awful. He got no help with turnovers by his teammates, and a bad bounce.

The Ugly
- Dustin "Stay Puff" Byfuglien was a +3. Please, stop meatballs. The Hawks don't need him back.
- Hearing Eddie O say "the pride and joy of Crystal Lake Andy McElman" is becoming just as bad as hearing "local boy Scott Darling."
- Kris Versteeg, what the fuck is this look?

- Who the hell picked the 3 stars of the game tonight? After a shellacking of 5-1 on home ice, I can't say the number 3 star should be from the home team tonight.
- Since its my first recap back after a suffering a sprained liver, I'm leaving it at that. If I get too much more negative, I might further injure myself and subject myself from further recaps. (You're welcome for that Ferris Bueller reference.) Just throw the tape of this game in the dumpster fire that is the St. Louis Blues, and move on.


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