Monday, March 18, 2013

Blackhawks at Dallas - Win Recap


Since this recap is late, I'll get right to the observations.

The Good

  • Ledd-Head looked to have grabbed the Hawks a lead about halfway through the first period. Upon further review, the goal was given to El Capitan. The Hawks had heavy pressure down low and the Saadfather put a pretty silly between the legs pass through the crease. Leddy pinched and let the shot go from just outside the circle. Toews got a piece of it, and the onslaught began.
  • Just a minute and thirty five seconds later, El Capitan scored his second of the night. The play started when he won a deep faceoff to Hossa. The puck was worked over to Keith who took a shot off Saad, and the puck landed on an open Toews stick. 2-0 Hawks.
  • Pick-To-Click Vik set up a Ledd-Dead goal, with just over 2 minutes to go in the first period. Swedeberg blew around a Dallas D-Man, and tried to jam it through Lehtonen, but was stopped. Shaw, and then finally Leddy had whacks at it, but Leddy's was the the one to go.
  • Johnny Oduya scored his second goal in consecutive games. Swedeberg picked the pocket of Jordie Benn and the puck came straight out to Oduya who let a lazerbeam go, ending Lehtonen's night.
  • Next up was Hoss, on a feed from Crazy 8s. Four on Four play was benefitting The Hawks were rolling, and the Stars had left the building.
  • Hoss got his second of the game on a 5-on-3 that he just snapped past Bachman. This brought the Hawks lead to 6-0 with a period to play.
  • By the time Deuce had scored his goal, the Stars were napping on the bench. They were begging to be finished off for good. 7-0 Hawks
  • The Kane spin-o-rama goal was just stupid good, even though Bachman should have never allowed that goal from that angle. Get lazy and be made an example of.
The Bad

  • The Hawks were pretty clowned at the dot. Toews was in the 80th percentile but the rest of the team was under 50%.
The Ugly

  • Stupid fight with Seabrook and Roussel. Guy gets put on his ass and has to start a pointless fight. That'll make up 5 goals, dumb ass.
  • When you're up 7-0, you're bound to get lulled to sleep, and the Hawks did. A poor penalty call didn't help matters, but the Stars were able to keep from getting whitewashed. Whatever.

Here are the video highlights:

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