Monday, March 12, 2012

Blackhawks vs. LA Kings
SO Loss Recap

"Nice Shootin, Tex"

The clock is ticking for the the Blackhawks and Kings. While the Hawks are a pretty good bet to make the playoffs, the Kings are fighting for their playoff life. They say in the 11th spot but were only 2 points out of the 8th spot. Each game was important for Darryl Sutter's team. With the Kings only going 4-5-1 in their last 10, and losing their last 2 on the road, the Hawks should be able to continue their firm hold on the #6 spot in the western conference.

The Hawks came racing out of the gates like a 20 year old nag, giving up an early goal and 17 shots on net, while they were able to manage 11 shots of their own, but no goals. The Hawks had a much better defensive second period, but still gave up a goal on only 4 shots, while scoring one of their own, on 10 shots. Considering the questionable first period, a 2-1 deficit going into the third wasn't all that bad. The Hawks were able to tie the game back up in the third period with a goal on 16 shots, while holding the Kings scoreless, but the game was going to require extra time to decide who earned the extra point. When all was said and done, the Hawks couldn't manage any shootout goals, and lost after 6 rounds.


I am now on suicide watch because the Hawks announced this morning that Dan Carcillo has been resigned for two more seasons. Excuse me while I chug a bottle of antifreeze, while chewing broken glass, and bathing in a tub of boiling oil.

The Good

  • Seabrook absolutely destroyed Jason William, in the second period. Seabs caught him with his head down, and crushed Williams behind the Hawks net.
  • The Hawks finally broke the Quick shutout off a mess of a scramble. Dream Warrior picked up a Sharpie rebound that Doughty actually saved, and put it into the open net. Stalberg, Sharpie, and Kruger caused all sorts of problems for the King defense on the play, and Mr. All-World Doughty was tripping all over himself.
  • The Hawks followed up the missed Stalberg penalty shot, when Hossa bulled his way to the net with the puck, and the rebound was laying under Quick. Kaner swooped in and poked the puck into the net to actually tie the game up
  • Razor had another solid game. You can't fault him for a 4-on-1 goal, and Carters goal was a bang-bang play that he actually got a piece of. 1 out of 6 in the shootout was respectable, as well. A .931 save percentage is right about what you'd like to see from a starter.
  • After getting out shot 17-10 in the first, they out shot the Kings 26-11 the rest of the way. Jonathan Quick is like St. Louis' Greg Millen, back in the day. He could shit goals into the net all year long and would shutout the Hawks almost every time he played them.
  • Seven shots on net for Stalberg. If the guy could actually learn to finish, he'd be fucking SCARY!
  • The Hawks actually out hit the Kings 34-33 and still lost, as opposed to getting grossly out hit by the Rangers and winning. Take that for what it's worth, and don't get your chones up in a bunch about hits.

The Bad

  • Maybe these we took the John Scott fights for granite, because I have become so bored of these Brandon Bollig fights.
  • The Kings took the lead back just a few minutes after Kruger tied it up, when the Keith and Leddy variety show turned the puck over deep in the Hawks zone, and it ended up on the stick of Jeff Carter, who beat Emery through the 5-hole.
  • Vik Stalberg turned on the burners, in the third period, and earned a penalty shot, when Scuderi tripped him. Prime chance wasted when Stalberg couldn't beat Quick to tie the game. It ended up really costing the Hawks, when all was said and done.
  • MegaMayers (73%) and Bolland (58%) were the only Blackhawks that could win a faceoff. Otherwise, the team percentage was a dismal 42%.
  • As a professional team, you HAVE to find a way to score in the shootout. Andrew Shaw was a curious selection, to say the least. No Bolland? Hell, throw Seabrook out there. I've seen him score on a breakaway.

The Ugly

  • Ten seconds into the damn game, and the Hawks were almost picking the puck out of the net, as Nick Leddy immediately gave it away and Emery saved his ass. Sure enough, a minute later they WERE picking it out of the back of the net as they got happy pants in the Kings zone when they got a little pressure on Quick, and forgot to pay attention to back end. I'll give you one guess as to what happens when you give up a 4-on-1. Slava Voynov ends up with his 5th goal of the season, and the Hawks are down barely minute into the game.

The Shootout

  • Williams couldn't beat Razor
  • Kaner was stopped by Quick
  • Carter missed the net against Razor
  • Sharpie had Quick beat and couldn't get the shot off
  • Brown was shut down by Razor
  • Hoss ran out of room on Quick
  • Stoll missed the net
  • Stalberg couldn't beat Quick's glove
  • Kopitar was stopped by Emery
  • Shaw didn't beat Quick
  • Richards beat Emery on a stop move
  • Kruger didn't get a shot off

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