Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blackhawks vs. Red Wings - Win Recap

"Rookie Hayes-ing"

The hits just keep on coming for the Blackhawks. Facing the teams with the best records in the NHL is NOT a way to break out of a horrid losing streak, yet the Hawks have done just that. Coming into Tuesday night's game, they had won 3 in a row against two studs, and a dud. Not to take anything lightly, the Hawks were at home to play the ALWAYS tough Red Wings. News before the game surfaced that both Jon Toews and Pavel Datsyuk were out of action, so it was time for some secondary Hawks to take advantage, and show they as deep as any team in the NHL.

The first period of Tuesday night's game, started out heavily in the Wing's favor, but the Hawks found their legs and evened up the shots, even out shooting the Wings 10-9. The Wings still led after the first, but the Hawks weren't out of it. The Hawks came out fairly dominant, in the middle period, and tied the game. They were out shot 15-13, but they had much better and more chances. The Hawks opened up the lead early in the third period, and hung onto it for dear life, which lead them win their fourth in a row.

The Good

  • It didn't take Crawford long to make up for the weak goal against bailing Deuce and Olsen, who had forgotten about the strikingly ugly, Jiri Hudler. Crawford was on point after the Filppula goal. For all the fucking harsh criticism he took, I'm going to beat the drum for him while he's kicking ass. Everyone is quick to jump on his ass when he's down.
  • The second Hawks powerplay actually showed signs of life, but no goal. Hopefully that means something is finally clicking, not just an anomaly.
  • Purple Hayes got a huge goal for the Hawks, picking up a Bickell tip on net, to tie up the game about eight minutes in. Hayes worked Kronwall over in front of the Wings net and spun off just in time for Bickell to tip Deuces long point shot right on to Jimmy the Kid's stick. Slam dunk, tie game, the place goes bananas.
  • Dream Warrior put the Hawks up 2-1, just two minutes into the third period, on another great play by Jimmy the Kid. Hayes took the puck behind the net and shielded the puck with his body, trying to wrap it around. While it didn't really make it on net, the puck squirted out to Bruno, who chopped it towards the net. It dropped in behind Opie Howard and Kruger whacked it over the line.
  • I don't see many people out there talking about how big Bryan Bickell has been for the Hawks during this winning streak. Like Crawford, he deserves his due credit. He may still be a big dumb animal, but he's finally added something to the mix. I still don't think he's long for this team, but if it means he's more valuable from now until Monday, so be it!
  • Most of the Hawks centers, including Sharpie, did decent at the dot, but Kruger was clowned by Darren Helm all night, going 1-6 against him. MageMayers, Morrison, and Bolland were all at 50% or above, and Sharp was just a hair under 50%. If it weren't for facing Zetterberg, Sharp would have been over 50%.
  • The Hawks out hit the Wings, 21-17. Maybe they've got something here.

The Bad

  • Valtteri Filppula opened the scoring for the Wings, on an early WEAKpowerplay, just three minutes into the game. This was good for me, because he's on my fantasy team, but I digress. The penalty kill was out there FAR too long, and just ran out of gas. They simply couldn't get the puck out of the zone, and it turned into a hot mess really quick. Add a fairly weak shot to this mix which snuck by Crawford's stick side. From a goalie's prospective, it looked like a change-up, that he committed far too early on. Corey Crawford 2 weeks ago hangs his head, and gives up 3 more in the period. Not the new and improved Crow.
  • Bolland had a break-a-way, and Kane had TWO in the second period, alone. Just too bad none of them could finish. The game could have easily been 4-1, had Opie Howard not sat on a horseshoe as part of his pregame ritual.
  • Big Slow and Pistol strikes fear in ME, but I highly doubt that the Red Wings were shivering in their skates. More like licking their lips.

The Ugly

  • Something I NEVER want to hear again, "John Scott getting some time on the penalty kill". Never, fucking, again! Over HALF of his playing time was in the PK. OVER HALF!
  • Frolik got a break-a-way from the Hawks blue line in, and got in WAY too close. By the time he tried to get a shot off, he was half way up Howard's right nostril. He seriously has ZERO confidence now. Maybe he needs a pep talk from Bickell.

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