Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blackhawks at St. Louis - Loss Recap


Fifteen games and counting, for the Blackhawks, and things aren't getting any easier. They traveled to St. Louis to take on the Blues. The Blues come into this game 7-3-0 in their last 10 and 4-1-0 in their last 5. Not the Blues we're use to walking all over. They are 10 points ahead of the Blackhawks, who have a game at hand. The Blues even jumped over the Wings, percentage wise, to have the third best record in the entire league. Slim Hitchcock has this team heading in the right direction, and the goaltenders have been out of this world. Both goalies have a GAA under 2.00, which leads the league. This is a serious contender. That is, until they completely collapse in the playoffs.

The Blackhawks didn't come out as strong as they needed to, in the first period, giving up 2 goals on 13 shots, while only getting 5 shots of their own. Spotting a team, that gives up under 2 goals per game, 2 goals, is not a good idea. Already in a hole after 20 minutes. The second period wasn't any better for the Blackhawks. They actually out shot the Blues 11-7 but were out scored 1-0 to drag a 3-0 deficit into the third period. Even though the Hawks were able to muster up a goal in the third, they were never in the game. All that accomplished was to break the shutout. St. Louis netted two more goals of their own to dominate the Hawks, 5-1.

The Good

  • Brandon Bollig did his best to entertain his hometown fans with and early fight against noted douche and noted troglodyte Ryan Reaves. Bollig definitely held his own against a guy that even gave Big Slow a run for his money. I give him some credit for that one. SOLID!
  • Stalberg blew around Jackman early on, like he was standing still. Jackman didn't know what hit him, and ended up eating goal post trying to make a play on Stalberg. If Stalberg could actually finish, we might have a weapon on our hands, here.
  • Bruno broke the Blues shutout bid just a couple of minutes into the third period. The Blues probably didn't give a rats ass at that point, and couldn't manage to get the puck out of the zone. Seabrook held the puck in at the blue line and dumped it towards the net. Brunette redirected it on his backhand and past Halak, for a pretty slick goal. Was there life in this team? Just false hope, actually.

The Bad

  • The Blues took a 1-0 lead about 5 minutes into the first period, with TJ Oshie tipping a long point shot from Colaiacovo. The Olsen/Lepisto duo was out there, facing the Blues money line, which had to have them licking their lips. Razor seemed to have the puck under control, but it squirted ever so slowly through his pads and into the net. Pat Foley actually exclaimed, "The score!" before the puck had even gotten to the goal line.
  • The Blues went up 2-0 on the powerplay, with the help of the cement skate of Dylan Olsen. Andy MacDonald rushed around Oduya, and tried to dump it to the front of the net. Olsen was charging to the net for support and kicked it into the net. After the goal, Olsen dumped MacDonald on his ass, and Douche Bag Back-ASS took a cheap shot on Olsen, which caught Emery's attention. I love Emery's fire, and willingness to jump into the scuffle. No pouting there.
  • Sobotka and Nichol clowned the Hawks powerplay stealing the puck from Hossa, and then out classing Leddy and Sharp on the way to the net. Sobotka then baited Emery to go for the poke check, which he missed. Easy shorthanded goal. This is exactly why you put fucking DEFENSEMEN on the point of the powerplay. A talented forward will completely horsewhip another forward trying to play defense nine out of ten times. Speaking of horses, haven't we beaten this dead one enough?
  • MacDonald put the Hawks away late in the third period beating Seabrook and Emery on a 2-on-1. At this point, the Hawks really looked like they couldn't give a flying fuck.
  • I get limiting Bollig's ice time, because he really has a limited skillset, but what is with Jimmy Hayes playing John Scott minutes? The guy has some use. When your team is getting their dicks knocked in the dirt, and have no momentum, a 6'5" guy that can take the puck to the net might help; correct me if I'm wrong. And I'm NOT wrong.
  • For what it's worth, Reaves and Bollig spent 11:56 on the ice and 14 minutes in the penalty box.
  • The Hawks were AGAIN under 50% at the dot, going 28 for 59. Mayers was the only guy over 50%. Thorough ass whipping, folks.

The Ugly

  • The Blues checking line beat the HELL out of the Hawks checking line for an entire shift, in the first. Leddy and Oduya were the recipients of some rough treatment as well, but MegaMayers was the one that took the brunt of the abuse. They are complete and utter dunderheads, but they sure can throw their big brainless bodies around.
  • Pistol looks to have possibly really hurt his ankle/leg when David Perron rolled on the back of his leg after being checked deep in the Hawks zone. That may have been the last time we ever see Sami Lepisto in a Blackhawks uniform. Pistol, how we hardly knew thee.
  • The final goal was just embarrassing. Emery cleared it up the boards, and no one in a Hawks uniform seemed to even give a shit. The Blues Stewart picked it off, and hit Arnott for what was virtually an empty netter with 14 seconds left. There is the cherry on top of your worthless win, St. Louis. Enjoy it when you're eliminated from the first round, in a month.
  • There is no excuse for the Hawks to get 5 or less shots, in 2 of the 3 periods. When a goalie only faces 20 shots, he's bound to win that game. That is a vacation.
  • The powerplay...ah forget it.

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