Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blackhawks at Detroit - Win Recap


After yet another late game breakdown, the Hawks headed up to Detoilet for a game with the always tough Red Wings. The Wings may be a shadow of their previous selves, but they always provide a tough game for our heroes in the Indianhead. I'm going to miss the rivalry when they are gone to the Eastern conference. As much as I hate them, at least they command respect unlike half of the other Hawks division rivals. Anyhow, the Hawks were in dire need of a statement win, and this was their chance on national TV. Live from the burnt out shithole, otherwise known as Detoilet, it's the Hawks and the Red Wings.

The Hawks did exactly what we all hoped for, opening up with three goals on 7 shots before the Wings could even manage a shot on net. The Wings eventually put some pressure on, but that 3 goal lead put the Wings at a huge disadvantage and in a big hole. The Hawks out shot the Wings 13-7 with their 3-0 lead, going into the 1st intermission.

The Hawks were out shot pretty heavily in the second period, yet still out scored the Wings 2-0. The Wings had 15 shots on net, to the Hawks 7, but it did no good. The Hawks held tight and carried a 5-0 lead into the second intermission.

The third period was just a mere formality. The Hawks were out shot again 12-6, but the Hawks still out scored the Wing 2-1. They lost the shutout, but throwing a touchdown on the board in Detoilet is a great feeling. Now the Hawks had to see if they could keep the momentum tomorrow night in the UC against the Predators.

The Good

  • Jeremy Morin scored in his first shift back with the Blackhawks in over a year. Jimmy Howard misread a bounce off the wonky Joe Louis glass, and it popped right out in front of the net. After a little scrum, Morin got a hold of it and wraped ut around Howard and into the net. 1-0 Hawks just two and a half minutes in.
  • Just 48 seconds after the Morin goal, the Saadfather was left all alone with Jimmy Howard. Saad pulled a little shimmy, and tucked it in behind Howard. Frolik was the guy that found Saad, and set that goal up.
  • Fifty one seconds after the Saad goal, Jakub Kindl helped the Blackhawks out immensely with Jimmy Hayes on his back. He tried to chip the puck around the net and top shelved it on Howard. Hilarious!!! It was 3-0 before the Red Wings could even get a shot on net. Bolland got credit for the goal, but really had nothing to do with it. Wings defenseman Jonathan Ericsson was on the ice for all 3 first period goals. A quick minus 3 will earn you some bench real fast.
  • General Saad helped put the Hawks up 4-0 about four minutes into the second period. Saad blew around dumb shit defenseman Niklas Kronwall and fed a streaking El Capitan, who chipped it up and over Howard's glove, ending his night.
  • Saad scored his second goal 8 seconds later on the new Wings goaltender. The Toews won the faceoff to Hammer, who fed Saad. Saad just blew around the Wings Lashoff and between Gustavsson's legs. 5-0 Hawks.
  • Bolland gave the Hawks a 6-0 lead almost halfway through the third period. Hayes fed Bolland at the blue line and he just sizzled a wrister past Gustavsson. Pack up your bags, boys. This one was over.
  • Nick Leddy took his obligatory end to end rush right up the left side, as usual, but this time he put it on net, maybe even surprising Gustavsson with just under 4 minutes to go in the game. 7-0 Hawks after the extra point.
  • Everyone but Hjalmarsson, Bickell, Stalberg and Shaw earned a plus 1 in the first period. How is that for a little schmutz on your face?
  • Quenneville opened up the game with Hjalmarsson and Keith, Leddy and Seabrook, Oduya and Roszival. I can't say that was the reason for the big start, but there was a shakeup needed. Later on, Seabrook was out on the ice with Oduya, so take it for what it's worth.
  • Of course it'll get lost in the recaps, but Crawford had a great game. Goalies usually don't get a lot of credit in big wins but this is one where he was huge. All the haters and Emery bandwagoners need to recognize a good game when it's popped in front of them.
The Bad

  • Of course the pain in the ass Wings can't even get their ass kicked correctly. They broke the shutout with 33 seconds to go in the game. A shutout would have been nice, but a 6 goal win is a nice feeling. Eat Shit, Cory Emmerton.
  • Three of the Hawks four centers were dog shit at the dots. If you take El Capitan out of the mix, the Hawks centers were 32%. That has to change. They aren't going to get away with losing 2/3rds of their draws and getting out shot against good teams. This was purely an anomaly.
  • Even though they won 7-1, the Hawks were out shot 34-26. It makes no sense and I have no explanation.
The Ugly

  • I have to echo the Fels at the Committed Indian. This NBC bullshit with no pregame show is awful. I'm not watching a single second of those infomercials.
  • Gorilla Salad took a shot off the foot early on, and was in some clear distress. Might be the last time we see him for a long time. He was struggling to even get back on his feet. He only missed a shift and came back out. Fuck you, NBA and MLB pussies.
  • Datsyuk put a really late hit on El Capitan, in the second period, after Toews shot the puck out of the rink. While Toews was walked to the box, Mr. Lady Byng should have been right behind him.

Here are the video highlights:

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