Monday, January 9, 2012

Blackhawks vs. Red Wings - Loss Recap

"Legends of the Fall"

"Pogo, Pogo, Pogo, Pogo, Pogo, Pogo, Jump!"

Out of the flame and right back into the fire. After getting shut out the other night, the Hawks were back at the UC to face the Redwings of GhettoTown, USA. If the Hawks couldn't muster up some effort for this game, there is good reason to start worrying. If the Hawks can't win these early January home games, then what are we to expect when they hit the road for 3 weeks in February. I guess we're going to have to find out the hard way.

The first period on Sunday's game started out heavily in the Hawks favored with two goals in 44 seconds, to go up 2-0, but the Wings fought back to score one of their own. With the shots tied 9-9 you can get a good idea of how the period went. The second period is more of what you'd expect for a Hawks/Wings game. It was more physical, with chances both ways, and no scoring. The Hawks also out shot the Wings 11-6 in this middle frame. The third period ended up being a huge let down for the Hawks, as they gave up the game tying goal with 5 minutes to go in the game. This one was going to be decided in extra time, and the Wings were the big winners. The slide continues.

The Good

  • Believe it or not the Hawks scored a powerplay goal and it was by, of all people, Invisibolly. The original shot from the point by Hossa was blocked and ended up on the stick of Bolland who fought to throw it towards the cage. It was deflected off the skate of a Wings defender, and creeped into the net ever so slowly.
  • Shooter followed up the Bolland PP goal and made it 2-0 just 44 seconds later. He took a Wings turnover in the slot and slid over into the middle of the zone, beating Conklin on a backside slapshot to the stick side. That's the last we saw of young Sharpie.
  • The fourth line was very good all night and ended up getting a penalty shot out of their hard work. Even though he was stopped on the penalty shot, don't discount Jimmy Hayes work with MegaMayers and Bruno.
  • Watching Toews on faceoffs, is like watching an instructional video on how to take them. He's like Mr. Automatic. He was 16-20 on the night.
  • Andrew Shaw has a motor that just doesn't quit, but the way he throws his body around, his career isn't going to be long. I'll enjoy him while he's around, though.

The Bad

  • Valtteri Filppula put the Wings on the board with a 5-on-3 powerplay goal after Seabrook almost ate a puck in the mouth courtesy of a trip by the big dumb piece of shit formerly known as Tomas Holmstrom. Seabrook moved over to take on a Lidstrom shot, and Holmstrom tripped him in a manner than made him fall face first into the shot. Of course the refs only saw the two handed revenge whack Seabrook gave Holmstrom. I was hoping Seabrook would have broken his ankle. Douche bag!
  • The Wings tied up the game with about 5 minutes to go when a rebound of a Zetterberg shot that Cleary tipped snuck through Crawford and trickled through the crease. As Leddy tried to stop the puck he was cross checked in the back by Filppula and the puck dribbled in the net. Goals like that are just painful at that point in the game, but Filppula should have been called.
  • In another shit show of a goal, Pavel Datsyuk picked up a loose puck at the goal line while Crawford was down on the ice, and banked it off Nick Leddy into the net to win the game. There has been debate that Leddy was out of position, but from what I saw, there was too much chaos in the crease for Leddy to cut off the angle without walking on Crawford's back.
  • The biggest worry is that Shooter missed 2/3rds of the game with the obligatory upper body injury. Doctor Lineblender was fairly cryptic about having to do more tests on Sharpie. Word on the street is that he has a fractured wrist. This could be a huge issue with gaping holes in the Center spot and on Defense already.
  • Lets hope this fucking Frolik at center experiment is over. I like the guy, but he's having an awful year. Two of his 5 goals are empty netters, and he only has 11 points. He had an assist on the Sharp goal, but he was only 1-4 at the dot. Not the answer.

The Ugly

  • The powerplay is still Clown College. Bolly's goal was pure luck. With one less powerplay guy out there, they are going to need help. I hope Stan Bowman fired up his iPhone bright and early this morning.
  • It wouldn't be a Blackhawks game without a shorthanded chance against. This time it was Darren Helm outracing the Hawks defense. Luckily it was blocked.
  • Minus 2 for Kaner, and nothing on 5 shots. The yips have hit him, and with Shooter out, they are going to need him in a BAD way.

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