Friday, February 17, 2012

Blackhawks at NY Ranger - Win Recap

"So Long And Thanks For The Fish!"

How do you start off a preview of a game against the best team in the Eastern Conference that is towards the end of a 9 game road trip, which also includes a 9 game winless streak? Doom and gloom? We've seen plenty of that. Trade everyone? Lots of that, too. Fire the Coach and GM. Check! The streak has to come to an end some time, right? Why not against the best team they were going to face on this trip? No one will admit it, but I honestly thing John Tortorella threw Quenneville and crew a solid by playing Marty Biron in net. Biron in a good back up, but lets face it, he is no King Henrik. With 10 days left until the trade deadline, Hawks fans have enough to deal with as far as personnel goes. Lets put this to rest and start a more positive streak, Gentlemen.

Well, the Hawks came out of the blocks on absolute FIRE! Four goals on 10 shots, and the Rangers were left to scratch their heads during the first intermission. Of course this kind of pace can't be kept up the whole game against a team like the Rangers, but that is a hell of a head start. The second period was much more even, as the Rangers finally put a goal on the board. The Hawks still out shot the Rangers but only 9-7. The first place Rangers finally showed up in the third period, but it was too little too late. That Hawks held off a 12-3 Rangers shot advantage, and only yielded one late goal. Nice road game for the Hawks, and thank god that god forsaken losing streak is over. So long and thanks for the fish, Torts!

The Good

  • Nice of you to pay attention to the refs, Foley. Yes, it's a penalty shot that the play-by-play guy was the last to notice. Just over a minute into the game, and El Capitan was rucking in on a penalty shot because the Rangers Dan Girardi covered the puck in the crease behind Biron. El Capitan did what he does, in that situation, scoring 5-hole on Biron. 1-0 Hawks.
  • A minute after the penalty shot goal, the Hawks used a delayed penalty to go up 2-0. Nick Leddy used Big Slow for something useful; as a screen, and blasted a shot past Biron. Just 2 minutes into the game and the Hawks are up 2-0.
  • Just two minutes after the Leddy goal, El Capitan found Shooter behind the Rangers defense, and hit him, in stride, for a break-a-way. Shooter wasted no time sizing up Biron, and powered a 5-hole shot through.
  • After killing off the stupid Shaw/Scott penalties, Kaner played a little deja vu and found Boss 81 right up the gut, behind the Rangers defense, hitting HIM for a break-a-way. Hoss followed Shooter's example, just picking a spot and nailing Biron's 5-hole. 4-0 Hawks not even 10 minutes into the game.
  • The Hawks were on the good end of some luck when the puck got lodged under Crawford's left skate ON THE GOAL LINE. The refs used the "intent to blow" rule, which never gets old.
  • I don't want to take anything away from a Hawks penalty kill, that did a great job, but the horrible Rangers powerplay helped their cause.

The Bad

  • Three minutes into the second period, Marc Staal was left to rattle off a few shots from the point by the fourth line wingers, and finally put the second one right through the wickets of Crawford. Scott and Shaw couldn't figure out which guy was which, and Staal was the odd man out. Can we please put that fourth line out of its misery? Morrison, Frolik, ANYONE! Edzo can blame Shaw all he wants, but Big Slow was roaming around he zone aimlessly, like a big gorilla.
  • Ryan McDonagh bulled right through Bolland, Olsen and Shaw setting up Carl Hagelin for the second Rangers goal of the game, late in the third period. Luckily, that was it for the Ranger offense on the night. Holding this team to only two goals at home is acceptable.
  • With all that went well, Toews and Kruger were even or better at the dot, but Mayers and Bolland were mushroom stamped all night, going a combined 35%.
  • Mike Rupp has some mitts of stone, holy christ. That guy could have singlehandedly tied the game up for the Rangers but just shanked and missed every puck near his stick. He was better off carrying a club around.
  • Again, someone tell me what is SO fucking bad about Sami Lepisto? He's a #6 defenseman, and has more skill than Big Slow, which doesn't take much. Why did he sit for 15 straight games again?
The Ugly
  • Well, as with this streak, all good things have to come to an end. The braintrust combination of Andrew Shaw, and John Scott temporarily took the wind out of the Hawks sails with a couple of really stupid fucking penalties in the first period. Shaw took a lazy offensive zone holding penalty, and then Big Slow decided that finishing the play by throwing an elbow into the throat of John Mitchell, about 2 seconds after the whistle, was a swell idea. Those guys acquire some Carcillo-itis or what?? C'mon guys, really? Thank Lord Stanley that Scott only saw the ice for 56 seconds the entire rest of the game, and none at all in the third period. Shaw was out there for both Rangers goals, and only saw 5 minutes of ice time all night. #Shawfacts: Andrew Shaw doesn't hit the wall, the wall hits him like a puck to the forehead.
  • Sweet Jesus, I thought the Hawks powerplay was bad, but the Rangers powerplay was just as bad, if not worse. How does a team get a record like they have with a powerplay THAT bad? Not to be outdone, The Hawks 5-on-3 looked like the Bozo fucking Circus. Actually, the word I'm looking for is repugnant. I can't remember ever seeing two teams with such collectively ineffective powerplays.
  • I have to finally agree with Edzo on something, regarding the Stalberg goalie interference call. There is no way that he can stop without making contact with the goaltender, especially when Del Zotto is pushing him in that direction. That rule HAS to change. One of the dumbest interpretations of a rule I've ever seen.
  • I don't think of the Rangers as a particularly dirty team, but what the hell is up with Brandon Dubinsky? Take a stupid penalty at one end and then take a cheap shot on a defenseless player on the delayed penalty. Dumb Asshole!
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